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Unconventional & Affordable Ingredients for Spells

Here is a list of unconventional and affordable ingredients that can be used in spells and witchcraft along with their correspondences; good for witches “in the woods” and witches on a budget. Many of these can be easily found for inexpensive prices or at home.

  • Acorns/Acorn Caps: security, abundance, longevity, good luck, youth and brings good health
  • Animal toys/stickers: relates to correspondences of that animal
  • Artist’s Charcoal: banishing negativity, protection; cursing
  • Baby Powder: cleansing, beauty, youth
  • Baking Soda: cleansing, purification, protection
  • Birthday Candles: wishes, joy; color magic and number magic depending on their color and/or what number they display
  • Black Tea Bags (used): earth magic, grounding, strength, stability, banishing negativity; ending, death 
  • Bottle Caps: prosperity, luck, material gain
  • Bubble Bath: self-love, relaxation, emotional healing, serenity; plus whatever scent the bubble bath is affects correspondences
  • Bubbles/Bubble Liquid: wishes, joy, whimsy, imagination, fantasy
  • Buckeye Nuts: luck, sexual energies, warding
  • Butter: femininity, flattery, friendship, warmth, happiness; good for fae work
  • Candy Bars: love, romance, happiness, lust, fertility, emotional healing, healing of the heart, forgiveness, friendship
  • Candy Corn: courage, imagination, endurance, energy, motivation, happiness, celebration
  • Candy Foil: sweetness, secrets, protecting one’s emotions; color magic
  • Chocolate Syrup/Milk: happiness, love, lust, romance, sweetening relationships
  • Cocktail Swords: strength, assertiveness, competition; cursing, revenge; ending rumors
  • Cotton Balls: beauty, gentleness, warmth, sleep
  • Cotton Swabs: cleansing, purification
  • Dice: chance, opportunity, luck; number magic
  • Dirt: grounding, earth magic, growth, prosperity, patience, home and family; cursing
  • Dish Soap: cleansing
  • Duct Tape: binding, storing energy, cursing
  • Egg Shells: cleansing, protection, warding
  • Energy Drinks: energy, motivation
  • Envelopes: messages, communication, protection during travel
  • Epsom Salts: purification, cleansing, protection, pain relief, serenity, comfort, stress relief
  • Fake/Play Money: wealth, prosperity
  • Fish Sauce: prosperity, water magic, curses
  • Foil: glamour, protection, storing energy, binding
  • Glue: sealing, immobility, binding, curses
  • Googley Eyes: vision, divination, scrying, creativity, protection, imagination; curses, paranoia, nightmares
  • Grass: growth, nature, learning, healing, new beginnings, recovery from loss
  • Hand Soap: cleansing, curse removal
  • Hole Punches: good for cursing
  • Hot Sauce: motivation, lust, confidence; cursing, anger, revenge, emotional pain
  • Koolaid: youth, sweetness, happiness; color magic, corresponds with flavors as well
  • Lip Balm: glamour, confidence in speaking, honesty, beauty
  • Lollipops: sweetness, innocence, ending rumors and lies, lust and sexual energies, love
  • Lotion: protection, beauty
  • Laundry Soap: cleansing, purification
  • Marshmallows: friendliness, comfort, gentleness, fidelity, sleep and dreams
  • Metal Crafting Wire: binding
  • Modeling Clay: poppets, earth magic, grounding, balance, stability, creation, change
  • Mud: grounding, earth magic; curses
  • Muslin: poppets, change, creativity
  • Noodles: Longevity, good health
  • Pompoms (craft): gentleness, comfort, love, sleep, dreams
  • Paper Clips: balance, focus, organization; curses, binding
  • Pennies: luck, wealth
  • Pickle Juice: curses to sour things
  • Plastic Bags: protection; binding
  • Plastic Ribbon (wrapping): happiness, glamour, delight; binding; color magic
  • Plastic Wrap: binding
  • Popsicle sticks: poppets
  • Scissors: offensive magic, curses
  • Seltzer Water: purification, removing negativity; curses
  • Sewing Needles: curses, pain
  • Shaving Cream: cleansing, softness, patience, calmness
  • Stamps: travel, communication
  • Sour Cream: cursing
  • Soy Sauce: protection, banishment; cursing
  • Sticky Notes: communication, memory
  • Strawberry Milk: love, self-love, beauty, sweetness, friendship
  • Syrup: joy, sweetening one’s emotions
  • Taco Sauce: Focus, Energy, motivation
  • Taffy: joy, flexibility
  • Thumbtacks: curses
  • Tissue Paper: softness, serenity; color magic
  • Toothpaste: cleansing
  • Toothpicks: curse
  • Walnut Shells: protection, warding
  • Wasabi: Energy; curses, anger, envy
  • Whipped Cream: beauty, light-heartedness
  • Whistles: communication, attention grabbing, warding

Other Tips:

  • Recycle bottles, jars and medicine bottles for jar/bottle magic
  • Reuse tea bags (though not too long after use) in bath magic
  • If you do wish to use herbs, it is cheaper to order them online in bulk rather than the supermarket. Trust me, supermarkets and grocery stores really over price most herbs. You can get triple the amount for 2 dollars less online
  • Make up and toiletries are great for glamours
  • Its fine to use kitchen knives if you can’t afford am athame
  • Look at the ingredients in food you eat to see what is in it and determine that food’s correspondences, quick and easy kitchen magic
  • Crayons, colored pencils, markers and pens are good for easy sigil and color magic
  • Binders are cheaper than blank books and make great grimoires
Switch purchase? Switch jobs.

Back in 1983 my high school library was a bit of a joke. It seems we never had more than 2 copies of any book the county put on its required list. What this meant was that everyone was frantically trying to get the same books to complete papers with. Before I could drive this meant getting my poor mom to drive me to every library in the area.

One day our library started asking for volunteers to do a fundraiser to get more materials and namely more copies of the required books. Some of us jumped on board and sold everything from donuts to coupons. We would also hold bake sales, car washes, and etc. We were elated when at the end of the drive we had far exceeded the goals.

We were all promised that we would have our dreams realized over the summer. The school year starts up and we are giddy to see the new books. Imagine our dismay when we get into the library and find that most of the books are gone. Bare shelves glared at us as we went along the rows. Thats when we noticed that the holy grail of the library was also missing - the card catalog file. In its place was two computer terminals - mind you not computers.

We went to the front desk and asked the librarian what was going on. She had decided to get a fancy computer system ‘to make her job easier and cut down on theft’. We were stunned because we did not have a theft problem. Certainly some books would get lost or damaged but not very many. The books were mostly missing because they had been sent to a company to 'have security embedded in them’. The worst part is the librarian overspent and therefore, you guessed it, was not able to purchase more books.

We felt the shame of being used, lied to, and screwed over. It was at this point that we knew revenge was in order. It took myself and a couple of my fellow computer nerds 15 min to figure out what they had done to the books. The security tag was a RF tag (like at stores) on the card pocket of the book. The new cards themselves had metal foil in their center. Without this foil the tag would receive energy from the newly installed gates at the library door and set off an alarm.

I decided to test our knowledge. I grabbed a reference book, threw a gum wrapper in the pocket, shoved it in my bag, and hit the door. I passed out the door without a peep from the gates. After that day we threw our plan into action. We would steal as many books as we could and hide them in any location we could find.

At first we used storage rooms by boxing them up and soon ran out of space. We then started using empty lockers and even putting them in the ceiling on top of divider walls. By the end of the year the librarian was getting frantic. She could not balance her inventory with the new computer system and she was being called out on it thanks to our many complaints. Another genius move was to have then boxes labeled as other textbooks and sent to the warehouse over the summer. This was easy to do since WE were the volunteers that wrote a program to do it and would print the labels.

The librarian ended up losing her job and being investigated for fraud since there seemed to be some missing funds as well. Over the summer the county finally spent the money to fill our book request due to the uproar. It was not until a week before the start of school that they started discovering library books in the extra boxes several teachers received.

This was just the beginning of us getting revenge on some of the teachers. In the end we got our revenge and the original items we worked so hard to get.

Extra: the books never left county property. We boxed most up and sent them to the warehouse. They came back next year.

Also the company finished the other books they had and sent them back midway through the year. This worked to our advantage because the librarian could not see how many were gone until they placed all the secured books on the shelf from the final shipment.

