revenge of print

Things I associate with the signs
Aries: flirtation, comfortable clothes, coffee, hugging absoloutely everyone, jenga
Taurus: long-lasting friendships, wearing your lover’s clothes, big dogs, the colour orange, good books
Gemini: laughter, awesome music, a saviour, the colour pink, anime
Cancer: summer, colourful eyes, freshly cut grass, iced drinks, adventure time
Leo: the beginnings of love, sarcasm, classical music, tans, mexican food
Virgo: violins, libraries, walking into a cool building on a warm day, cookies, rock music
Libra: black hair, amazing friendships, pocky, the colour blue, cheerfullness
Scorpio: wearing all black, beauty, green eyes, saving lives, rain
Saggitarius: reserve, leopard print, revenge, hair dye, tumblr aesthetic
Capricorn: flannel shirts, recovery, big blue eyes, bread, love to give
Aquarius: imagination, time travel, not wanting to get out of bed, the internet, the colour yellow
Pisces: missing someone, weddings, Doctor Who, brown eyes, guitar