Yesterday, on “Deadly 60”, I learned about two magnificent creatures that roam the face of the Earth. North America, to be exact.

The first was the alligator snapping turtle.

If crocodiles and alligators are THE living proof that dinosaurs once existed, these guys should be Exhibit B.

This is one nasty fishtrap, let me tell you. It has this organic fish bait inside its beak to lure the fish near, can extend its neck disproportionally far, and weighs about 60 kg.

You won’t find turtles dopey after seeing it in action, let me tell you. This big guy doesn’t need to be a ninja to kick ass.

External image

Octavia: This is an effective little tune that conveys importance and rising action, with loud instruments you cannot help but pay attention to. It is a moment of triumph, of accomplishment, of understanding a long-pondered mystery at long last!  …That, given the comic this is connected to, will almost certainly be subverted or turned into a gag.