Shit said in my Discord group

“While you fight I’m just gonna be making my ramen”
“pest control guy is ur new pokemon”
"this kingler is not accepting my balls”
“I just love seeing how you guys can embarrass yourselves over this”
“Don’t take that out of context”
“Fite me I will make you short”
“Oh hey dude how is it going my shipping troll homeslice breadslice shipslice”
“i came platonically into this room to have a platonic good time and honestly i feel so attacked in a non sexual way”
“Who is better waifu: ____ or _____? I’m asking because I’m caught in the middle of an argument about the topic, and I don’t wanna settle it right away due to the fact that I wouldn’t even hesitate to say ____”
“Sleep so you can blep”
“as apparently i am double satan, i approve of not fucking no”
“I thought this was about the soda for a second”
“You pulled that out of your donkey. The other word for donkey. That begins with an A. And ends with an s.”
“We’re down one furry… This is gonna be hard”
“Do I have to nickshame?”
“I care about chieves because I’m a chiev hoe!”
“Don’t do school, stay in vegetables and eat your drugs.”
"And the Lord did say: eat a bag of dicks”
“Jesus layed a hand on the tax collectors and proclaimed, "Eat my Diction.”
“I platonically think you’re platonically wrong platonically”
“And then there’s kermit.”
“We chill. We chill. We chill. We good. We good? Alright lets go.”
“___ God dammit put your dick away”
“It’s just a prank! It’s just a prank! It’s just a social experiment! A social experiment gone wrong! GONE WRONG!”
“You will not crush me like a bug, I will crush you like a bug for the tenth time gosh dangit!”
“Hey! Leave me be! I’m only slaughtering innocents! I’m not doing wrong!”
“My jackets on the floor, my ego is on it, and my back hurts.”
“Not only are they dying, but they’re dead.”
“By the power of my gigantic yaoi hands, I shall survive this night!”
“I question this group sometimes. And by sometimes I mean all the time.”
“I’m using my night time sexy voice”
“Now we can clean house on yo ass”
“welcome to the bitch house”
“shoot ____ first thats all im asking”
“you mother bitch”
“your dad has a minion kink”
“i think we are killing ___ mentally”
“You guys are to be honest. Great and stupid”
“clickty clack clickty clack with this chant I summon spam to the chat”
“You either die a DONG, or live long enough to become the DONGER”
“a graceful death? you mean flying into the fucking sun”
“I am a howdere”
“did you just call me a tiny angry gremlin”
“the fuck type of kinky shit is happening”
“I think dying is bad for your heath, but I’m not to certain.”
“Guys help i need hardcore memes”
“So I wrapped my mom’s present today, and I’m looking at the wrapping paper, and it’s about as straight as ___; not at all.”
“Update: FRESHMAN FRIDAY People got jumped, thrown in trashcans and shit I however, am fine”
“slide back into sin mountain”
“Hold up ____ likes murder children Explains why she is bias towards me”
“I can’t offer ideas….so I’m just…gonna go back to stabbing at ice with a knife…”
“Someone take food and punch me in the gut so hard that it goes into my stomach”
“I see this green foot at the corner of my eye, and I think to myself “No he fucking didn’t-” And I look up and see Kermit the fucking frog holding a double barrel shotgun”
“Okay shut the fuck your mouth.”
“Death cannot come fast enough….In a platonic way, shut up ___”
“It’s not Google, it’s Wikipedia.”
“Did you just curse at me in Mexicanese?”
“Being in band and playing the saxophone was always rough for dirty minded little me….i always had to practice my fingering and tonguing….”

rainbow-sunshine-unicorn  asked:

Hi, I really really love your fic recs 😘, so can you rec me some really long fics please

Hiyya! I’ve actually already done a 75k+ Drarry rec (can be found right here) so this time I’m going to just be listing stories that are 100k or more (that’s considered long, right?)

  • Starts With a Spin - by Maxine (120k)
    It started with the spin of a bottle, and now Harry and Draco have gotten themselves so far into their own game there’s almost no way out again. Except to keep playing. 
    (This was so incredibly hot! Fall in love with Pansy and Hermione as they team up and organise weekly 6th year party games to promote house unity! Watch as Draco and Harry are dared to do scandalous things together ;) And just enjoy reading about teenagers being typical teenagers) 

  • The Printed Press - by Soupy_George (119K)
    Draco Malfoy was still slightly amazed that he was standing on the doorstep of Number Twelve Grimmauld Place. He never would have thought that Harry Potter’s very public and very … sweary, emotional explosion would have led to him offering Draco, of all people, a job. 
    (A wonderful fanfic to read! Journalist!Draco was such an intriguing job idea, I loved the concept! Harry and Draco were the absolute sweetest together <3 And it was amazing to watch them talk about the war and all of their past issues and just leave it behind them. Brilliant!)

  • Big Dick, Come Quick - by Calanthe (193k)
    Draco’s got a theory. About sex. And after much searching for the right candidate, it appears that only Harry Potter, his life long enemy, can help him test it out. 
    (Many people believe that this is just 193k words of PWP - but the story is waaaay more than that! No, I’m not going to lie and tell you there’s no smut because lol, even the title shows the reader how much sex there’s going to be. But honestly, it’s a story about self-discovery, the love between Draco and Harry, and their relationship. Narcissa and Blaise are total BAMF’s as well)

  • There’s a Pure-Blood Custom For That - by Lomonaaeren (105k)
    The day that Harry stops Draco Malfoy and his son from being bothered in the middle of Diagon Alley starts a strange series of interactions between him and Malfoy. Who knew there was a pure-blood custom for every situation?
    (This was just beautiful. All of the characters in the story were so in-character and realistic and they were all just so honest. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Draco and Harry’s relationship build and grow from the beginning - slow-burn is the best. If you’re interested, Lomonaaeren also has more long fics up on her account and they’re all very good!)

  • All Life is Yours to Miss - by Saras_Girl (114k)
    Professor Malfoy’s world is contained, controlled, and as solitary as he can make it, but when an act of petty revenge goes horribly awry, he and his trusty six-legged friend are thrown into Hogwarts life at the deep end and must learn to live, love and let go.
    (Okay, I totally fell head over heels for Draco in this story. Harry and Draco are both professors at Hogwarts. Draco accidently petrifies Harry for the better part of two-thirds of the story, so he has to take over Harry’s classes and responsibilities. It’s a very Draco-centric story and really, it’s a journey of self-discovery for Draco. It was lovely to get to know this side of him, the side that nobody else sees. Oh my god! Okay wait I almost forgot to mention Stanley, who is Draco’s beetle pet and is the most adorable critter ever!)


raven doesn’t even understand what the first “I’m sorry” is for. she looks at him, kind of expects something, because it doesn’t click for her yet, but then there is him - murphy - who feels he needs to repeat what he just said, because it’s something that pulls so strongly at his heartstrings that his mind flares and he cannot do anything else but go and say it again. only this time he says it in the way she will understand “i’m sorry for doing this to you, raven”, bringing all their history to the foreground with a single line. and note that by mentioning the past he doesn’t make it about the past only - murphy literally talks about the now “doing” as he is in the belief that he is still causing raven pain. that he is the reason that she feels it every single day. that he is the reason she wants to stay behind and chooses death in order to free herself from it all, because in zero g she doesn’t need her legs, right…? (as she said in 2x02).

raven is actively vulnerable with him, opening up like she has never before and is even kind in the way she does it, because she does it with a certain care that envelops murphy fully - she doesn’t want answers, but wants to share her feelings. she doesn’t want to lose her mind, but wants things beyond what the bunker can ever give her - but from where murphy is standing he feels like the root cause for this somewhat unsolvable problem, feels responsible for the path she chooses now, because he took (accidentally, and from his point of view) more from her than he initially believed (there is a reason why spacewalks are brought up so much this season and i will get into it in a separate post).

so, there is heavy sense of guilt involved in this moment with which he regards himself. and the interplay is fascinating because while it gets very hard for him to deal with everything surrounding her pain - to the point that he has to look away when she talks about her leg, because he didn’t expect her to say that (she is not mad but can deal with it) - he is also not putting any walls up, but lets the weight of her words sit on his shoulders, which then also absolve him of his guilt. he says “I’m sorry” twice, because he is opening up as much as she is and he really means it, but then again raven is there to look him in the eyes and tell him “this is not your fault”, because that’s how it is. there is a difference between what happened to her leg, and what happens to her mind and how involved murphy is in both events (or not for that matter if you know what i and raven mean).

the magic of it all is that he starts to connect with raven and she frees him from his pain and therefore her own, because “this is not your fault, murphy” means, “let’s make peace” and not “I hate you!”. this is not a simple “I’m sorry” from him. this is not a simple statement she makes. it’s about how they feel.

so what happens here is that she literally crushes his image of how he sees raven the same way he crushed his image of how raven used to look at him (4x06). the sheer narrative intensity with which this scene approaches their relationship is truly a highlight, because its the uncontrollable way memories heighten the emotions and make room for new character development that both go through at the same time. through their self-destructiveness they have snapped and found the middle ground within their own dynamic, and there is so much maturity in both of their concessions that they finally understand one another like they have never before.

in that sense, it’s important to note that raven and murphy are quite literally mirror images of one another. he is the cockroach who has come a long way, from the person who sought out revenge and now really cares and looks out for the people he loves. and she is the raven who was once feeling nothing but the pain in her leg, who couldn’t forgive and now has come to the point where she can actually deal with it and make that step towards him. they are so connected to their past, but also so distinct from how they used to be… the best part of it all is that they meet halfway to hug and say goodbye, because yes they have had a very rough beginning, but who said that they couldn’t have a nice ending (or a new start? who knows… all i know is that i am crying again).

i’m just saying that they are both killing me at the moment.

||Revenge Is For Couples||

Joker x Reader

rape (mention)
suggestive things

this is the beginning of Mister J’s reign, before Harley Quinn and everything! enjoy!!! I have a sad ending in mind but i don’t wanna ;-;

Revenge was The Joker’s specialty. He knew every button to push, every bone to snap and every way to break a person down mentally and physically. Your father was an unlucky man. Actually, scratch that, your father was plain stupid. A stupid scientist of J’s that lacked the funds for a personal project and attempted to steal from The Clown Prince.




You weren’t born the same way babies came out of their mothers. Technically, you weren’t born at all. Your father took his deceased brides DNA and his own, creating you in a large tube. However he didn’t have enough of your mother’s so substituted it with a birds. When you were growing in the tube, your father noticed the bumps on your shoulders. He shrugged it off and told himself to check it out in the morning. However overnight, wings sprouted on your back and by morning they were covered in white feathers. Your father began to weep when he saw them. “My, (Mothers Name), we had an angel together..” He cried, “Our angel, (Name).”

You grew and matured until the desired age of 17. You were able to talk, feel, move and function perfectly once you were out of the tube. Your (s/c) skin was incredibly soft and your nails sharp as talons. (E/C) orbs resembled your mothers, as well as your (hair style) and (hair color) locks. You were a “beautiful specimen”, as your father would say.

Although people rarely came into the area, it was the most enjoyable time. Your father would make you wear a large sweater dress to cover your wings- good thing it was constantly cold in the lab. People questioned you maybe once or twice and your father told them the truth, you were his home schooled daughter. His coworkers had grown to love you and treat you with care so your father never seemed nervous about lying! That is.. until the day the green haired man came in. You thought it was funny when he visited. He would do everything he could to make your father tug on his hair in frustration.

“Who might you be?” The green haired man asked, not smiling which made him more terrifying.

“This is-” Your father stood in front of you but was shoved out of the way.

