revenge is an end not a beginning

A Film Series:

The Bridgette Identity™ - August 11, 2016

Summary: Bridgette Dunning wakes up out of nowhere and performs a shocking house flip that surprises the world. Unfortunately, the final scene of the movie shows her getting brutally evicted by Corey Brooks aka Goat Burner and Paulie Cauliflower and ends on a cliffhanger with her being abducted by a mystery limousine.

The Bridgette Supremacy - August 14, 2016

Summary: Bridgette Dunning wakes up inside the jury house and sees Da’Vonne Rogers and Zakiyah Everette. The three bond and Bridgette begins healing her knee. We see flashbacks of Bridgette prior to The Bridgette Identity and the film ends with Bridgette holding a seance for revenge on notorious Goat Burner Corey Brooks and vegetable abuser Paulie Cauliflower.

The Bridgette Ultimatum™ - August 18, 2016

Summary: Bridgette Dunning continues healing and baking as she is faced with the biggest surprise yet - Paulie Cauliflower getting evicted and walking into the house. Bridgette decides to get her revenge and brutally tortures Paulie everyday with pranks with the help of Da’Vonne and Zakiyah. Bridgette at the end of the film is then faced with a shocking announcement; she might be able to go back into the place where she could finish what she started - the Big Brother house.

The Bridgette Legacy™ - August 19, 2016

Summary: Bridgette Dunning begins to plot on how to win the BattleBack on an injured knee. The knee is getting better but Bridgette needs all the strength she needs so she remains calm and bakes with extra ingredients to make everyone perform weaker at the BattleBack - especially Paulie. In the climax of the film, Bridgette is shocked to discover Paulie Cauliflower holding a seance of his own for her other rival Goat Burner to win it all and send Natalie or Michelle to the jury house. In rage, Bridgette brutally beats up Paulie with cookies, her former crutches, and her trusty baking pan. She then goes into her room and begins a counter-seance of her own - to bless her best friends Natalie and Michelle to get power and send Goat Burner home. The film then ends with Bridgette whispering: “The Spy Girls will rise again”, staring into the camera, and the film cutting to black.

Bridgette Dunning™ - August 25, 2016

Summary: Bridgette Dunning, after her seance, has begun physically and mentally manipulating her other jury members into giving Michelle or Natalie their votes if one made the end. Bridgette is then surprised to see her counter-seance did work and Natalie/Michelle are not only both safe for the week, but are also Heads of Household. Bridgette recreates the “Fuck you Paulie!” GIF to Paulie and the latter bursts out into tears while Bridgette taunts him over failing to bake an apple pie as good as the Dunning™ brand. In the climax of the film, Bridgette is then surprised to see the limo come back to take them all back to the Big Brother house and prepare for the final battle. The film so far is incomplete, but it ends with Bridgette smiling inside the limo knowing that, with her knee fully healed, training performed, and revenge nearly fully achieved, she knows what she’s doing. Staring off into the distance, she whispers: “Natalie, Michelle, I’m coming home.”

  • <p><b>end of su season 3:</b> steven must destroy one of his mother's long lost wartime friends due to the unethical approach she would have taken to the war<p/><b>end of su season 3:</b> steven then meets with a recurring villain who is only defeated after steven and amethyst open up about their vulnerabilities and are able to fuse, the battle ending after said recurring villain is plagued with an incurable (as of yet) ailment<p/><b>end of su season 3:</b> the 5 hostile rubies have returned and bring the 3 crystal gems to the moon base in an attempt to contact yellow diamond, ending in steven getting knocked into space and almost brutally murdered by one of the rubies as revenge for his mother murdering pink diamond, something steven was never told until just now<p/><b>beginning of su season 4:</b> an entire episode long reference to coyote and roadrunner<p/></p>

DORIAN GRAY - Another Me

[sung by Jun Su]

[transltated by jen ny]

Was it real,
Or was it an apparition?

Eyes ablaze with revenge, in my daze
I tasted the eerie fear of death
What was it, was it real?

Dark memories flash before my eyes
In all their nightmarish reality
Are they forms of the regrets in my heart?
Are they summons from the conscience in my soul?

Death is at my heels,
A bloody curse before my eyes.
Life and death is but a breath apart
A brief encounter, forgotten among distant memories
Is it my fault?
Your inescapable end was your own destiny
Why does the world blame me?
Why do they curse and abhor my name?

Is my fear the beginning of my penitence?
Is my penitence of my own volition?
Memories are scattered away by the wind,
Leaving behind only revenge and hate!

Who is evil?
What is sin?
Who is good?
What is goodness?
In my bygone days
Had I always been wicked?
Who decides?
Can I not see the color of my conscience?

