Royz 5th anniversary Matsushita IMP Hall

Koudai’s blog entry
2014-09-29, 02:44

Thank you for this live ^^

9/28 Matsushita IMP Hall set list

3.tokarev (トカレフ)
4.sasayakiyuujo (囁姫遊女)
5.boogeyman (ブギーマン)
6.senrei (洗礼)
7.Autocracy ~waltz zo knife~) Autocracy~ワルツとナイフ~
8.marble palette (マーブルパレット)
9.ANNIVERSARY (Anniversary live limited song (周年限定曲))
10.Reve story
12.shippuujinrai (疾風迅雷)
13.kuroageha 5th anniversary version (クロアゲハ 5周年ver. )
1.Royz medley (alpha, INNOCENCE, eve:r, hoshi no yoru no yume, NOAH) ((Royzメドレー (a、INNOCENCE、eve:r、春ノ夜ノ夢、NOAH))
2.hoshi ni negai wo (星に願いを)
3.idea (イデア)

This year a lot has happened but I’m so happy that we could reach this day.
We also played a lot of nostalgic songs.

No way, Kuroageha member call version wwwww

We haven’t done this for the past 3 years wwwwww
And then we’ve received letters from our parents as surprise by Subaru
and Kazuki as well had a MC with microphone from the side of the stage ^^

And we played a new song.
This song will only be played at anniversary lives. [not clear if only at their 5th or if there is a chance that they’ll play it next year as well]
We’ve composed it during a member-jam-session.

And something special! Something special!
How was it? w the medley of A-side-songs we haven’t played in a while?

We’ve cried a lot and laughed a lot […]
I wonder if I came closer to the ideal I had 5 years ago.
Sometimes we did smart things
and sometimes we went wrong.
There were also times when we didn’t listen to what the people around us were telling us.

This year, the band I loved made its come back.
And I looked back at myself back then.
At that time this band was my reason to life.
We were supported so much
and were encouraged so much.

I wanted that Royz is like that for everyone and that’s why we were active as band.
But that’s not enough.
There were also times when we lost our way and were just walking around.
Everyone was watching us but nobody really understood what we were doing.
But you stayed with us.
That’s how we could make it to today.

The members as well as Kazuki and Reyrey who decided to act as our support all of a sudden,
our manager and Kiryu-san who’s giving us so much love,
the staff that is supporting Royz from a point where nobody can see them,
Codomo Dragon who gave us new incentive
and all of our fans…

Thank you for loving Royz.

You also get tired of work or school, don’t you?
There are things that don’t work out and you get angry and that gives you a hard time and makes you want to cry, doesn’t it?
I think there are many people who live an everyday-life other people don’t like.

That’s why I think it’s okay that at Royz’ lives you don’t have to play the nice kid.
And if there are people bothering you please just scream: “Koudai, you idiot!” ^^
If you’re laughing then
I think I have fulfilled the for me most important thing about making music.

We’re composing songs, shooting PVs and getting up early in the morning to get our make up. I give my best just to see you smiling.

So please, Royz-fans, smile!

Our after show party went on long.
We were talking with our former staff members.
Sure, there was also a time we were into a special style
but I think we became really cool bandmen without forgetting our inexperienced times.
In the future as well, from now on as well,
let’s celebrate ((o(*´ш`*)o))

Royz, happy 5th anniversary.
I’m looking forward to the future with you (*・ш・*)
Hometown Osaka, thank you so much  ヾ(*・ш・*)ノ

Member and everyone, love!