“I didn’t ask you!” J growled at your father but turned to smile at you. This eased your frightened state a bit.

“I-I’m (Name)..” You blushed and looked at the ground. He sure was handsome. He couldn’t be too much older then you, 3 years at most. Why was he so feared when he could be just 20 years old!

Then you figured out why.

Joker, or J, as he asked you to call him, hired a new scientist. Mrs. Nanika and this lady did not like you. At all. J came into the lab more when he knew you would be there, to your delight and your fathers dismay. For some reason, your father became antsy and stressed when Mister J was in the room. You didn’t notice the little things J did but your father saw it all. He would bring you chocolate because your father didn’t let you have any sugar. He would sit close to you as possible without you being uncomfortable- which was very close, you didn’t have much of a bubble. The most noticeable thing J did for you was treat you like a person.
However he wasn’t the only one, everyone could see that. Mister J would never be nice to anyone unless he had a motive but even then he wasn’t genuinely kind. You were special and everyone knew it..

Except for Mrs. Nanika.

J found you crying one day. You were in your usual hiding spot in the break room, in the cabinet beside the fridge. It was comforting to you to be in such a confined place, most people would be claustrophobic. J opened the door and sat on the ground, immediately concerned.

“What’s wrong, little dove?” He asked with a tilted head. Your beloved nickname he gave you couldn’t make you smile.

“The new lady was mean to me.” You whimpered, wiping your tears away. You didn’t see J lips curl up in disgust while you rubbed your red eyes but you saw his usual smile had disappeared when you looked at him again.

“What’d she do?” J asked as calmly as he could but his breathing revealed how pissed he was. Normally he wouldn’t need any more reason except that someone hurt you but this scientist was promising. Not to mention curiosity was a weakness of his.

“She yelled at me for sitting at her desk. I was drawing you something so she took it and ripped it up.” You began to tear up again as you held a out a shaking hand full of pieces of paper. J took them from your hands, angrier than before. He stormed from the break room and into the laboratory. The criminal flipped Mrs. Nanika’s desk, making her jump back in surprise. He dropped the drawing pieces from his hand.

“Sir, I-” Mrs. Nanika was cut off by a gunshot to her head. J growled and ordered two men to take her dead body away. After that, two more men came to clean up the mess and J returned to you.
You were still in the cabinet but slightly out, curiosity plain on your face.

“I’m going to tell you a secret, (Name),” J began, crouching next to you, “You and I are the same. We both are curious but we’re not cats.”
You were familiar with the quote “curiosity killed the cat”. J told it to you, it was one of his favorites. However you were still confused so you stayed quiet to listen.
“I’m not a good person. I thought I was a heartless monster- I kill, steal and threaten people.. but you make me curious, (Name). You make me think I still have a heart because something hurt when I saw you crying.” J continued, “You are a dove- no! - an angel, pure and perfect!”

He was talking so fast, he must have been scared and nervous. Once J finally stopped talking, he looked like he was ready to cry but you knew he wouldn’t. His breathing was shaky and harsh so you took his hands and made him look into your eyes. This made him calm down considerably so.

“J, I know you’re not a good person b-but I don’t want to change you! I met you this way and I want you to keep being.. this.” You held his hands tighter, your smile never faltering and your eyes never looking away from his. J knew when people were lying or trying to deceive him, it was something he was working on and he was quite good at it. However he saw no traces of lies in what you said. His heart began to beat faster as he pushed himself forward to kiss you. You had no idea what was happening but embraced the sweet kiss. J moved his hands to hold your body closer when you pushed him away. He looked slightly offended and mad but more worried that he had overwhelmed you.

“I… I have a secret to tell you too but,” Your eyes darted around the room, “I can’t tell you here…”

“I know a place.” J smiled.

You were now alone. You and J standing away from each other. He looked excited and nervous at the same time. You pulled your sweater over your head and dropped it to the ground. He gasped and jumped back as you fully stretched your wings. J would probably hate you now, thinking you’re a freak. Your eyes began to tear up as you looked at J, expecting rejection.

It never came.

J was behind you touching your shoulder blades, the base of your wings. He stroked them, cautiously touching the feathers and tugging them now and then. He seemed in awe when you folded them as tightly as you could and turned to look at him.

“You really are an angel, aren’t you?” He smiled but his face darkened, “How did this happen?”

“M-My father. He made me in your lab.” You said as you struggled to put on your sweater dress. This increased his anger but you didn’t realize it wasn’t towards you. Your father had betrayed a very dangerous person, The Joker for fucks sake! J was left in a position he’d never been in before.

He didn’t know what to do next.

Revenge was his absolute favorite thing to do! There were so many ways to destroy a scientist- all of them fun and made J laugh. However they would involve the disposal of their research… meaning you. You were the one person in his world that he gave a damn about! Not to mention the only person who didn’t want him to change. You admitted your feelings for this psycho just moments before. J couldn’t get rid of you but he couldn’t let your father go unpunished.
J was seething, his fists clenched. You reached out to touch his hand but he yanked it away and started to run his fingers through his hair in a frustrated manner. You held your hands close to your chest and stepped backwards.

“This was a mistake.” You whispered and started to run out of the room. J gasped and pulled himself from his thoughts, leaping and closing the door before you could slip out. He slammed each hand on either side of you, trapping you. Your (e/c) eyes shot open, frightened as you stared at J. He looked confused himself but he didn’t move.

“You like me, (Name). Right?” J nodded and tilted his head. You nodded with him, calming down slightly but your heart beating faster. J stroked your cheek gently with his thumb, “That lab is mine. Everything in it is mine. By making you, your father technically made you for me.”

You smiled innocently, naively following J’s words as he sweetly spoke. The green haired criminal gently moved you away from the door, backing both of you to the middle of the room.

“You don’t have to be mine, (Name). Say the word and you can go.” J walked back to the door and opened it, holding it open dramatically.

You shook your head, “I do want to be yours, J.”

J moaned and ran towards you, letting the door close again. He gently pushed you up against the nearest wall and kissed you passionately. J tried to reel himself in but the taste of your soft lips drove him mad. Your wings fluffed up as J moved his kisses from your lips down to your neck, making you give little moans. Then he stopped kissing and bit your shoulder. You yelped at the bite and wiggled but he didn’t let go until he was satisfied. J pulled away and smiled at your panting face. He unbuttoned his shirt and bent down, pointing to his shoulder he said, “Now it’s your turn.”

“H-How do I..?” You blushed which made J laugh.

“Bite down as hard as you can and don’t stop until it’s left a dark mark.” J purred and guided your head towards his neck. You mimicked his actions and kissed his neck a few times, earning another purr from J, before you but down as hard as you could.

“Haha! Is that as hard as you can bite?” J teased which made your face flush red. You bit down harder and received a growl in response. After a few seconds, you let go and looked at the mark you left.

“Why did we do that?” You looked up at J. He smiled and wiped your lips of some saliva, rubbing it on his pants.

“To mark each other. You’re mine and I’m yours.” J said.

“You won’t let anyone else mark you?” You asked, looking up at J. His heart skipped a beat and he nodded. No one else would ever replace you. His angel.

Enough with the lovey-dovey crap.

J had a revenge to execute and he would need you on board.

“Little dove, I need you to help me with something…” J began.

You gulped as you looked into his dark, icy blue eyes.

“…You’re not gonna like it.”

J slammed your father to the ground and watched as he picked himself up again. He told J everything, knowing it was pointless to lie now that he had been caught. However J was determined to ruin the last hours of your fathers life.

“Let’s make this fun!” J said with a sadistic laugh.

“Pick a number… Let’s say an age.” J asked, circling your father like a shark.

“17.” Your father answered, coughing up blood from the beating he was just given.

“17!? I was hoping a little younger but high schoolers play some interesting games, don’t they?” J smirked, glancing at you. You sat on the floor, a few feet away from your father and the criminal. Duct tape covering your mouth and holding your hands behind your back. Two large men stood at on either side of you. Your large (e/c) eyes were red from crying.

“Would You Rather! That’s a good one!” J complimented himself and turned back to your father.

“Would you rather, Dr. (Last Name), kill your little baby girl. Or! Kill yourself.” J growled the last part, still smirking. The pale man forced a gun into your fathers shaking hands. Your father was falling for J’s trick perfectly. However J wasn’t about to let you die, as always, he had a plan.

“Please, Mister J! (Name) won’t survive with out me, she needs her shots!” Your father gave a pathetic attempt to beg to save his own life. You stared in disbelief.

“Then I guess you better choose correctly.” J said, standing behind your father and winking at you. You put on your best poker face but felt giddy inside. You remembered the plan, J had predicted ever move your father would make. Yet.. You didn’t expect him to look up at you and have tears streaming down his face. His (e/c) eyes stared into yours, “I’m so sorry…”

He was choosing you to die.


Your father pulled the trigger and listened to J’s laughter instead of a gunshot. The man was howling, holding his stomach at the scene.

“For a guy of logic, you’re really stupid!” J managed to say, “How did you not see it?”
The green haired criminal began to circle your dad again.
“I saw it.. You’re infatuated with…” Your dad looked at you again as you were released. You had on a normal shirt, wings fully extended and stretched out. You glared at him, not moving from your spot between the goons.

“No, no, no, no, no… Not an infatuation. I love her.” J smiled genuinely at you, “(Name) is an angel and I’m going to treat her like one.”

“You can’t love anyone, you’re insane!” Your father shouted and J back handed him as a response. He sighed and looked back at you, his eyes meeting yours and his demeanor calmed immediately.

“(Name) doesn’t care that I’m insane and I don’t care that she’s not.” J smirked as he pulled out a gun, aiming it at your father.

“Does she need the shots to live?” J asked, his smile gone.

“No..” Your father answered honestly which made you clench your teeth.

You hated those shots.

J asked a few more questions about your life, making sure there wouldn’t be any complications with you.

“One more question, doc.” J chuckled darkly, “Can she get knocked up?”

Dr. (Last Name) clenched his fists, “No. (Name) isn’t a real human, therefore she cannot give birth.”

