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{History Dream}
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Altaïr: I lost Maria…

Ezio: I lost Christina…

Connor: I lost my mother…

Edward: I lost Caroline…

Desmond: I lost Lucy…

Arno: I lost Élise…

Jacob: Jolly good weather today, lads, isn’t it ?


{Hear you the spring}
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{the colors from autumn}
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Zenmasters AU Week Day 1: 10 Years Later AU
Also technically part 3 of my Jackie/Hyde AU Series

Hyde didn’t marry the stripper, but they did break up after Hyde visited her in Chicago. They decided that Hyde proposing to her to keep her in Point Place was the wrong reason to get married, so Jackie stayed at her job in Chicago and Hyde returned to Grooves. They occasionally talk on the phone - and aside from a few short-lived flings, neither seem to be dating.

Fast forward three years down the track, and Jackie returns to Point Place to open her own TV studio. Both are surprised at the easiness of their connection, given that they were both pretty badly shook after the break up (even though they will both deny that to the grave). They hit it off, and after a few months decide to give it another shot.

The three years they’ve been apart have done changes for both of them: Jackie is, well, not humbled from working in TV, but she has more appreciation for hard work. Hyde has finally learned to open up (slightly) to W.B. and the Formans, and on the whole this relationship starts off a whole lot better than the last. Two years later, Hyde gives her the ring he brought to Chicago.

In 1989, they now live comfortably just outside of Point Place with their one-year old baby girl. Hyde still runs his record store, and Jackie has moved from producing TV shows to producing movies. She’s working on a rom-com interpretation of Jekyll and Hyde.


}Nothing is true……{
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30 Realizations That Will Change Your Life in Some Small Way

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What if I told you a single sentence could completely change how you perceive something? Below are a handful of tiny revelations that will change your life - 30 of them, to be exact. Which ones are the most mind-blowing and paradigm-shifting? That’s up to you to decide. These facts will change how you view the world (for better or for worse), and at the very least, will force you to view something from a different angle. Ranging from anatomy, history, family, food, sports, school, money, pets, and procrastination, there’s a little something for everyone. Looking for tiny, mind-expanding morsels of fascinating and interesting thoughts? Look no further than the life-changing revelations below!

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