revenge of seven

  • MC: Did you take out the trash, Saeran?
  • Saeran: I tried but Saeyoung is still here

Lorics be like:

“Only a few weeks until the Revenge of Seven”


Then you realize all of the possible heartbreaking scenes in the 5th book

But all you could do is:

  • [RFA at an amusement park]:
  • ZEN: MC~ What do you want to ride?
  • MC: I want to ride that! [points to Seven]
  • 707: [blushing furiously]
  • ZEN:
  • MC: I mean his car that's behind him.
  • 707:
  • Yoosung: [eating a corndog and chokes]
I can’t be alone.

Okay I can’t take it. 

Is there anyone else out there that has read the I Am Number Four series? It’s killing me. This book series is doing things to me and it upsets me that there isn’t a huge fanbase. I NEED OTHERS. Fanfiction, fanart- Au’s. I need it all. This book series needs more credit. I feel as if my intestines have been knotted 37 times. 

'The Revenge of Seven'

More like the imma'makeeveryonecoldbcuzican-ness of Seven


The badassness of four and nine
The lost virginities of six and sam
The painful five minute appearance of my bby eight
The braveness of ella
The youthinkIwouldn'tkillmydickheadofafather?watchmebitch!-ness of adam.


The i'msickofbeingsetrakus'bitch-ness of five

Revenge of Seven cover revealed.

The Garde have suffered the ultimate betrayal: Number Five has allied himself with the Mogadorians. He killed Eight and helped the Mogs abduct Ella from the Garde’s Chicago safe house. Now the fight for Earth’s survival has just become that much more impossible. After the dual battles at the end The Fall of Five, the Garde are broken and divided once again. They may not have time to mourn their fallen ally, but they’ll make sure to avenge him. And they now have the help of the most unlikely of allies: Adam, a Mogadorian who has turned his back on his people and will do whatever it takes to stop them. Adam comes a host of invaluable information about Mog technology, battle strategies, and weaknesses. With his help, the Garde may just have a fighting chance…but are they repeating past mistakes by putting their trust in him?

The Revenge of Seven will be release August 26, 2014