“Round the clock sex then!” J howled with laughter before shooting your father in the head. You laughed and ran up to J, jumping in his arms so he could spin you around.

That was before he was sent to Arkham for the first time.

Damnit J, why did you have to be so careless? He wanted people to know his name and that lead to his capture. He would be out eventually but the waiting game was never fun. Now you were trapped in a room with a hammock and a large bird swing. Very funny.

Daily routine:
1.) Stretch.
2.) Clean feathers.
3.) Sit on your swing.
4.) Nap while guards are away.
5.) Sing when they come back.
6.) Whistle when they tell you to shut up.
7.) Watch T.V.

And so on.

This was your routine every single day. You were slowly going crazy.
The only enjoyable time you had was when Frost visited you and updated you on J. He brought you one of J’s Arkham shirts (that smelled like him!), a picture of him and, if he had paper, letters! You cherished them all as you waited for your clown’s return. Anxiety made you think J would forget about you, no matter how much Frost tried to convince you otherwise. So the next time the man came with more gifts, you plucked out the whitest feather in your wing and told him to give it to J.

You don’t know if he ever got it.

Suddenly Frost stopped coming and occupying yourself became harder to do. The room was only big enough to stretch your wings but not fly which made them cramp up often. Your feathers were no longer pure white but dusted with brown and yellow. Your feathers also became matted and gross from lack of proper treatment. J would have his veterinarian come and preen your wings every month. You didn’t have the proper tools to do it but even if you did, you couldn’t reach the right places. The most you could do to care for them was stretch and flap them to air out the feathers.
The so called “guards” outside of your room only let you bathe once so far- you felt absolutely disgusting and probably didn’t look any better. With Frost not coming anymore, you could complain to anyone.

The guards knew this too.

They were convinced J was never getting out of Arkham and decided to have a little fun with you. They pushed you off the swing while you were asleep, pulling your wings and some of your feathers out. In a panic, flew to get away from them and hit your head on the ceiling. In result, you knocked yourself out. You woke up naked and bruised, everything hurt. You hugged yourself and cried for the first time since J was captured. You never slept again while the guards were around. You managed to pull the swing’s chains up higher so if they ever came in the room, you were just out of their reach.

Keys jingling made you open your eyes. This signified it was 3pm, when the guards normally came around. You stretched and scratched a tally mark on the wall, another day wasted. However as you stretched very limb and cracked a few bones, you realized something.. peculiar. The clock on the wall suggested it was 12am which was bizarre considering the guards never showed up before 3:00pm after Frost stopped coming. The door was flung open for a moment, a small device was thrown in and gas leaked out as the door was quickly shut once more. You sniffed the air and covered your nose instinctively. Sliding to the ground, you sat there as you began to pass out.
You woke up in a bathtub. A real bathtub, big enough to fit your entire body- wings and all! A smile graced your cracked lips as you splashed and cleaned every inch of your body. You weren’t sure how long you had so you made an effort to be efficient and quick. When you were satisfied with your squeaky clean skin- (s/c), the way it was before that damned room- you drained the water. You turned on the faucet, making the water cold and rinsing yourself one more time. You then sat in the bathtub patiently waiting for someone to retrieve you and take you back to the room. An hour had gone by.


You’d never had this long to bathe before. You wiggled your toes when you realized you weren’t chained up like your “guards” had originally done during bath time. The sound of a door opening made you jump but it wasn’t the door to the huge bathroom you were currently in. A delicate knock came from the other side which made you tilt your head.

“C-Come in?” You managed to find your voice and covered yourself up with your wings as the door opened. 4 asian girls, mid 20’s at least, came into the room. They all wore the same outfit, black strapless dresses, loose with cold trimming. They looked comfortable and had genuine smiles on their faces. You were beyond confused as they greeted you with a curtesy.

“Hello, Lady (Y/N),” One of them said, “Would you please step out of the bathtub?”

“C-Can you please tell me what’s going on?” You asked, slowly folding your wings behind your back. This was the most hospitable you’d been treated since J had been taken! You were shocked and scared but felt these ladies were harmless. The girls all giggled as if you’d asked a dumb question. The one that had spoken earlier walked towards you and offered you her hand. The other three dispersed around the room, grabbing items on the counter and such. You took the ladies hand and she helped you to your feet, holding on as you stepped out of the tub.

“My name is Minorin, these are my friends, and we are here to clean you up!” She said kindly. You say on a bench type chair and they promptly got to work. They apologized for the slight pain you might feel but “beauty is sacrifice”. You nervously sat there and tried not to fidget as they smeared warm wax on your legs, ripping it off until your legs were smooth. They repeated this all over your body, making sure there was no hair they didn’t want to see. They filed your finger and toe nails down nicely and painted them black afterwards. Then lied you on your stomach and rubbed lotion everywhere, giving you the best massage you’d ever had. They didn’t touch your breasts or bum but made you put lotion there as well. You marveled at how smooth your body was now. They revealed you to a mirror and smiled at their work. You were shocked! You looked exactly the same as you did before J was taken. You hadn’t changed at all. The depressing fact that you weren’t human settled in and replaced that shock feeling you had. They dipped their heads as you thanked them all, walking out of the room and closing the door. You were left in a towel, staring at your reflection once more. Your feathers still looked matted and mangled.
As if someone read your mind, your old veterinarian lady came in with a smile on her face. You began to cry as you hugged her, the first familiar face you’d seen in 3 months! The ladies caught you up to speed on the outside world but nothing else. They wouldn’t tell you about J and neither would the veterinarian in front of you. She brushed your hair the way she used to, calming you down. Once you were relaxed she extended your right wing and began to work, plucking and stoking the pearly white feathers. She repeated this on the left wing and after made you extend both wings. The lady perfected them and made sure you were healthy.

“Can you tell me anything? Where I am at least?” You asked, eyes filling with tears.

“(Name), don’t worry. You’re safe now. I’ve brought you some clothes.” The lady said calmly, turning to get you the clothes. It was a dress- your favorite one but new! It was black and faded to green at the flowey bottom. It had long sleeves that covered your hands, like that sweater dress you’d been accustomed to. The back of the dress was open, as a lot of your clothes were for obvious reasons. You happily twirled around in the dress, looking at yourself in the mirror for the 4th time. A knock at the door pulled you away from the mirror, your face hardened when you saw your “faithful guards”.

“Ready to go?” One asked.

“Where?” You demanded, feeling your confidence returning.

“To him.” The other one said simply. Your heart leapt and a smile graced your lips, you nodded and followed them out of the bathroom. It lead to a big bedroom but not yours, not the one you and J shared. You followed them into the hallway, listening to them as they spoke to you but not replying.

“You’ll tell him we treated you good, right?”

“Real good.” The other one laughed with an implying tone.

You suddenly felt sick.

These idiots acted as if you wouldn’t tell J everything. Or maybe they thought he wouldn’t care. Your stomach flipped at the thought. You didn’t have time to worry, the door opened and they lead you to the business room. You now remembered where you were. You pushed the goons aside, running into the room and looking around but you found nothing. You saw his black shoes poking out of the curtain and darted over, pulling the drapes back.

Not here either.

You smiled at the trick he had played and picked up his shoes with one hand. Your smile faded as you looked around the empty room. The door closed and you sighed, looking down. Alone in a room again. Suddenly hands gripped your waist and pulled you back. You dropped the shoes and squealed in delight, turning around and hugging him. J. Your J was back in your arms. You kissed his neck as he held you in a tight embrace. You both whispered how much you missed eachother, questions and “i love you’s”. J lifted you up and walked over to the couch, plopping himself down. He lied on his back and looked up at you as you straddled him. J was really here! He looked exactly the same but had a “J” and a star on his face now. You touched them gently, tracing your fingers along his face and through his hair, holding his hands tight after. He smiled but you knew he was confused.

“Making sure it’s you..” You said quietly.

“It’s me, angel.” J replied. Your eyes widened as you forced his mouth open. There was silver in his mouth! Where his gorgeous, white teeth used to be!

“What-!” You gasped as J pulled your hands from his mouth. He laughed and licked his grill.

“Before I was caught, I had a run in with the Bat. He wasn’t too happy about his dead bird.” J smirked proudly.

You smiled and tilted your head, “I can get used to it.”

You and J caught up, he told you everything. He apologized and held you as you began to cry. J did every trick he remembered that calmed you down, holding you as you relaxed.

“Th-The men.” You whispered in his ear, “I want them dead.”

J’s demeanor changed instantly.

He sat up, rage in those icy blue eyes. His fingers gripped your hips tightly but not enough to hurt you. J felt his heart break at the sight of you, tears forming again in your eyes. Your pure (e/c) eyes. J calmly pushed you off him, sitting you on the couch. You panicked slightly and grabbed his arm, “Don’t leave me!”

J pulled his arm free and growled, punching the wall. He pulled a phone from his back pocket, calling Frost. He began to pace around the room, not leaving your sight, fearing something might happen to you if he left. As the tension built inside the room, with J yelling at Frost, you couldn’t help but feel tired. You barely slept in that room, fearing the goons would take advantage of you again. J was back and you felt more relaxed than ever. You didn’t notice that your eyes began to close. J turned to you to check in on your state when he saw you were sleeping. The 3 months away from you suddenly hit him, before that you were at his side every day. He didn’t realize how much he missed you. His mind wondered to your appearance- you’d barely changed. J relived every moment with you up until his capture. Things will be different now, J silently promised you as he caressed your cheek. Since he was taken away, his empire had grown. His reputation had increased as well, he was feared, hated and strangely admired. To his delight, no one outside his work knew of you. The Joker’s weakness, his soft spot, his angel.
Frost opened the door, pulling his boss from his thoughts.

“They’re outside.” He said simply.

“I like you, Frosty…” J spoke sincerely but his words dripped with anger, “Did you know about this?”