The punished,
Have they really sinned?
The rewarded,
Have they been truly good?
We are led astray in the chaos of life,
There are no right answers
Nobody can foresee their end, such is life.
All this, my choice.
I have no regrets, none!

Dorian if only you were me,
Dorian if only I were you.
Give me your youth,
I will give you my heart.
Dorian if only you were me,
Dorian if only I were you,
If only you would stop time,
I would give you my soul.

When I see your hidden face,
I meet my other ‘I’
What have we exchanged?
What is it I have given you?
If your face has changed once again,
If it has grown older and horrid still,
Is this the color of my conscience
Tainted by my choices and sins?
Is my fear the beginning of my penitence?
Is my penitence of my own volition?

I shall see you
In your face hides the other I
In me, the other you
The other you
The hidden I!

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Top five live action Star Wars movies (and why, for all of them)

  1. Attack of the Clones - Because Padme is central and the fight on Geonosis thrills me to no end
  2. The Force Awakens - Because no member of the new trio is a white man, Rey is the ultimate badass, Finn is a cinnamon roll, and Poe is hella gay
  3. The Empire Strikes Back - Because Leia is strong as hell and I love Lando…a lot.
  4. Revenge of the Sith - Because of how much it makes me feel pain, it’s a very effective and sad movie
  5. A New Hope - The beginning of it all, and it’s amazing. Also Tarkin dies.

Consequences: Starter for @the-blackest-spider 


The God of Mischief didn’t want to admit it, as much as he hated the truth; his plans for taking over Midgard were always destined to fail. At the time he had been so blinded by betrayal and pain that all he wanted was revenge, more so to prove to Asgard as well as mostly to Odin and Thor that he was capable of taking over a world in greater size. Though the world of his choosing was quite a bad idea, not thinking they’d fight back as hard as they did. At first when the plans were setting in motion, the beginning of the take over he had faith; plenty of faith that in the end he will come out to rule over Midgard. But his hopes dwindled during the process as much as he didn’t want to come to these terms, he in the back of his mind started to give up hope; seeing that there was no possibly way he’d come out on top in the end. Thanks to S.H.E.I.L.D…more importantly thanks to the Avengers; in a sarcastic note. Loki had failed, and though he wasn’t showing his disappointment in himself; on the inside he was beating himself up, thinking of where he had gone wrong and fighting the thought that he was in fact, weak like everyone said. 

Loki kept his eyes down, a penetrating glare at the cell floor below him. S.H.E.I.L.D. had carried him off to some recluse prison, unknowing the whereabouts he was in. Instead of going back to Asgard with Thor like planned, S.H.E.I.L.D. had demanded that Loki were to stay on Midgard to serve his punishment for the crimes and chaos he had brought down on New York. And until he had served for his crimes, he wasn’t allowed back in Asgard. Though at this moment, he wasn’t even sure he wasn’t to go back to Asgard anyways. 

He had felt a shift in the air around him, like another presence was on the other side of the glass walls that separated him from the outside world. His eyes slowly shifted up to the glass in front of him, seeing the red headed figure standing before him. A slight twisted smirk came to one of the corners on Loki’s lips, instantly putting on a strong and prideful facade to hide his thoughts and disappointment in himself away. 

“You know, you really need to stop sneaking up on me like that….Your little trick is becoming old.”

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I adore how Killian advised Regina to stop her revenge at the end of s2. He knew that revenge would be the end of something and not the beginning. He let her know her life won't have purpose after. Luckily for him, he stopped and found true love. That's the biggest 'screw you' anyone can give their enemy. Rumple has a wife that no longer believes in him and he has no one there for him. But Killian has an actual family and a good future waiting for him.

It’s like I’ve said before, you have these two characters who basically got wrapped up in each other’s lives that have slowly navigated completely different paths from the center where they started together. The darker Rumple’s story gets, the lighter Killian’s gets. I don’t think that’s coincidence.

It’s possible, and I stress possible, that such a moment may never come: you may not fall in love, you may not be able to or you may not wish to give your whole life to anyone, and, like me, you may turn forty-five one day and realize that you’re no longer young and you have never found a choir of cupids with lyres or a bed of white roses leading to the altar. The only revenge left for you then will be to steal from life the pleasure of firm and passionate flesh - a pleasure that evaporates faster than good intentions and is the nearest thing to heaven you will find in this stinking world where everything decays, beginning with beauty and ending with memory.
—  Carlos Ruiz Zafon - The Angel’s Game

