Rezoning Proposed for Large Area in Rossdale

Citizens are invited to a public meeting to discuss a proposed rezoning of a large site in the Rossdale neighbourhood, located just south of downtown.

Date:  Tuesday June 26, 2012
Time:  7pm
Location:  Rossdale Community Hall
10135-96 Avenue

The rezoning would change how the area from 101 Street east to the river and 98 Avenue north to Rossdale Road can be used. This area is currently zoned for a number of residential, commercial, recreational and community uses through a Direct Development Control Provision (DC1) Zone.

The rezoning would create a new DC1 Zone that keeps with the intent of the current zoning while adding some additional residential uses (such as live-work units and spaces for major and minor home based businesses) and allowing additional building height (from 15 metres to 18 metres).

There would also be 2 new zones added to the area – a Metropolitan Recreation (A) Zone and Public Parks (AP) Zone – so parts of the area can be used for recreational activities, including the existing sports field and parkland in the River Valley.

The meeting will be an opportunity to learn more about the proposal and provide your feedback to the City and developer. Feedback will be summarized in a report to City Council before they make their decision on the rezoning.

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