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Biohazard GEO Kuji Prizes

These are some of the possible prizes that were available from the raffle held by GEO to celebrate the release of Biohazard HD Remaster.

Big thank you to jlllvalentine for allowing me to photograph the Survival Award: Jill Valentine Revelations Ver. - Enamel White. This very limited figure was given out to the people who purchased the very last ticket. She got back to me just in time for me to be able to run to the store and pick up the last of the tickets for her. Congratulations again on being the Last Survivor!

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EXO react to their child waking them up on Christmas Day

Such a cute scenario a lot of us can relate to. :) I couldn’t agree with you more. Nothing beats bias fluff feels haha. Thanks for your request baebae. <3  

*Gifs do not belong to me. Credit where it’s due.

Xiumin: Already stirring into a wake before you, Xiumin would eye your son with some lingering traces of somnolence, evident upon his face. Your son would be bouncing giddily while exclaiming how “it’s Christmas” and how “Santa really came.” Calmly smiling while ruffling his little boy’s hair, he wouldn’t be able to conceal his smiles at the palpable excitement illustrated upon his son’s features. “You think you got everything you wanted buddy?” he would inquire to which your son would nod with fervor. Minseok would prod you awake as your son dashes to his presents, patiently waiting for both of you to arrive. While your little boy is unraveling his presents, I can see Minseok preparing a special coffee for both you and him. 

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Luhan: Both you and Luhan would be relatively exhausted from the Christmas preparations you did the night before. So the moment your son comes dashing into your room buoyantly begging for both of you to get up, Luhan would tiredly implore for a few more minutes. “It’s really early buddy….give mommy and I…five…more…..minu….tes..” he would drone, clearly fatigued. Your son would cutely pout at this, eventually wandering towards the Christmas tree where he would continue to ogle at his presents. Eventually, with your assistance, Luhan would finally bring himself to a wake already seeking out breakfast. “Hey now, you didn’t already open your presents did you?” he would jokingly tease his son as he commences in opening his presents. 

Kris: Wide awake by the time your daughter rushes to your room, gushing about it being Christmas, Kris would already be a bit poignant inwardly at the sight of his daughter in a whimsical reverie. Immediately taking her into his arms, stroking his daughter’s filaments into place while she continues gushing with innocent effervescence. He would listen keenly to everything she has to say while maintaining a soft smile. “Did you count all the presents you got princess? How many did you get?” he would softly ask while she exclaims with outstretched arms ‘a lot!’ Chuckling softly, he would remark: “Santa sent us a message saying that you got the most presents out of all the kids in neighborhood. That’s how good you’ve been this year.” Ruffling your little girl’s hair, he wouldn’t hesitate in following her towards the Christmas tree.  

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Suho: Dazed and somewhat surprised that your daughter is already awake at such an early time, Suho would attempt to sleepily converse with his little princess. “You’re already…up princess?” he would mumble in between yawns while his daughter nods excitedly. While rubbing the remaining lethargy from his eyes, Suho would still listen intently to your little princess’s bubbly raving on the plethora of presents she received from Santa. “Well of course you got lots of presents princess! I hear the boys and girls who make it to the top of Santa’s ‘nice list’ get the most presents. You must have been near the top sweetie. How good is that?” Once you’ve emerged out of your stupor, that’s when Joonmyun would allow your daughter to open her presents. Also, Joonmyun would be such an overly excited father while his little girl unveils her presents, but in a genuine manner.   

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Lay: You would end up having to awaken Yixing as your son eagerly bounces upon your bed, clearly ecstatic on the morning of Christmas. Automatically, once Yixing stirs out of dormancy, he would be at a state of elation upon catching glimpse of your son’s jubilant face. “My sweet prince, Merry Christmas,” he would murmur softly, patting his son’s head fondly. He would want to watch his son open his presents immediately, taking account of the anticipation apparent on his son’s face. Yixing would also be very affectionate towards you, leaning towards you for a loving kiss as he softly strokes the side of your face. “He’s been so good this year,” he would remark sentimentally before pecking the side of your face. “Merry Christmas baobei.” 

Baekhyun: He went all out for your son the night before and is nearly drained of energy the morning of Christmas. Snuggling close to you, your exuberant son would burst into your room exclaiming that “Santa brought so many presents” to you and Baek. Baek would groan aloud, half awake half asleep, as you try to get him out of his stupor. It would take him a while to become fully rejuvenated and by then, you would have already made your son breakfast right before he opens his present. Baekhyun would finally appear, just as fervent as his son. “Wow buddy! Look at all the presents you got! That’s easily a good hundred,” he would say jokingly, accompanied by a wink. While your little boy unveils his presents, Baek would enjoy in playing along with your son with each new toy he revels. “Those race cars are so cool! Let’s have a race buddy!” 

