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Just a reminder that no all/mostly smut fics will be added. If they’re part of a series I will link non-smut parts.


  • Permanency by @idreamofhazel (Reader x Sam) - Short and sweet! I loved reading this and it’s perfect for just a little sweetness on a bad day! This made me so happy; it was adorable.
  • Breakfast by @wayward-oneshots (Reader x Sam) - Sleepy Sammy!!! He’s such a weakness of mine, ugh. You’re so good at describing things and I could totally picture everything in my mind. I loved this!!
  • The Only Exception by @impalaimagining (Reader x Sam) - This was amazing! I’m such a sucker for everything southern/ranch related when it comes to the boys, and I think that the whole concept of the reader’s mom not liking guys/love things made everything so much more exciting and detailed! This was so cute!!
  • Mouth of a Sailor by @impalaimagining (Reader x Sam) - I loved this one; it was short and Dean’s reactions were so funny! Plus, I could totally be this reader and that made it so relatable and fun to imagine what the boy’s reactions would be. I think you got them spot on!
  • Angel Wings by @mysaintasinner (Angel!Reader x Sam) - I feel like I’ve read this one before, but it’s great! There’s some Destiel in it, but since the main focus was on the reader and Sam I thought it just added to the plot and made everything so much more exciting and fun to watch unfold!
  • Rendezvous Revelations by @bringmesomepie56 (Reader x Dean) - This was so, so cute! I loved getting to hear Dean’s thoughts as they slowly revealed more and more about their locations. I think having it from his perspective was a really great move!
  • Lily in Hand by @femmewinchester (Reader x Dean) - I was really worried how Dean would be portrayed as a florist because that’s something I’ve never really pictured him as, but you did such a great job! This was adorable. I’m always a sucker for fake dating tropes, lemme tell you. 
  • Makin Me Look Good Again by @ravengirl94 (Reader x Dean) - This was amazing! Dean needs more of this kind of love, in my opinion, and it was so cute to see him finally getting taken care of!
  • Mixup by @jpadjackles (Reader x Dean) - I loved this fic! It cracked me up to see poor Dean dealing with everything, but it was really sweet to see how the reader was taking care of him (and I hope that Dean learns not to be so whiny and take things for granted).
  • Daisy by @hunters-from-stark-tower (Reader x Dean) - This was so great! It was funny at parts, with just a dash of angst, and I love dogs, so that made it even better. The ending was definitely not what I expected, but I think that it was absolutely perfect and definitely true to character!
  • Preference: PDA by @supernatural-jackles (Reader x Dean, Sam, or Cas) - I love preferences because sometimes I just want all of TFW instead of just one of them, and this was absolutely perfect! I think you captured all of the boys’ essences so well! The Cas one definitely made me laugh!
  • Late Night Musings #1 by @lipstickandwhiskey (No Pair) - This isn’t really fanfiction, per se, but it’s adorable and I think that it’s something sweet everyone should read before bed. It made my stomach all fluttery and happy!


  • Night Time Demons by @katymacsupernatural (Reader x Sam) - A little angst, a little fluff—this was perfect! I have a lot of feelings about Sam talking about his feelings, and who wouldn’t love Sam Winchester reassuring them they were great? Also, I really loved the part at the end where the reader was “shy from all the praise” because that’s totally how I feel when I’m complimented and it made it so relatable and realistic!
  • Club Soda and Whiskey by @nichelle-my-belle (Reader x Dean) - This has smut in it! I skipped over it, but this was fantastic nonetheless! I loved how the reader fooled him in the beginning and it was great to see Dean making some connections with people who don’t have perfect lives either. Plus, I really liked how the reader described him not being so cocky and everything because Dean’s a real sweetheart!
  • So Close by @whispersandwhiskerburn (Reader x Dean) - What a plot twist! The little bit of angst from Dean trying to figure out what was going on made this fic amazing, and I loved the way you incorporated the lyrics and the themes from the song!
  • The Estate by @just-another-busy-fangirl (No Pair) - I loved this! It was really unique and I hope you write more parts! I can’t wait to see if she ends up with somebody and what they’ll all do now that the houses are connected.

