I used to dream about the day you’d reach out to me again. I didn’t think it’d ever actually happen and I definitely didn’t think I’d actually be over you when it did. But it did and I am and damn it feels good.
Oh, how terrifying Life was, she thought. How dreadful. It is the loneliness which is so appalling. We whirl along like leaves, and nobody knows—nobody cares where we fall, in what black river we float away. The tugging feeling seemed to rise into her throat. It ached, ached; she longed to cry.
—  Katherine Mansfield, from Stories by Katherine Mansfield; “Revelations”
Revelations (master list)

Chanyeol x Baekhyun

NSFW, BDSM, R18+ smut

Bondage, domination, submission, subspace, dirty talk, sex toys, breath play, spanking, rimming, humiliation, exhibitionism, blowjobs, facesitting, impact play, crying, multiple orgasms, fingering, vibrators, begging, overstimulation, orgasm denial, anal beads, restraints, orgasm control, subdrop, aftercare

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