The henchman walked closer to J, looking him in the eyes. Before the man even spoke, J had his answer. He didn’t even need Frost to speak but allowed him to anyways. He knew the henchman took care of his belongings. You were probably Frost’s favorite companion

“If I knew, you wouldn’t have the pleasure of killing them.” He growled. J smirked at the comment. If Frost hadn’t already won his trust, he sure had it now. J placed a hand on his henchman’s shoulder. A quick sign of gratitude and forgiveness. Frost made his way over to the door and the two henchmen walked in. They stood tall but shook with fear.

“Gentleman!” J smiled, extending his arms, “(Name) has told me all the work you’ve done for me on my leave of absence.. You shall be rewarded so.”

The two henchmen, smiled proudly and puffed out their chests. Frost would have looked at J with utter confusion if he didn’t know better. Why on earth was he talking like that? His boss snapped his fingers and caught his attention.

“Bring them alcohol- and (Name). Bring my angel something to eat.” J said, turning away. Frost nodded and left the room. The henchmen sat themselves at the conference table, kicking their feet up. J was on the other end of the table, guarding you and stalking his current prey. His icy blue eyes locked on his targets, full of nothing but rage. When J managed to drag his eyes away from the men, he would look at you. You stirred a bit in your sleep from the noise. Your wings, fingers and toes would lightly twitch every now and then. J’s hard gaze softened slightly. You truly were an angel. Even in slumber, you looked so innocent and pure.
Minutes went by slowly until Frost returned. He dropped off the requested drinks and held the doors open for a few maids to bring in a selection of food trays. J smiled in delight at the assortment before him. He never thought he’d be so happy to not see meat on the table. Around you, J wouldn’t eat any type of meat- especially bird. In fact, during his stay at Arkham, a guard was murdered for bringing the man chicken for dinner.
The aroma of food must have woken you up. You stretched with your eyes closed, as you would if you were going to open them and see the dreaded room. You relaxed when you opened your eyes and saw your beloved J standing there. He handed you a crescent and you happily ate it, your stomach growling. You suddenly realized how hungry you really were. J pulled out the chair he was leaning on for you to sit in.
You forced yourself to remain calm while staring at the men before you. They were obviously drunk from the poison in their drinks. You smirked as you popped a grape into your mouth. J licked his lips as he watched you. He knew exactly what you were thinking from that cocky smile spreading on your plump lips.

“Angel?” He mumbled. You looked at J and tossed a grape in the air for him to catch in his mouth.

“What would you like me to do, my love?” J got on his knees in front of your chair. He began pushing up your dress and placing kisses on your smooth (s/c) skin. You were suddenly very grateful for the waxing those ladies did for you earlier. You placed your hands on both sides of J’s face, bringing his head up to kiss him passionately. He growled into the kiss, biting your bottom lip and regaining dominance. J pushed himself up to his feet and pried himself away from your mouth.

“I want,” You panted, “You to take me into our bedroom and make up for every day you were gone.”

J growled with a smirk, nodding his head for you to continue.

“And I want you to promise me every time that you’ll never disappear like that again.” You playfully tapped your chin as if you were thinking.

“Never, angel. Never,” J almost begged for the best part.

“As for them…” You glared at the passed out henchman then lovingly looked back at your J, “I want them locked in that same room for a month. We’ll talk about a real revenge after.”

J didn’t need you to finish.

He swooped you into his arms and ran straight for the bedroom, yelling at Frost on his way out. J was certainly going to show you how much he missed you.

Pulsar’s 10 Favorite Anime Of 2016

It’s time for my Top 10 Favorite Anime Of 2016 List!

A few things to keep in mind:

1. Im not including any sequel series (which means Sound Euphonium 2 and Food Wars: The Second Plate arent on my list, although theyre both great shows and definitely worth checking out).

2. This is strictly my opinion. If you dont see a show you liked on here, Im not bashing it or saying its not any good.

3. Im only including shows I watched all the way through to the end. There are some shows I didnt get a chance to finish like Mob Psycho 100, Orange and Shouwa Genroku that I need to revisit.

With that all said, here we go with the Honorable Mentions!  



This is a really fun series of comedy shorts revolving around three high school girls: an otaku, a gyaru (think the Japanese equivalent of a valley girl) and a sweet but airheaded rich girl. Most of the humor is sex-related and yet the show never feels mean-spirited. Definitely worth checking out if you want something quick to watch and laugh at.


Dark takes on the “magical girl” genre have become more and more commonplace in the aftermath of Madoka Magica. This show revolves around a mobile app game that allows you to create your own magical girl, and gives 1 in 10,000 players the ability to become a real-life superhero. But soon things take a dark and violent turn.

What separates this show from the pack is the sheer variety of powers and abilities that it features. All the girls (and one guy) have different motivations for wanting to be a superhero, and their powers are diverse and interesting. Dont let the cute art fool you: this is NOT for young kids.


The only reason I wound up not including this show in my top ten is because its literally 4 five minute episodes. But man does it pack a punch, especially if you love animals.

This is a short series about a young woman and her aging pet cat. The show is entirely from the point of view of the cat, and you see how he views the world and how he views his owner with unconditional love. If youve ever owned a pet, take the time to watch this one.


And now its time for my Top 10 Anime of 2016. Here we go!


KyoAni’s first series of 2016 was this overlooked fun little fantasy gem about a near future in which a virus has caused people to be able to perceive extra-dimensional and paranormal beings around them. The main characters are four students of a special school for students with special abilities who can seal off and fight phantoms, or in some cases help them resolve their unfinished business so they can move on.

This show got a lot of attention early on in 2016 and just as fast seemed to drop off the radar, mostly because people seemed disappointed that it wasnt a darker/more “serious” show. But thats okay. Sometimes I just want to be entertained. And Myriad Colors does that.


Konosuba is the first of two “trapped in a fantasy world” anime series on my Top 10 list. This is a trope that has been done to death, but where this one won me over was in the sheer irreverence it has for its own genre.

The main character, after dying in a rather embarrassing fashion, is magically transported to a fantasy world by a goddess who turns out to be a bit of a screw-up. In order to find work in this new world, he assembles a motley crew including a masochistic knight and a mage who only want to blow things up. Sound ridiculous? It is. And it’s absolutely hilarious.

KONOSUBA returns for a 2nd season starting this month, so you have time to catch up before then!


In an alternate version of World War II, the archduchess of a small country about to invaded by the Germans is kidnapped… but is then rescued by her childhood friend, who turns out to be the last witch on Earth. The witch volunteers her help in defending her friend’s country from the invaders, and soon the tide has turned in a BIG way.

Do you like watching WWII-era dogfights? Imagine one with a witch flying around using a giant rifle as a broom and blowing Nazi planes out of the sky. If that doesn’t sound cool to you, I don’t know what to say. Check this one out if you like badass female leads and awesome action sequences.


Studio TRIGGER (Kill La Kill) returned in 2016 with this sci-fi series about a group of teenagers who are forced to be part of an experiment linking them emotionally. This show connected (see what I did there) with me on multiple levels. Adolescence can be an insanely painful part of life, and many people never move on past the things that are done and said to them during this time. The characters on this show, even if they aren’t always likeable, are always UNDERSTANDABLE. I genuinely felt for all of them and wanted them to end up OK. If you like sci-fi but want something different, give this one a go.

#6: 91 DAYS

This is another great series that seemed to fly under the radar this year. I never heard many of my friends who are into anime talking about this one, and its a shame, because this show is something special.

91 DAYS is set during Prohibition and is about a young man whose entire family is murdered by the Mafia. Seven years later, while in hiding, he receives a letter giving him the names of the men responsible, and he begins to work his way into the family in order to destroy it from the inside out.

This is a fantastic revenge story, with some twists and turns you won’t expect and a darkness to it that stuck with me a long time after it ended.


“I am just a little broken…”

Prepare to have your heart a LOT broken.

PLANETARIAN takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where hostile machines have taken over the Earth. A “junker” is scavenging for supplies in a department store when he is greeted by the android mascot of the store’s rooftop planetarium… who has been in stasis for years and has no idea what has happened to the world. The junker initially wants nothing to do with her but realizing he has nowhere to go decides to hide out in the planetarium for a while, and soon gets roped into fixing the projector so the android can present the show to any guests who may show up.

If you like your sci-fi with a healthy dose of feels, check this one out. Its only 5 episodes long but it stuck with me long after I watched it, and I’ll likely be coming back to rewatch it many times in the future.

#4: YURI!!! ON ICE

Yes, an anime about gay male figure skaters made my top 10 list? Why? Because its an awesome goddamn show, that’s why.

After suffering a complete meltdown at the previous World Finals, Yuri has given up on skating and has decided to come home to Japan. No sooner has he returned than his idol, a Russian figure skater named Victor, shows up at his doorstep… wanting to become his coach.

This show is consistently fun to watch, with great animation, some incredible skating sequences, and arguably the best romantic couple of the year in anime. And tell me the opening song doesn’t get you pumped, and I’ll call you a lying sack of shit. Yuri On Ice is awesome. Watch it. Like, now. 


My top 3 is where it gets tricky, because any of these next three shows could have been my #1. I’d rank them all at the top in terms of quality, so I’m going with them in the order of which ones had the most emotional impact on me personally.


If you liked Attack On Titan, this is better. Yes, I said it. I love Attack On Titan, but this is a better show. 

Set in an alternate timeline during the Industrial Revolution in Japan, a virus causes people to transform into walking corpses who soon overrun the entire country. Humans are forced to barricade themselves in walled cities and use armor-plated trains to travel from fortress to fortress. One day, in the middle of his home being overrun by the “kabane,” a young engineer who has been working on a new steam-powered weapon designed to defeat the monsters is bitten by one of them… but instead of transforming all the way, he becomes a kabaneri, a human/kabane hybrid. He joins up with a fellow female kabaneri and the survivors of his fallen city in an attempt to make their way to safety on board one of the armored trains.

This show is essentially a nonstop chase sequence through the first half, and political intrigue comes into play halfway through. If you like nonstop action, gore and terror, this is your ticket to ride.

