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WTF was all that pure pastel pink promo shit weeks ago? I feel like I dreamt it. Now when I look at the album art and listen to the lyrics about different women and sex and I make no correlation to the pure soft vulnerable bare Harry on the cover. WTF is the hard candy lyrics? WTF is going on with 'I am not a womanizer' image. Oh yeah sex, drugs & rock'n'roll. That's what's going on. As a fan of rock music I am so proud of the album. As a fan of Harry, I am disappointed.

Hello, and thank you for your message.

I completely understand. In fact this morning I did a full rant about my thoughts on the matter via Twitter. You can read it here. Like high key, Twitter is where I have no filter and am like “THIS IS WHAT I’M THINKING!!” and Tumblr is where I’m an analytical hoe about things, so let’s analyse!

I listened to the breakfast show last night (as I am currently in LA) and then fell into a mini rage coma because I, too, was like, “What the actual fuck just happened?” Then I woke up to this:

And I was like, “Well this is probably the most damage control we’ve ever gotten or will get.”    

HOWEVER! The dichotomy from Harry rainbow-wearin Styles and this NO HOMO I HAVE HETERO SEX WITH ALL THE WOMEN Hersh makes me…uneasy. That’s the only word I can come up with. Let’s be honest, last week Harry looked about one tattoo and rainbow away from coming out. This might as well have been him at that hockey game:

And then today with this…

There’s just this constant push and pull between what Harry DOES and what he says in interviews. But I get it. I do. Harry Styles is a billion dollar commodity. Do you understand how much revenue he’s brought to Sony in the last month? He sold out a tour for music that no one had even heard in minutes. 

At one point in my vida loca I was offered a publishing deal with a company that everyone has heard of. They wanted to publish it through their non-fiction department and they wanted me to say that I had slept with a don or professor at my university. Which I hadn’t. This was during my final year at university, and whilst I’m sure my life would’ve had a much different trajectory I’m also sure that once people figured out who I am (as many have), I would probably be stripped of my hard-earned Oxbridge degree for lying and shaming my university. Which is why you’ve never read any kind of SCANDAL at Oxbridge. Just the normal undergrad sex and drinking stuff. I rank quite low on the list of outrageous alumni if you look at the last 900 years of students. 

Back to Haz. 

Whilst I never compromised my morals, I also didn’t sign any kind of deal with the devil when I was 16. We have absolutely no idea what the details of his employment are. And he is an employee. Harry is owned by someone. Whether you like it or not, the bottom line doesn’t stop at Harry, it stops at the people who are investing in him and relying on a substantial profit. 

Perhaps the rainbows and pink and very romantic vibes he’s got going on with just about any man in his vicinity thing were all put out there to test the waters. We know that they monitor the fandom, and maybe the analytics didn’t hit their “okay to be gay” criteria. I’m speaking bluntly in terms of business because I can guarantee you that Sony cares about exactly one thing: the money that they are making for themselves. 

Something else to consider when recovering from whiplash because of this complete 180 Harry’s done since last week, is that interview with that horrible woman who said, “Fans are convinced that ‘Sweet Creature’ is about your relationship with Louis Tomlinson. Is it?” After which Harry spent approximately 138 seconds saying “Uhhhhhhhh” before refusing to say “no”. He could’ve said no! He could’ve SHOUTED no, as he did at Grimmy when he said, “Here’s a song about Taylor Swift!” One thing we got from that interview is that Harry does indeed have the word “No” in his vocabulary. “No. This isn’t about Taylor Swift.” vs “Yes. I can understand why fans think this is about Louis because it is but I would lean towards them maybe being wrong.” That isn’t how you say no. And that didn’t go over anyone’s head. 

Honestly, I love this album. “Woman” is actually my favourite song from it at the moment. I can’t really listen to “Two Ghosts” because it sounds too much like “Revelry” by Kings of Leon and that song is forever associated with a very bad time for me so yeah. “Woman” just reminds me of Bennie and the Jets and 27 Dresses.    

I just wish it could’ve been left at, “ It’s much more powerful when not taken simply as what it is.” Because that’s so true. This album is so layered and brilliant and I think I’m mostly mad that they’ve reduced it to such a boring and blatant interpretation. We got the very opposite of what Harry’s been telling us when he all but said that these songs are about actual women that he literally slept with. 

So I guess my question is…what exactly is Jeffry helping with aside from bringing back a narrative that Harry seemed to have tried relentlessly to debunk?

I just can’t reconciliate the Harry that they’re pushing this week with the Harry that reacted this way to being called a womaniser in an interview:

Regardless of what you think or ship, I do think that it’s fair to feel like you’re being asked to accept two completely contrasting versions of Harry Styles right now. 