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Chen: Similar to Baekhyun, Jongdae would have stayed up the previous night piecing together all the extravagant components all for your daughter to have a memorable Christmas. As your daughter bounces on your bed with sheer exultation, you would be prompted to nudge Chen out of his lethargy, to which he would mumble for “five more minutes.” Your little girl would be so anticipant for him to stir so that she can giddily enthuse to him on the grandiose decorations and the abundance of presents that are strewn beneath the Christmas tree. He would stick to his word about being up in five minutes however. He would take a good amount of pictures while your little princess is opening her presents. “Smile pretty, princess~” he would coo to her. Reluctantly, he’ll allow her to put her new tiara on him and hold her new toy wand as well. “You want daddy to become a princess? But baby, that’s your job right?” Turning to you, he would mutter: “no pictures please jagi. I don’t want any of the other members using this as blackmail against me someday.”

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Chanyeol: He would be most excited for your little girl the moment she makes way to your room on the morning of Christmas. Hardly any lethargy would linger upon his features once your daughter begins gushing over it being Christmas. Immediately, Chanyeol would pick your little girl up and carry her–fly her around your room as she squeals with jubilation. “Ready to open all the presents you got princess? You’ll love it!” Chanyeol would declare as he carries your little girl to the living room where all her presents are. He would be the one to wake you up rather than your daughter. I can see him taking an ample amount of photos, some of which we’ll go onto his IG for his fans to view. He would be congruously excited for his daughter with each presents she unveils. “Wow princess! That stuffed bear is so cool!” He would willingly let her dress him up in all the cute toys she receives. 

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D.O: He’d be expecting this and would be prepared for your son. The moment your son comes to your room expressing his elation because of it being Christmas morning, Kyungsoo would take him into his arms affectionately. He would ruffle his hair softly, while your son goes on about all the presents he received. “You’ve been very good to your mother and I this year,” Kyungsoo would praise his son, much to his delight. They would both wait for “mommy to wake up,” before opening presents. He would go out of his way to prepare a special holiday assortment of food for breakfast. You would stir at the savory scents that waft throughout the house. You would be greeted by the sight of your son indulging in breakfast along with Kyungsoo preparing a meal for you. Smiling softly, he would grant you a loving peck before saying ‘merry Christmas’ to you. 

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Tao: Immediately awoken by the sound of your son bouncing around your room excitedly, Tao would take your little boy into his arms, already wanting to ‘style’ him up for the day. “See, you have to have your hair like this–cool, like daddy’s.” He would nudge you once he’s done working on your prince to show you how ‘stylish’ he looks. “See? Just like daddy.” And in true Tao fashion, you can expect lots of picture taking throughout the day. He would take a few snapshots of your styled son, already sending the best ones to the other members and saving the rest for his IG. And even while your son is unraveling his presents, Tao will be playing cameraman, recording and photographing every little detail for you and him to cherish and reminisce over in the future. “Look up at the camera son! Show everyone how cool you look with your new shades!” 

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Kai: Honestly, it would take an air horn to wake this guy up haha. Simply put, I just see Jongin as a heavy sleeper. So once your daughter bursts into your room with palpable jubilation upon her features, you would be the only one to stir into a wake. While you softly stroke your little girl’s hair, she would nudge Jongin slightly, to which you would explain to her that ‘daddy will be up soon.’ Grateful for your daughter’s patience, you would eventually have to wake him up so that he can be present for your little princess’s present opening. He’ll stir eventually, and when he does, the first thing Kai would do is scoop your daughter up into his arms spinning around with her slightly, before setting her down. “Look how many gifts you got sweetie!” he would exclaim, only exciting her more. “Maybe you got that pretty dress you’ve been wanting since Halloween.” He’d be especially cutsey around his little princess throughout the day.

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Sehun: He’ll be up relatively quick once your daughter strides into the room exclaiming that Santa got her so many presents. Smirking softly at this, Sehun would scoop her up onto your bed, softly stroking her filaments. “Of course you got a lot of presents. After all, you are my little princess, so it’s expected,” he would exaggerate, putting extra emphasis on the word “my.” He would have most fun guessing with her what it is she got for Christmas and whether or not she received everything she wanted on her wish list. “Are you sure you got all that for Christmas? Mmmm, don’t you think maybe you got some presents that weren’t on your wish list as a bonus for being so good this year?” Your little girl would squeal in anticipation at the thought of receiving presents she hadn’t even thought of acquiring. Sehun would be sure to take a few pictures of his little princess and send them to the other members with a witty caption. 

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Hope you enjoyed lovelies! Please do send me more requests. I enjoy fulfilling your fantasies. <3


people are digging through toys r us’s inventory system to try to find information on the figures for the new transformers movie and i don’t care about the info regarding the toys so much as the revelation that they categorize toys like this