I watched the first episode of this show the day after it aired, got bored, and didn’t come back to it…until about three months later, when I kept hearing people talk about the show and how it was affecting them. While on a road trip I decided to give it another shot, and ended up binge-watching the entire series in one go. It’s that good.

RE:ZERO is about a young man who, after shopping at a convenience store, suddenly finds himself in a fantasy world straight out of the games and shows he loves. While initially thrilled to be there, he finds out rather quickly that he is completely out of his element and ends up dying a rather grisly death… only to find himself back where he started from when he first showed up in the new world. It turns out that he has the ability to come back after dying to a certain “save point” (which changes over time), and while no one around him remembers the previous timeline, he does.

So, all good right? No matter what happens you can come back and fix it? Well, not so fast. Imagine falling in love with someone only for them to not remember who you are or things you’ve talked about. Imagine seeing the people you care about die over and over again because you keep messing up. Imagine making mistakes, thinking you can fix them by dying… and coming back further along in the timeline and NOT being able to undo them.

This show takes all the issues I usually have with the “transported to a fantasy world” genre and not only addresses them but essentially makes them the focus of the show. The main character alternates between being funny and likeable and selfish and arrogant, and while he can be hard to like at times, he’s easy to understand and identify with. The supporting characters are fantastic (including arguably my favorite female character of the year, Rem the demon maid) and the story has many twists and turns, with many more to come as the show has been confirmed for second season.

I’ve never been so glad that I gave an anime a second chance as I am with RE:ZERO. Definitely check this one out.


Imagine this: when you’re a child, two of your friends and a third child you don’t know but is in your class are murdered. You were the last person to see the third victim alive, but didn’t do or say anything, and you have felt guilty ever since.

Since then, you have had a curse: every once in a while, you will relive the same three to five minutes over and over again, Groundhog Day style, until you change something. It might mean pushing someone out of the way of a car, it might mean stopping a purse snatcher. But you are stuck until you fix what needs to be fixed.

Now imagine, after coming home to find a loved one murdered, you are blamed for the crime and are about to be arrested when you feel that same “rewind” effect happening… only when you open your eyes, it is 1988, you are 11 years old walking to school (but with your 29 year old mind intact), and the murders from your childhood are about to happen again.

What would you do?

ERASED is the best anime of 2016. No other show excited me, terrified me, made me think, made me cry, or made me remember as much as this show did. Even if you don’t like anime, watch this show. It’s my #1 for a reason.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my list! If you see a favorite of yours from 2016 that’s missing, shoot me a message and I’ll check it out! 

Top Ten Underrated Horror Movies (Part 10/10)

We have finally made it to the end

What could my top choice be?

There are so many great movies out there, but when I decided to make this list, I knew there was only one more that would fill my number one slot and throughout the process of making the list, that number one pick never changed.


1. American Mary (2012)

Originally posted by spookshowbabydolll

Yes, my top choice also features the amazingly talented Katharine Isabelle.

I found this move either at the end of 2015 or just the beginning of 2016, but once I saw it, it bumped right up my list to favorite horror movies ever. Not just underrated, but IN GENERAL.

It stars Katharine Isabelle and is the revenge movie to end all revenge movies. It is wonderfully twisted and fucked up in all the right ways, like every horror movie should be.

Isabelle plays the role of a medical student, who is going through financial problems, but determined to succeed in her chosen profession.

Originally posted by petermolyneux

Desperate for money to pay her bills, she decides to seek work as a stripper, but because she is a medical student, she is instead offered $5000 to save a man’s life, after being beaten.

Needing the money, she does so, but is immediately struck with disgust returns home, in complete panic over the ordeal. 

She is offered quite a bit more money to perform a surgery, which would involve removing a girl’s nipples and labia, to appear more like a human doll. She offered $10,000 and an extra $2,000 to just show up.

Originally posted by panslabyrinth

Despite the way she felt at the strip club, she agrees and successfully performs the surgery.

Some time passes and during her residency, she is invited to a party, where she gets drugged and sexually assaulted at by her former teacher.

Originally posted by normvndy

Unable to cope with the attack, she drops out of medical school and goes back to the strip club, where she pays workers to bring her attacker to her.

Originally posted by a-dark-and-terrible-thing

She starts working at the strip club and starts working full time as a surgeon for consensual body modification, all while continuing to torture her attacker on the side.

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This movie takes a new spin on revenge story and as I have said before in my number two pick, Katharine Isabelle is hypnotic on the screen and when she is acting, your eyes stay on her and only her.

What I have explained is only part of the plot and I will not give the rest away, because the element of surprise needs to be there if you intend to watch this.

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It is written and directed by the Soska sisters who had a cameo in the film, shown above. 

I have never fallen in love with a horror movie so quickly before and I urge you all to give it a chance, because not a lot of people have heard of this movie and it is such a visual masterpiece.

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I will say this though, the climax and ending happens a bit fast and because of that, it does end a little underwhelming, which is a shame, because everything else is just so flawless and absolutely chilling.

I repeat, absolutely chilling.

Watch the trailer and see for yourself. If you are as intrigued as I was, you will find a way to see this movie.


At first i was really scared after reading what eren said in the last pages of chapter 90. (mind you im using the MS translation so maybe the  official translation has him saying something entirely different) Because i was afraid that he was going to follow in his fathers footsteps and regress back into dedicating his like to vengeance and hate.

Some part of me is still alittle afraid of that, but then i remember that Eren isn’t the type of person to not learn of people’s mistakes, or of his own. He knows that his father felt nothing but pain and emptiness after watching Gross, the person who was responsible for his sisters death, being devoured. He didn’t feel content, happy, or relieved that the person who killed his sister received a punishment that was worse then death. He was just afraid. He was so afraid and so empty.

It wasn’t until he lost everything and everyone he ever cared about did he realize what a waster of a life he had. Dedicating his whole life to getting revenge on the Marely, using hate as a driving force to meet the end of his goals and sacrificing so much to obtain them. He even used his own son to further his own plans and not think of him as an individual.

Eren is the type of person to learn of mistakes and use that to help him grow, and i think we can all agree that he has grown alot compared to the beginning of the story. When i look at him in the last page of the chapter, i don’t see angry Eren Jeager that swore vengeance and eradication for the titans back in chapter 1. I see A Boy who wishes to be completely free from his cage and not be dominated by anyone who dictates that he should die just for being born. He see’s beyond the cage that he was placed in since birth. I thought it was very on character for him, because its whats indicative to his character.

He wants to be truly free.

About the Challenge & Rules

Message us to claim your Reason. First come, first Serve.

And remember, It can be a short drabble or a longer fic. It doesn’t have to be explicit at all, you can end the scene before the smutty parts begin, just as long as the story involves the characters having sex for the reason listed

50 Reasons to Have (Richonne) Sex:

1.  Because you can’t get to sleep *CLAIMED*

2. Make-up sex *CLAIMED*

3. Break-up sex *CLAIMED*

4. Your friend told you about a new position

5. Revenge *CLAIMED*

6. Rebound *CLAIMED*

7. Paratrooping/Bangin’ for roof *CLAIMED*

8. Nothing good on TV *CLAIMED*

9. Because you’re in a hotel

10. Curiosity

11. It’s raining *CLAIMED*

12. It’s halftime

13. Diet/exercise

14. Celebrate recent weight loss

15. You finally get to show your childhood bed some action

16. Prom night

17. You’re already at their place and don’t want to have to move your car

18. Show off new lingerie *CLAIMED*

19. Celebrate major victory by favourite team and/or political candidate *CLAIMED*

20. Your chance to do it in a specific location (ex: airplane, Burger King bathroom) *CLAIMED*

21. To prove we’re not in a rut

22. Stress relief *CLAIMED*

23. Just shaved legs *CLAIMED*

24. Forgot to buy a birthday present *CLAIMED*

25. “Let’s get it on” by Marvin Gaye is playing on the radio *CLAIMED*

26. Celebrating the joy of life after a near-death experience *CLAIMED*

27. Your one chance with a celebrity

28. Time an egg

29. To avoid cleaning, studying or work of any kind

30. She wants to *CLAIMED*

31. It’s cold outside *CLAIMED*

32. Cheer someone up (pity) *CLAIMED*

33. Keeping up with the neighbours

34. Your roommate is out of town and you can do it on the couch *CLAIMED*

35. Some very protected sex to celebrate the fact I’m not/We’re not/you’re not pregnant

36. Practice

37. They have air conditioning and you don’t

38. Because he/she is from one of the countries you haven’t had sex with a person from yet

39. “Damn, your calves look good in those cargo shorts” sex

40. Called/texted the wrong person but she was into it anyway *CLAIMED*

41. To make a baby *CLAIMED*

42. Breaking in a new apartment *CLAIMED*

43.  Because he said he loves you and you’re not ready to say it back yet

44. Wingman diving on the friend grenade

45. Your condoms are about to expire *CLAIMED*

46. It’s getting a little hard

47. Miscommunication (Cheetos sex)

48. To reinforce good behaviour (such as shaving& dental hygiene)

49. To change the subject *CLAIMED*

50. Love <3 *CLAIMED*

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can I request number 47, 60 and 62 with Kai Parker x reader? (March prompt) I really need something to light up my currently mood and therefore I need your great work ❤️

Kai Parker - “You are my sunshine”

Your fingers trembled when you tried to find your phone in the pocket of your jeans. Your hands were covered in blood and you could feel the liquid rolling down your neck. “Kai…” You dialed his number and tried to stay calm while you waited for his voice.

“(Y/N)? Is everything okay?”

“No…” You let out a deep breath. “Someone bit me. I’m bleeding.”

“Where are you?” Kai almost screamed in the phone and you moved the phone away from your ear.

“I’m hiding behind the Mystic Grill to make sure no one sees me.” You felt the tears burning in your eyes and you fell down on the ground with your back pressed to the wall.

“Don’t go anywhere. I’ll be right there.”

You had barely gotten the chance to put your phone away when Kai appeared in front of you.

He kneeled down and he pressed his hand to your neck. “Who did this to you?