Revelry by Kings of Leon.

New Beginnings - Seven

The night you’d confessed to Spencer had involved a lot of crying on your part. It had been a long while since you’d had a conversation about the attack with someone who wasn’t already privy to the details and you’d forgotten how hard it was. 

Spencer had been amazing though. He’d held you and had murmured all the right things into your ear, just gently stroking your back and letting you sob into his shirt. He’d tentatively asked if he could see the scars properly and you’d obliged, standing in front of him and shoving down your sweat pants so he could see the marks on your thighs and lifting your tee shirt so he could inspect your stomach. 

He’d stared in disbelief, his eyes filling with tears and then he’d reached out gently tracing the marks with his fingertips. It had felt odd. His touch was strangely loving and affectionate and as he’d traced the longest scar you’d actually shivered. Not with discomfort, but with something else. He’d noticed and had reached down pulling your sweats back up and lowering your top again, pulling you back onto the couch next to him. 

“I can’t imagine the pain you must have gone through,” he’d said in a small voice. You explained to him that actually, when the attack was happening you’d been knocked out having had the back of your head smashed against a wall. It was only when you’d came to in the hospital later on that you’d discovered the full extent of what had happened. “In a way, it’s like it didn’t even happen to me. Because I don’t really remember it,” you’d shrugged. “All I have are these reminders.”

“Does any one else at work know?“

“Hotch does. And it’s in my records so I was a little bit concerned about Garcia finding out but Hotch has said that that part of my file is locked and will cause an alert if anyone unauthorised tries to access it.”

You couldn’t work out if Emily knew as well. She’d never said anything to you but she had been working in the same office as your parents at Interpol when it happened. Your parents had used all of their contacts and power to keep your name out of the media and had succeeded, but them working where they did and having to take time off when you were recovering, meant that you were sure people in their office must have known. 

Still if she did know, she was being discreet and not treating you any differently which you appreciated. 

That night you’d both fallen asleep on Spencer’s couch, exhausted from crying. When you’d woken in the morning you were both lying down and his arms were wrapped around your waist protectively. It was nice and you didn’t want to move but you knew you had to. 

Life had gone on and Spencer didn’t treat you any differently as you’d requested. The only indication that he knew was sometimes when a case involved a sexual assault, you could feel his gaze lingering on you for longer as normal. You’d always smile at him, giving him a quick nod. “I’m okay,” you’d told him one night. “I’ve been dealing with this for a long time now. I’ll tell you if I’m ever not okay I promise.” He’d nodded back and you’d given him a hug, understanding his concern for you. Your parents had been the same afterwards always wanting to make sure you were alright. 

It was a sunny Sunday morning and you were doing some well overdue cleaning. Your ipod was blasting in it’s dock and you were wandering from room to room, duster in hand, cleaning away the accumulated grime. You weren’t a messy person per se but being away on cases so much often caused the housework to build up. 

Your ipod contained a very random mix of music and you smiled as an English boy band, Another Level flicked on. You got into the song, shimmying your way around the room and singing loudly, remembering the look of horror on your mother’s face when she’d heard you and your friends singing the lyrics as eleven year olds.

Let me lick you up and down till you say stop. 
Let me play with your body baby, make you real hot. 
Let me do all the things you want me to do. 
Cos tonight baby, I wanna get freaky with you.”

The song ended as you spun around with a flourish, pointing to your imaginary audience. 

Then catching sight of a certain tall, lanky profiler leaning against your doorway with a very amused look on his face, you proceeded to trip over your own feet and fall to the ground. 

"Ouch,” you muttered landing hard on your ass.

Spencer started to laugh and clapped his hands together. “I loved the ending,” he teased, walking over to you and offering his hand to you, pulling you up. “Do you always fall over at the end of your performances?“ 

"Only when I have an unexpected audience. How long have you been there?” your cheeks were hot. 

“Long enough to see you swing around that lamp in the corner in a manner that could only be described as ‘stripper like’,” he smirked at you. You loved that smirk, it was incredibly sexy. 

You were still holding his hand when the music flicked over, the opening bars to Kings of Leon, Revelry starting to play. “I love this song.”

“I kinda like it too,” Spencer replied.

“ Dance with me?” you asked, your hands moving to his shoulders. 

He started to protest, trying to move away but you weren’t having any of it. “Just this once Spence. No one else can see us.”

He relented reluctantly and you moved closer to him.  Feeling his arms wrap around you and settle in the small of your back, you started to sway softly to the music, singing quietly to yourself. 