Series Works

Links in the series section are always to the masterlist, or if unavailable, the latest post will be linked.

  • Saving Lives by @purgatoan (Doctor!Reader x Doctor!Sam) - Ahh, I can’t wait to find out how Sam and Dean will work everything out! The dialogue between everyone was great, and it was so funny to see how Sam and Dean are so alike in what they say about the same situation.
  • Sensation by @littlegreenplasticsoldier (Reader x Sam) - This series can be tough to read at times, just because it’s so heartwrenching and Sam’s philosophical thoughts are way too intelligent for me at times, but I really cannot get enough of it and I can’t wait for more parts! The idea behind it is so unique and I’m in love!
  • Invisible by @just-another-busy-fangirl (Reader x Dean) - I’m obsessed with this series! I can’t wait to see how/if the reader ever gets to be seen again, and the exact reason why Sam can’t see her but Dean can! This is so intriguing and it’s been one of my favorite series lately.
  • It’s Always Been You by @sleepywinchester (Reader x Dean) - This series was so, so cute and I loved how you stayed true to the episode while still making it your own. I was literally so invested in this series and I’m a little sad it’s over, even though I loved the ending!
  • Finding Home by @willowing-love (Reader x Cas) - Wow! I am so in love with this series! It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to find a Cas series I adored, and I’m so glad that I took the time to read something I normally wouldn’t! The whole idea of this is incredible and I can’t wait to see what happens between the reader and Cas and, well, the reader and Cas!

Non-Reader Works

  • One More Day by @percywinchester27 (Sam and Dean) - My poor Dean Bean and my poor Sammy! This was heartwrenching to see poor Sammy getting yelled at in the heat of the moment, but the fluff at the end made it better. I loved how Dean knew just how to make Sam feel okay again.

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Let me get this straight. Luke believed Ben was the Chosen One, so that info will be conveyed to us by his talking to Rey about it And Rey can't understand why Kylo killed his father. In short, she'll spend time talking about Kylo and thinking about Kylo. Minds blown!

We have no idea how the stuff about Kylo being the Chosen One (if it’s correct) will be conveyed to the audience in the film, though Rey is likely to be the person discovering that information. Since she’s the protagonist, it’s a safe bet to say most of the revelations about Kylo will unfold from her perspective.

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Hi! For the prompt, fluffy highschool keynew please~ and congrats for you both xD

His eyes are dark but he is spun of light. When he moves, when he dances, the stage thrums with his every step. He breaks into a sweat of diamonds that slip along his limbs and shower his collar with damp. He is finite in the iron of his muscles, it is the mercury of his movements that defines infinity. In one moment he is untouchable steel, and in another he becomes molten lava. What little audience he may find is struck as if by the crackling of a star, its power and heat released in waves at their faces until they are red with surprise, with delight, with shock–that something could be so bright and yet not blind them. He spends days, weeks, months in the auditorium; alone and tireless. He builds his skill from blocks of courage and pebbles of aspiration. He dances mountains, creates buildings with a form so few in this school can appreciate or enjoy. He dances because it gives him peace, he dances to validate his existence in his own mind. He dances because his pulse burns and his heartbeat soars and his life ripples like an ocean of calm suddenly shaken awake into tide. Jinki knows as he watches from the sidelines; he will be a great artist one day, a great performer. He will become unforgettable when his feet touch veneer. He will rise above the rest and take the throne that awaits him.

But Kibum is more than all this. Much more. 