Playing Fallout 4 I just noticed that my character became the one persin he hates most: Kellogg. In the begin my Sole Survivor was a charismatic guy trying to find his son and do the right thing. As I continued to play I decided to make the murderer pay and showed Kellogg no mercy. After his revenge he found Shaun but got disappointed to see his son as Father of the Institute.
That’s when I started to do more speech checks for money, turning my Sole Survivor into a mercenary. He was more dedicated to the factions helping them(I even did a “Pacifist Ending ”)but in the end, after seeing his son die he just abandoned everything. Heck, I made he sleep with Magnolia for the speech checks even beign in a relationship with Piper (he was drunk tough, I really needed to pass those speech checks for XP, needed more Agility for AP). My Blue now is a merc who wears the clothing of his fallen nemesis and uses his gun, a cheater who is going to do his best to have Piper’s forgiveness and somehow a dedicated father to the synth Shaun.
It’ impressive what some role play can do, I wouldn’t have noticed my character’s changes if my cousin hadn’t pointed them out…

The Annihilation War

Before the Immortals came to Atriia, there was the Underdark War, but even further before that was the Age of Annihilation.

It all started in the year 680 B.A. (Before Annihilation), when the orcs revolted against Jeavalta, their deity. Now, some context: Before their revolution, the orcs were gorgeous and powerful people, for they worshiped the god of beauty.

To stop the revolution, Jeavalta stripped the orcs of their power and their beauty, turning them into hideous brutes. Realizing that they could not fight their deity, the orcs split into two groups; the Seekers and the Ravagers. The Seekers sought out a new beginning, and were lead by Ain the Intelligent. The Ravagers sought out revenge against Jeavalta, and were lead by Ramvos the Destroyer. 

The Seekers joined the hill dwarves of Stonewall, which would later become Votar. The Ravagers went to the End in search of help from the Mind Flayers. With horrible intentions, the Gatekeeper agreed to help them, and imbued them with the madness and feral anger of the drow (I’ll explain later how the drow came before the surface elves). With their horrible new minds, the Ravagers built new armaments and took the fight to Jeavalta.

Shocked by the sight of what her children had become, Jeavalta was not able to fend off the hordes of the Ravagers and fell in battle. After slaying Jeavalta, the Ravagers were imbued with more power they could handle, and their madness grew ever stronger.

Not being able to deal with the madness, the Ravagers began to tear at each other’s throats until they were no more.

Now, this may sound like it would be the end, but no. It continues. After hearing word that a god had been slain by lesser mortals, the hill giants decided to rise up against their deity, Eisto (god of earth).

After them, the stone giants rose up against Feern (god of life), and the frost giants rose up against Kiaal (god of death).

Soon after, the chromatic dragons rose up against Ulmati (supreme deity of dragonkind).

Then, the fire giants decided to rise up to assist Beomon (god of war) in taking the throne of the One Over All (supreme deity of everything).

Not wanting this to be taken any further, the cloud giants and Moov (god of law) rose up to fight against Beomon and his forces.

While all of this went on, the mortals living in peace on Atriia cowered… well, most of them did. The dwarves of Skybreaker Mountain decided to take action, and turned Kord into the greatest fighter known to mortalkind.

After the death of Beomon*, the One Over All decided to take action. So, they banished the frost giants to the Elemental Plane of Ice, the hill giants to Obad-Hai, and the fire giants to the Elemental Plane of Fire. Then, they destroyed all but two of every chromatic dragon species, and trapped the rest in orbs. Finally, they stripped the other deities of their powers and created new deities.

And so, the Annihilation War came to an end.

*Beomon’s death is explained more in my history of Kord.

ahh ok!!

1. Favorite album?


2. Favorite song off Bullets?

demolition lovers

3. Favorite Lyric off Bullets?

”all we are is bullets”

4. Favorite song off Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge?


5. Favorite lyric off Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge?

”they gave us two shots to the back of the head and we’re all dead now”

6. Favorite song off The Black Parade?

all of it !!!!!!!!

7. Favorite lyric from The Black Parade album?

”i hate the ending myself, but it started with an alright scene”

8. Favorite Black Parade era music video?

teenagers tbh

9. Favorite song off Danger Days?

vampire moneyyyyy

10. Favorite lyric from Danger Days?

”you only hear the music when your heart begins to break”

11. Favorite video from Danger Days?


12. Favorite killjoy character?

fhfhfhfh kobra/cherri cola

13. Do you have a killjoy name, if so what is it?

….overcast ghost

14. Favorite Conventional Weapons song?

tomorrow’s money

15. Favorite Conventional Weapons lyric?

”everybody wants to change the world but no one wants to die”

16. What is your favorite era?

black parade or bullets

17. What is your favorite Gerard era?


18. What is your favorite Mikey era?

all!!! mikey is Attractive!!!

19. What is your favorite Ray era?

hhhhhh revenge

//my chem asks!