You lay you head on his shoulder as the song continued, closing your eyes and enjoying how close you were. You could feel his heart beating quicker than normal which made you smile. You pulled away as the song was ending grinning at him. “See that wasn’t so bad was it?" 

His eyes were fixed on yours. "No, it wasn’t,” he replied softly, his tongue sweeping across his lower lip, wetting it slightly. You wanted to kiss him so badly in that moment. 

You could cut the tension between you with a knife right then and could sense that finally something was going to happen between you. You bit your lip and seeing his eyes move to your mouth, you made a decision and started to bridge the gap between you, feeling him do the same. 


Your mobile sprung to life, shattering the moment between you, causing you to jump apart sheepishly. You ran to the kitchen to grab it from it’s charger. ‘Hotch,’  it read. Why was he calling your personal mobile? 

“Y/N, are you at home? I’m just pulling up outside your apartment building. I need to speak with you.” He sounded worried. 

Your brow furrowed, wondering what was so important that’d he’d drive all the way over on a Sunday. “Yes I’m home.”

“Buzz me in please, are you in your apartment or Reid’s?” He knew how much time you two spent with other outside of work.

“Mine.” You heard the main door sound and walked over to the buzzer on the kitchen wall, allowing your supervisor into the building. Hotch disconnected and you saw Spencer looking confused. 

“Hotch needs to speak with me urgently apparently.” You shrugged.

“Do you need me to leave?”

“Nah, if it’s something he doesn’t want you to know then he’ll ask you to leave when he gets here.” Hotch knew that you’d shared the more horrific details of your past with Spencer and you figured that there wasn’t really anything he could say to you that Spencer wouldn’t eventually find out. Unless it was an urgent work matter…. But then wouldn’t the rest of the team be involved anyway?

Your doorbell sounded and Spencer, who was closest went over to answer it. "Hey boss”

Agent Hotchner was dressed casually in jeans and a polo shirt and strolled straight over to you. 

“Y/N I need to know if you’ve had any strange phone calls or letters in the last few weeks?” His eyes were searching your face. 

“No…..why?” You shook your head, panic beginning to rise. 

“Joshua Cane is missing.”

For the second time that day you felt yourself begin to fall



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hey do you think you could possibly do a playlist of 'if you like the arctic monkeys you'll like....' you have such good taste in music!!! x

thanks man!!!!! and sure!!! sorry its taken me a while 2 reply i’ve been brainstorming and it’s taken a while but i’ve divided it into 5 sections depending on album bc they’ve all got pretty different sounds so

if u like Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not, u’ll like….

if u like Favourite Worst Nightmare, u’ll like…….

ok this is where we break because if you haven’t listened to The Last Shadow Puppets (alex turner’s baroque pop/orchestral fusion side project with miles kane) you really should they’re gorgeous:

if u like Humbug, u’ll like…..

if u like Suck It and See, u’ll like…..

if u like AM, u’ll like….

sorry this came out so long it was just hard 2 make a concise playlist of 20 when they change their sound so often…. hope this helps tho!!!!!


In the dark of the night I can hear you calling my name,

With the hardest of hearts, I still feel full of pain,

So I drink and I smoke and I ask you if your ever around, even though it was me who drove us right into the ground.

See the time we shared it was precious to me,

But all the while I was dreaming of revelry.

@thecrownedgoddess tagged me to create a playlist out of the letters of my Hogwarts house. Thank you dear!

Sex on fire - Kings of leon

Lover of the light - Mumford and Sons

Your body is a weapon - The Wombats 

Tom Ford - Kanye West

Hallelujah - Panic! at the Disco

Ever since New York - Harry Styles

Revelry - Kings of Leon

It was a very good year (Live at the Sands) - Frank Sinatra

New rules - Dua Lipa

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Congrats on the milestone babes! You deserve that and more! Could I ask for ❤️ and ♫ please 😊

Thanks you bb!! So excited ❤️ totally didn’t realize you used to be branstavks 💕💕

Thank you so much dear! You’re so sweet :)

url: 10/10
icon: 10/10
theme: 8/10
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overall: 9/10 
character: bran 
I ship you with: meera 
compliment: I love your posts , your URL is genius, your icon is iconic truly , and you are an absolute queen 💕💕 I love being mutuals ahhh!

Mini playlist :

Patient - Post Malone
The handshake - mgmt
Misery - the world alive
Revelry - kings of Leon
The chain - fleetwood mac



i. lostprophets - always all ways // ii. frightened rabbit - backwards talk // iii. coldplay - amsterdam // iv. kings of leon - revelry // v. the national - start a war // vi. andrew belle - wants what it wants // vii. gregory alan isakov - second chances // viii. typhoon - prosthetic love