You shrugged your shoulders. Everything had happened so fast that you had not seen the guy, or the girl, you weren’t even sure about that.

“Let me fix you first and then I’ll go find whoever has done this so I can stake them.” He used his own fangs to bite his wrist and he pressed his arm to your lips.

You had lost count of how often Kai had had to give you his blood already. You had known from the beginning that dating Kai wouldn’t be easy, that he had a lot of enemies and that they would all want to hurt you. You had however not really gotten used to it yet. “And what if you kill that vampire and someone wants revenge?” You trembled even though you could already feel the wound in your neck healing. “It’s a never ending circle, Kai. You kill them, someone who loved them tries to kill me, you kill them and so on and so on.”

“What do you want me to do?” Kai shook his head. “Do you want me to let them get away with this? Do you want me to simply let it go? Do you want me to accept that someone hurt the only person in the world I actually care about?” He licked his lips. “You are my sunshine, (Y/N)! You are the only good thing in a world full of hatred and darkness. You are the one thing that keeps me from killing people who are totally innocent. You are the only one who can give me the feeling that even a monster and abomination like me can be loved.”

You had never seen Kai cry before, but right now a tear was rolling down his cheek. While your lips curled up into a smile you used your thumb to wipe the tear away. “Please, don’t cry.” You spoke softly. “I’m not going anywhere and I’m not dead yet.” You paused for a moment and you realised how the sociopath that could terrify each and every one was sometimes nothing but a boy longing to be held and loved. “And I’m not planning on dying anytime soon, I promise.”

What’s light as a feather, yet can only be held for so long?
You’ve made my breath stop with a gasp,
You say that I am madness.
I say hat I am moving towards a goal, though
It’s one step forward, two steps back.
I got my revenge, eventually
At the cost of a mentor, a friend
Then the suffering, the pain, it must not end.
There is no Ed Nygma without the Penguin,
Perhaps that is why the Riddler must begin.
I will be born anew, I’ll watch the city burn and rise.
I’ll challenge the foolishly brave and the very few wise.
That will be my dangerous and deadly game.
That will be how the Riddler got his name.

I cannot help but thank the man I pushed into the river.
In a way, you did truly help me.
In a way, you did truly love me,
But, the betrayal was senseless.
Thinking of it now makes me shiver,
Thinking of you now makes me restless.
Priceless to both, deadly to one, that’s you.
I think they were wrong, love is deadly to two.
My heart, still beating, aches with sorrow.
In a way, you did truly tell me.
“This will be the cold-blooded murder of someone you love!”
I now know that love exceeds its bounds,
I now know that love, even me, it still hounds.
Mourning her, mourning her, mourning you.
My, my, what an emotional range.
Killing you was the only catalyst for change,
A perfect time to molt anew.
Killing you was my claim to fame.
That was how the Riddler got his name.

—  Y'all know I had to write soMEthing after this new stuff came out,, so here y'all are!! Time to subject you to my Nygmobblepot free verse Ed POV poetry yet again

I was re-watching Star Wars and I thought it was interesting that from the very beginning Obi-Wan doubted Anakin and didn’t think he should be trained.

And all throughout Attack of the Clones, Obi-Wan kept telling everyone that Anakin was arrogant and not ready to be on his own.

And yet, by the end of Revenge of the Sith, Obi-Wan was the most hurt by Anakin’s betrayal.


Alright, Clue Crew, here it is- the villain ranking nobody asked for!  This was harder than expected, and I tried to make a logical way of ordering things, but who am I to judge who was the best ne’er-do-well?  If you have any questions about my ranking, want an explanation, or just want to yell at me, shoot me an ask.  


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The MCU is scared of female villains.

Given the amount of replies of my Zemo/Wanda post I was re-watching AOU and CA:CW (ugh) and I got in the conclusion that the “New Wanda” that the Russos tried to sell us and Zemo, was a pretty obvious demonstration of the MCU writers being scared as shit of putting a female character in a villainous position.

Why? I tell: as we saw in the two movies, Zemo is practically a male, old, non-powered version of AOU!Wanda. He just made the plan more complicated, and of course he ended in jail, but his goals were the same as hers. He even ended using Tony’s mental state as weapon to destroy the Avengers. While Wanda is made “the innocent girl that can’t control her powers”, which like I’ve mention in this post and this post and this one, is a big pile of bullshit.

What’s with this subject? Dark female characters in media are often criticized and labeled as “anti feminist” and “misogynistic” because interferes in the new agenda of “making roles models for little girls”.

Which I think that’s bullshit because not all female characters must be perfect fucking saints. When I was a kid I understood perfectly what was real and wasn’t and I grew up loving grey and evil female characters because they were compelling; this new trend of thinking that parents left the TV educate their kids for them and therefore the writers and creators must create a shit ton of role models and what they think these are it’s killing creativity.

So, Zemo receives the story-line that one movie ago was Wanda’s and succeeds, while she…

She disappears.

The Wanda in Civil War suddenly can’t control her powers, suddenly doesn’t give a shit for the Avengers invading countries when that was supposed to be one of her mine motifs when she first appeared and also suddenly followers orders and seems to pass as the poor victim of discrimination against super powered people.

All of this is shit.

They tried to sell us the typical modern empowered heroine and pure perfect girl giving her old story-line the male villain and they failed.


Typical Modern Empowered Heroine:

  • Tries to do good shit and fails.
  • Is blamed for something that she didn’t.
  • Rises up against a male that “oppress her” (Tony and Vision in her case).

Pure Perfect Girl.

  • Infantilized even when she is a legal and biological adult. Example: She’s a kid!/If you want to mope go to high school/You locked in my room, etc.
  • Clearly dressed with more fairer tones that suggest nativity and youth in contrast with her former appearance (red, black).
  • Showed in a helpless situation for the audience to feel pity for her. Example: Lagos, The Raft.

All of this fails miserably.


It contradicts everything established:

  • Wanda certainly not a child.
  • She had control of her powers during all fucking AOU, including the evacuation in Sokovia.
  • Tony and Vision are not the “oppressors” because Wanda is clearly the one power. Tony is a human that she victimized in the past and Vision is younger and more naive than she is.
  • She didn’t like the Avengers messing in her country but seems fine with messing herself in Africa.
  • Given that she’s a powerful being is illogical then a simple straightjacket will not be able to contain her, electroshock collar or not.

As I said: bullshit.

Wanda with Zemo story arc would have being compelling not only for the villain destroying the Avengers being a woman but also because it would have less plot holes because:

  • Wanda using her powers to mess with the Avengers from the beginning to save her skin and his brother’s would have made more sense. She is not in your head?
  • There’s not fucking logic in Wanda caring for the Avengers suddenly.
  • She could have seen the secret about Tony’s parents in Steve’s mind.
  • She knew about Tony’s struggles and mental illness.
  • Her final revenge to Tony would have been in her mind poetic justice: watching his parents die.
  • The Avengers would have been ended really from the inside.
  • The destroyer of the Avengers would have been a powerful being that did more than just want to conquer/destroy the world.

It’s really bugs me that they fear so much this that they just created that male mirror of Wanda. And made this pseudo child to pretend that she was heroic all along.

Of course it’s worse the fact that the fandom complete bought it.

Female villains don’t have to be a taboo.

Female villains are not a taboo.

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This is very random, but here. In the canon Kuro universe, demons exist as well as reapers. You become a reaper if you end your own life. So, for this topic’s sake, let’s say there is a heaven. Now, even more so, let’s say that somewhere down the road, the rapture or any Armageddon of sorts begins and the world is coming to an end.

So, early one morning, Sebastian is preparing the tea, opens the curtains of a downstairs parlor and sees dark clouds, fire, smoke somewhere, basically total chaos. “Ah… Well, this is troublesome.”

And so then Sebastian now has to race to take Ciel and find his captors and help him get his revenge and fulfill the contract before the world is destroyed. Everything is coming undone around them as they travel, nothing matters anymore, not the queen, not the mansion, just the two of them. Sebastian helping Ciel through this world of destruction as they track down the ones that humiliated Ciel, discover many hidden truths now with society basically ruined and find solace in nothing else but each other and the contract that keeps them bound. Not only that but now Sebastian has to find the captors before they are killed themselves within the madness of it all. The clock is ticking, the world is burning and the two of them are all they have left, for now and forevermore. 

And with the World ending, Ciel will be the last soul Sebastian will ever consume. The perfect ending.

Holiday Things With TyJo and Jishwa

As promised here’s a holiday themed thing to keep you guys entertained a bit! I love you all! Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to you! Thanks for always supporting me. Hope your holiday season is going well.

