This might be a little more than petty.

So this happened when I was in middle school (early 2000s). We had this small lockers with the combination lock attached to the locker. It was standard that students would drop off backpacks in their lockers and only bring the binder or book they needed for that certain class so I would leave my books bag and lunch in my locker during classes. It was common knowledge that some of the lockers could be pried open from the bottom pretty easily (mine being one of them). So at some point of the year someone discovered that my locker was able to be pried opened and would steal my lunch everyday. Being before the time of cameras in schools and not wanting to be a tattle tale there was no course of action for me to find out who was stealing my lunch. After weeks, maybe months of this happening I devised a plan. So that night I went home and made the most delicious looking sandwich. I’m talking the works all the toppings and condiments, of your average bread meat and cheese sandwich. I then proceeded to shave off what pubes I had at the time and hide them under some cheese and condiments in the sandwich. The next day I brought my lunch to school and placed in out in the open in my locker. Not surprisingly when lunch time came around the bag was gone. To this day I don’t know who it was stealing my lunch but I will say that after that day my lunch was never stolen again.

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I took away his ride for messing with mine.

Halloween 2012. It was around 2am and I had just arrived back home from a neighbourhood party. As I walked towards my house and the porch light came on, I couldn’t help but notice that the left side of my car was completely covered in egg. All over the window, all over the door, all down the front windscreen and underneath the window wipers too. I was naturally infuriated, but it was Halloween after all, I had just gotten unlucky. I grabbed a kitchen roll from the house and proceeded to spend 15 minutes trying to get egg off of my car in the dark. After thinking I had finally succeeded, I decided to sit in the car with a cigarette on the driveway, and call my friend. This is where it begins. As I was sat there, I could see through the rear-view mirror a car going past my house, slowing down, turning around and driving past again. It must have happened 4-5 times. ‘What if these were the people who had egged my car?’ I thought. I explained to my friend I needed to go, put the phone down and continued to watch this car acting really strangely on the road out front, until finally it stopped, 2 meters in front of my driveway. The engine went off, and through the darkness I could make out a tall hooded figure slowly depart from his crap-mobile and walk up to the rear of my car. He was checking around him, and looking in the direction of the house, before he crouched down behind my car and went out of sight. Was this the guy who had vandalized my car. What’s he up to now? Without hesitation I launched myself out of the driver’s seat and charged around the side of my driveway. He was obviously not expecting that, as he bolted away from the house (and his car) down the street in a record beating sprint. I looked down and saw two massive rockets (fireworks) stuffed in to my car’s exhaust, which he was about to light WHILST I WAS SAT IN THE CAR. By this time he was well out of sight, so I walked up to his car. He had left the window down on the driver’s side. I put my head through and saw two sheepish chaps sitting there silently, staring at me in complete horror - and to my surprise, his car keys were still in the ignition. I quickly yanked them out and walked back in to my house.

I had taken his car as prisoner on my driveway.

Without hesitation I was on the phone to the police. They said they were on the way and wanted to know where this guy was. By this time he had come back to the house and began banging on the front door shouting threats and demanding his keys back. Then the flashing lights came. I stood there holding his keys whilst he was swiftly arrested for attempted arson and vandalism. Halloween was complete.

I still have no idea who he was or why he was targeting me. I did get a thank you from the police because he was 'known’ to them though. The car was removed first thing in the morning, and I assume his friends bailed out the car before the police came.


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@queen-mabs-revenge I saw your tags on that gifset and same.

For me while the intent of protection is the same, they aren’t the same sort of promise because one fully intends to come clean in just a few moments, the other potentially never intends to come clean.

Killian’s promise is to get her to stop fighting AFTER already making a choice to let her do so, and giving her a chance to to do so, and after several attempts were already made. He makes a choice to protect her from the physical harm CONTINUING to help him will bring her because she won’t give up even if it may harm her emotionally.

His lie isn’t motivated by his need to do this on his own, it’s motivated by the fact that doing it together, doing it at all, didn’t work. It’s motivated by the lack of hope that anything can be done before the deadline.

He is making a promise he knows he can’t fulfill but eventually does anyway. When he makes the promise it’s with the intent of telling her in a few moments he lied, he doesn’t intend to draw it out or keep deceiving her with it. It’s a promise to deal with a situation immediately.

Emma’s promise never gives him the chance to help or even try. She lies before he even knows he had a choice to do so and she lies when the only danger he is in is potentially emotional as far as thats concerned. He’s not in physical danger, she’s not protecting him from physical harm, and she’s not trusting HIS emotions in a way?

She hasn’t even let them try and her promise prevents him from doing so before he can start.

She still seems to have hope that something can be done, but she isn’t allowing her loved ones to help.

Killian has nothing to gain from that promise other than Emma safe from harm. He uses a promise lie to help Emma even if it hurts her emotionally to lose him.

Emma is using the promise for the chance to validate to herself she can solve it on her own, without letting down that wall under the guise of protecting her loved ones emotionally.

Emma is making a promise she believes she can fulfill or at least he won’t know the difference. When she makes the promise she doesn’t seem to intend to tell him she lied.

I mean the paralllel makes sense, and the lying to each other is a recurring plot point, but I just don’t see them as being the same motivationally or intent wise and that makes all the difference, not just the making of a promise.

They are very similar, and for similar motives related to protection, but they aren’t the same for me. Others might interpret it differently.

I should also put a disclaimer on this that I definitely know and understand why she is, and I don’t blame her, I was just explaining why the promise is not the same for me.

TLDR; One lied with the intent of immediately coming clean. The other lied with the intent of potentially never having to come clean