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Please remember me - Star Wars Traditional Art - Padmé Amidala painted with Watercolors & Pastel Pencils

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What ordinary people Don’t Understand about Transformers Fangirls

Me: *sitting outside a burger parlor with two random guys from my school in front of me*

Me: *sees a yellow Chevrolet Camaro with black racing stripes drive by*

Me: *gasps loudly, making the guys look up at me* It’s a Bumblebee!

Guy 1: Oh, are you allergic?

Me: No, I meant the Transformer…

Guy 2: Transformers is stupid.

Me: *gets up and leaves before someone’s neck gets broken*


i was looking at Pirate’s Curse stuff again and

Rotty’s eyes are doing weird things

In the original GBC game and Risky’s Revenge, she had the yellow eye thing going on like she does in the bathhouse picture. The yellow eyes didn’t show up in her character portrait (much like Risky’s never do even though she has them consistently across 3 of 4 games)

Throughout the entirety of TPC, when Rotty’s sprite’s eyes are open, they’re white, except in that ONE SHOT in the bathhouse.

Do zombies’ eyes yellow when they’re low on caffeine? is Abner on the verge of biting our brains out because he’s giving his younger siblings all the coffee? Poe’s always wearing glasses so we can’t confirm anything about his coffee levels, but we DO fetch him a drink in RR…


“When the dark night seems endless, please remember me.”

-Dante’s Prayer, Loreena McKennitt

Star Wars Traditional Art - Padmé Amidala painted with Watercolors & Pastel Pencils


Original Painting available in my Etsy Shop: Here

HJack69< Y’know Nish, yellow and purple are… complimentary colors. Meaning they go together really well. wink wink