xx Kylie

Holiday Things with TyJo and Jishwa


  • Hearing Tyler sing Christmas songs all month long because this fucker knows he can sing. He knows it bothers you to an extent but he doesn’t care because he is spreading the “holiday spirit”. So eventually, you give in and sing cute lil duets with him and he is there playing ukulele.
  • After Christmas singing comes Christmas shopping. While you guys are out shopping, he sees things that you’re staring at and instantly knows he needs to get that for you. So after rehearsals one day, he goes back to the stores and gets that beautiful necklace or dress or bracelet you were looking at. Tyler also likes to give a funny present. So he goes to a store and finds something you would find hilarious and decides to film your reaction when you open it. After the look of disappointment on your face, he laughs a little and then stops recording. He puts down the phone and then walks over to you, giving you a kiss BECAUSE HE KNOWS YOU CAN’T STAY MAD AT HIM WHEN HE KISSES YOU. After that he says, “That wasn’t your present. There’s another one. And that one is your actual gift”. WHEN YOU OPEN THAT SUCKER YOU CANNOT BELIEVE AND YOU CRY TEARS OF JOY.
  • Okay okay, so shopping time is over and then comes the relaxation. So instead of going out the two of you decide to drink lots of hot cocoa and stay home to watch Christmas movies. You include things like Elf, Home Alone, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, The Nightmare Before Christmas, etc. You guys cuddle up and make sure to buy lots and lots of marshmallows for your hot chocolate.
  • After the movies, you guys want to make a gingerbread house, because WHY THE HELL NOT? You make your house very sweet but simple, quite realistic if you do say so yourself. You could find yourself living in a house that looks like that. Tyler, being the man he is, decides to make it Clique themed. He has a bunch of symbols on it, and takes a picture to post on social media to wish them a happy holiday. AND YOU SMILE SO BIG BECAUSE HE’S SO DAMN CUTE AND YOU DON’T KNOW HOW YOU GOT A MAN LIKE THAT.
  • After all that gingerbread house making, you decide you want to go ICESKATING. Buuuut both of you can be clumsy on the ice so when you first step in the rink, you fall causing Tyler to laugh uncontrollably. He doesn’t help you up for a good five minutes because he’s laughing so damn hard. After he calms down a bit, he helps you up but you plotted your revenge. You pull him down as he tries to get you back up, and he falls onto the ice too! Then the both of you are laughing and it’s all okay after that. You guys are like the couple that everyone hates because you are too MOTHERFUCKING CUTE FOR YOUR OWN GOOD.
  • To end the year, Tyler and you go to a New Year’s party and drink lots of sparkling cider and play a lot of games. It’s a day filled with family and friends. You have movie marathons, and you eat a delicious dinner made by Tyler’s mother. When the countdown begins, Tyler takes you outside where it’s more private and no one is around. You guys can still hear the people inside counting down so it isn’t too big of a deal for you. He tells you how much he loves you and how he is the luckiest man on the planet. As soon as the clock hits zero, he plants a passionate, fiery kiss on your lips. A kiss that is filled with love and lust. After you pull away, he says, “Happy New Year’s, love”. And YOUR HEART FLUTTERS BECAUSE DAMN TYJO YOU SURE KNOW HOW TO WOO A LADY.


  • So New Year’s is coming up and he plans something super special. You guys go over to his mom’s house for dinner and a small party and you get to see the family. Afterwards, he brings you up to an old treehouse he had as a kid and uses his phone to watch the countdown. He grabs some sparklers and lights then up as the last ten seconds start to disappear. You light them and as the clock hits midnight, he smooches you. He takes a beautiful picture and posts it on social media, captioning it, “With the love of my life this holiday season.”
  • ALRIGHT MOTHERFUCKERS THE FIRST THING YOU AND JOSH WOULD DO IS… DYE HIS HAIR. Since Hayley decided to give Josh a whole box of her new line of hair dye, it was the natural thing to do. He manages to convince you to dye your hair with him, so you do. You both pick different colors, but they are colors that compliment each other well.
  • After the whole dyeing shindig, you guys sit down to read Ashley and Jesse’s new books. You both shed a few tears because you’re so DAMN PROUD. Plus it’s amazing??? Like how is his whole family so talented???? Anywhoooo after you have some emotional reading time, Josh wants to lighten the mood up. So he takes you to his favorite restaurant and you enjoy a lovely meal with each other.
  • Throughout the night, he decides to take A LOT of snaps of you and puts it on his story for the world to see. He gets some embarrassing ones and some really adorable ones too. He would use captions like “She’s such a slob. That’s why I love her.” or things like “Look at how cute she is!”
  • After dinner Josh decides he wants to teach you how to play the drums. At first you’re skeptical, but you end up to be pretty good. The rhythm and coordination came very naturally to you, and it surprised you. He would then make snarky comments like “You’re only this good because you had an amazing teacher!” and you would laugh because you knew it was true, but he felt threatened by your talent??? So you would give him lots of kisses to reassure that no one could ever replace The Josh Dun.
  • Okay so you want to make homemade gingerbread cookies. You get your favorite recipe and you recruit Josh to help you make it, which you will regret later because Josh being Josh, decides to start a food fight with you. He throws flour at you, and decides to make a mess by smashing eggs on your head and the whole kitchen is a disaster. After you both look like cookie monsters, he chases you around the kitchen because he wants to give you a hug, but you run away from him. As he turns a corner, he slips on the raw egg and falls over, knocking the flour bag over and it gets all over him. He coughs and a big puff of flour comes out and you fall over laughing. IT LOOKED LIKE HE ROLLED IN SOME DAMN DRUGS OR SOMETHING.
  • Mishaps happen and so he thought it would be a good idea to go SLEDDING. So you both dress up in your winter gear and you head out to sled. Okay so he pushes you down the hill, but there’s a HUGE ASS BUMP HE DIDN’T SEE SO YOU GO FLYING OFF THE BUMP AND YOU FALL OFF THE SLED AND INTO A BIG OL PILE OF SNOW. Josh rushes down to you and helps you up, worried that he might’ve hurt you. But as you got up, you were laughing your ass off because it was actually kinda fun even though it was scary?? So you recommend that he tries it and YOU PUSH HIM DOWN THE DAMN HILL AND HE GOES OFF THE BUMP AND HE’S FLAILING HIS ARMS AROUND AND SCREAMING LIKE HE’S ABOUT TO DIE AND YOU LAUGH BECAUSE HE’S SUCH A DAMN WIMP AND TEARS ARE NOW FALLING FROM YOUR FACE.

“Goodbye, sorry to everyone … I just can’t take it … all the thoughts … too many … make my head twist … I must have happiness, love, peace. Goodbye”

“no emotions, not caring, yet another stage in this shit life. suicide.”

“Society is tightening its grip on me, & soon I & will snap. We will have our revenge on society, & then be free, to exist in a timeless spaceless place of pure happiness. The purpose of life is to be happy & be with your love who is equally happy. Not much more to say. Goodbye.”

“This is prob. my last entry. I love myself a close second to [redacted] my everlasting love. goodbye.”

“The happiness is close, visible ending, end of the beginning of the halcyons.”

“Time to die, time to be free, time to love.”

“Today is the day I die!” Woooo!“

April 20, 1999 - April 20, 2014

15 years later on the earth plane, and on this day, we hope you have found that reprieve, Dylan. That ‘PEACE’ that you so craved to end your earthly infinite struggle. Here is hoping that your resurrection into the Halycons and beyond, into your next Existence (whichever door that may be in the Great Hall) is filled with everlasting love, peace and happiness. Absolution from your own self tormentations and forgiveness from the 13 victims of whom you projected your earthly pain and suffering on to. This day falling upon a date of resurrection is in many ways a bit like a phoenix rising from the ashes - for all fifteen, for their families and extended families and everyone else who have been affected by this tragedy in their own ways, like a multitude of ripples on a unfathomably large body of water. Peace out.

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The title of the third Cas episode is strangely satisfying to me, since I saw the 12x10 and 12x12 as roughly dealing with his past and present (even those titles are vaguely past-ish and middle-ish). I'm also excited cause I think it might have the third part of his freely choosing the Winchesters and Humanity(in general and particular). Tho possibly also the cosmic consequences, if they aren't to be a lead-in to the next season. Tho I guess it could just be about the nephilim and his birth.

12.10: Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets– yep that’s about the past. Cas’s past, when he was a loyal soldier to Heaven, followed his orders (at that point in time, anyway), and participating (unknowingly at the time) in something regrettable. By the end of the episode, he’d acknowledged that mistake and attempted to atone for it. He’d received maybe not absolution or forgiveness from Lily, but at the very least they’d both achieved a sort of understanding of the entire truth of that regrettable event.

When the full truth came out, it set them both free. Lily had been seeking revenge for more than a hundred years against the angels who’d wronged her, and in the end she learned that it had just been Ishim. The other angels had been manipulated into following his orders with a lie about her daughter being a nephilim. And Cas learned the truth about Ishim’s obsession with Lily and the horrifying lie he’d told to gain his cooperation in the mission to kill Lily’s daughter. They could both begin to move forward now.

Which brings us to 12.12, Stuck In The Middle (With You). The middle being the present in the past-present-future.

(and oh gosh, I’m having a weird flashback to Dean in 7.12 saying, “’44. I’m stuck in 1944?!” and the cop replies, “We’re all stuck in 1944, ya bunny.” Because yeah, aside from time travel– which defies the laws of standard physics– we’re all stuck in the present, we’re stuck in the middle of wherever we happen to be in space and time, wherever and whenever that happens to be… ya bunny…

Originally posted by frozen-delight

It’s a little confusing. When we’re in the middle of things, we might not be able to fully understand everything that’s going on around us right now. We can’t yet see the whole picture, because events are still unfolding. Even the structure of the episode proved that out, only giving us one limited POV at a time, until everyone got to that barn and we began to see all those points of view converge (well, except Mary’s, since we only saw her full truth unfold when she presented the Colt to Ketch).

Not to mention that entire mission that nearly got Cas killed was predicated on another lie. Like Ishim, Mary hid the source of her information and her true mission from the rest of her “flight.” But at the end, when Cas truly believes he’s dying, he comes out with a powerful truth; the Winchesters (and mostly Dean) are his family. They’ve changed him, and knowing them has been the best part of his life. He loves them. All of them.

And again, the truth set him free. Not the truth about the mission from Mary, but the truth about the weapon that nearly killed him… from Crowley. The other supernatural being that’s earned at least a “weird Uncle Crowley” slot in the Winchester family.

And now 12.19, The Future. I don’t think that needs any explanation. And I don’t really have much more of an explanation just based on the title, but we’ll have the synopsis soon, and with it at least a vague idea of the general plot. :P 

(but based on the fact it was written by both Bobo Berens– who gave us Steve in 9.06– and Meredith Glynn– who Bobo has referred to as his “soulmate” on twitter and gave us the beautiful thing that is that gif up there of Dean with the bun ^^– I think the characters are in good hands for their future)

Since the “past” and the “present” aspects did primarily affect Cas, I’m thinking The Future will definitely apply to Cas’s personal future, with the same sorts of narrative mirrors to other characters in the same way they did in those other two episodes. So yeah, it may be when the nephilim is born, because children are “the future,” and Cas will have a future next season… but what will his future be?

(I mean we know where it’s going by now, right?)