revenge couple

Revenge on homophobic dad

So I came to visit my dad on Easter and I’ve never heard so many homophobic words in 6 fucking days. He went full on how gross and disgusting and all that homophobic bullshit and then - of course - he fetishised lesbians, because “they are nice to look at”. I got really pissed when he started to wonder if Church will let him change godfather for my brother, because the one he has Come out as gay couple weeks ago… I was like “what is wrong with you? I honestly want to know?!?!?”

I tried to use reasoning but it failed so now I’m in the middle of making my revenge in couple simple steps:

1. Go on yt and watch so many gay (les too but not two attractive models making out) videos ad you can so recommendation on yt will always show gays.
2. Go to his porn account (I just happened to know his login and password to everything so that’s not a problem) and also watch gay (this time male/male only) videos and like them, comment maybe so it will also jump on in recommendation.
3. Say you are gay. Bonus: Suggest having a gf and say that “those sleepovers you let me go to were total fun”
4. Trick him into watching gay movies(:
“Brokeback mountain” may not be a good to start with, because most people knows it’s gay. Better start with some less known movies) then watch him storm out the room when he reliased what he is watching.
5. Made him read gay ff - must be slowburn. I will tell him that I wrote it and he - as a good father and shit - should support my dreams and read this. Make him fully invested before he reliase it’s gay love story.
6. Find out how many celebrities he likes are gay. Watch movies with those people and when they appear on screen say “Did you know he/she is gay?”
7. Find out how many historical figures and his idols may be gay and destroy his image of them.
8. After this he will probably start to fight: “its not important that he is gay, because he did something and he is my Idol”. Make a face and make him understand what he just said.
9. If 8 happens give him a break because he starts to get it.
10. if 8 does not work just jump straight here and be as gay as possible. Mention things about pride during meals, show how much LGBT community suffered over the time, try to make him understand something (if he doesn’t plan vacation and place him in one room with gay uncle)

(I’m currently at point 2. Revenge Is on)

I hope that one day, many years from now, someone mentions my name in front of you. I hope that once you hear it, you feel it deep within your gut. That it takes a hold of your heart and squeezes it as if it was a bug. That it makes your blood rush, and your ears buzz with only one thing crossing through your mind.
—  Excerpt From A Book I’ll Never Write (via @chocolatecristian)

Okay but young alpha programmer Jack messing around in Tassiter’s office/quarters trying to find some kind of dirt on him, doing some corporate espionage when he finds a room he shouldn’t have

Hacks his way inside and finds omega Rhys, essentially having been kidnapped and imprisoned for being a “disobedient” omega, violating curfews and not reporting his heats and sexual partners

Jack who has almost never seen an omega on Helios before considering how restricted they are by Tassiter’s rules, being overwhelmed by the sudden instinctual response that courses through him

Rhys having not seen anyone else other than Tassiter or doctors in what seems like forever suddenly being confronted with this hot young virile-smelling intruder and having a glimpse of hope and excitement…for the first time in forever feeling something other than fear or anger

And Jack’s resolution to get rid of his boss increases tenfold and Rhys is so very willing to help if it means he can get revenge on Tassiter finally

My second MCR tattoo (the first has already been posted years ago). It's been ten years listening, living, loving and crying this album, so I realized it was the proper time for tattooing. I'm really proud of it. 

It was made here in Curitiba, south of Brazil, by my friend Irônico Bitter. 

Let’s  give em hell, kids.