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Call Off The Struggle
Most people are in a constant state of struggle with themselves. Tremendously burdened by the past and in constant anticipation of the future, most human beings are rarely able to be fully present for more than very brief moments. The tremendous openness and intimacy that is required to be fully present is beyond most people’s ability to sustain for more than a few moments before they habitually contract back into the familiar condition of separateness and struggle that so characterizes the human condition. This constant state of struggle manifests as a compulsive and addictive relationship to the movement of thought, emotion, and time.
There is great reluctance to stop struggling because in the absence of struggle you suddenly begin to lose your boundaries and definitions of who you are. For many people this causes fear to arise as they experience the loss of their familiar sense of self. Struggling is how the ego-personality maintains its existence. When you cease to struggle, identification with the personality begins to break down and you become aware of your emptiness and lack of boundaries.
The most difficult thing for spiritual seekers to do is to stop struggling, striving, seeking, and searching. Why? Because in the absence of struggle you don’t know who you are; you lose your boundaries, you lose your separateness, you lose your specialness, you lose the dream you have lived all your life. Eventually you lose everything that your mind has created and awaken to who you truly are: the fullness of freedom, unbound by any identifications, identities, or boundaries.
It is this locationless freedom of being that spiritual people are seeking, and at the same time are running away from because its faceless nature gives no fixed reference point for the personality to hold onto or to seek security in. As long as you remain identified with the personality, you will always be seeking security to the exclusion of the Truth, and will remain in a constant state of struggle. It is only when your love and desire for Truth outweigh the personality’s compulsive need for security that you can begin to stop struggling and be swept up into the arms of an ever-unfolding revelation of the Truth and Freedom of Being.
—   Adyashanti

I was looking through Simple Fortunetelling with Tarot Cards by Corrine Kenner, and of course I had to look at the spreads. Of course.

This one seemed interesting, so I thought I’d share it! 

The Three Mysteries

The Three Mysteries spread is a three-card layout designed to address the great mysteries of life – particularly matters of love, loss, and transformation. You can try the spread with the major arcana cards alone or a full seventy-eight card deck.

Card 1 is the mystery you understand. This is a major issue that you know well, and you have come to terms with it.

Card 2 is the mystery that eludes you. This is a life lesson that you haven’t experienced and may never fully understand.

Card 3 is the mystery you will come to comprehend. This is a revelation that will soon unfold for you.

Yuri!!! on Ice: “After the final, let’s end this.”

Alternate title: Heartbreak!!! on Ice (not really)

Ever since Yuuri dropped that loaded line on us last episode, the fandom has gone rampant. But don’t fall apart just yet. I’m here to assure that your favorite OTP will not be going anywhere, any time soon. So listen up, because this post will take you for a ride, starting with the beginning of it all.

Do you remember the scene from the first episode, where Yuuri skates the replica of Victor’s Free Skate, and there were scenes of Victor skating the program meshing into Yuuri’s recreation? Well, I found a video of that very scene with english lyrics provided, so I could really understand the importance of that moment. This is ‘Aria / Stay Close to Me’:

In the plight of Yuuri’s brave declaration “After the Finals, let’s end this,” I believe this scene from episode 1 actually nullifies any implication that Yuuri wants to break the romantic relationship between he and Victor.

But how?

Start the video and notice the very first face Victor makes: it conveys a look of yearning, as if he were almost sad, desperate for something.

And so, we ask: what does this have to do with Yuuri skating to Victor’s program? And what does this have to do with Yuuri’s and Victor’s (romantic) relationship? Well in actuality, it has to do with everything. Here’s my analysis. (As I decompose the lyrics below, which are in italics, watch the video posted above and pause as needed. Seriously. Do it.)

So, the very first line of the song opens with, and this is in the English translation, “I hear a voice crying far away / Have you been abandoned as well?” Off the bat, there’s implications that Victor has been hurt, or is feeling some form of hurt, sadness, a forlorn emotion. And we all know, from previous posts, that Victor is not one to express his emotions very well. He merely does that little half-smile and deflects any form of emotion that may cross him. He’s said it himself, that he does not know how to deal with “people crying” A.K.A emotions, like when Yuuri had that breakdown right after Victor threatened to break their coach-student relationship.

Nobody understands this side of Victor, though, because nobody has seen it: the emotional side, holding so much in. Take note that in person, Victor possesses strong composure that he can control, but on the ice, Victor is a much different person – a person going through emotional toil. Even as Minako was watching Victor’s free-skate, she mentions in her drunken state that: “This [his performance] would tug at the heartstrings more if it were a younger, naive man, not a hottie like Victor, but let me think…” This confirms that people cannot understand Victor’s intentions with his program, but instead just see him as a figure to look up to and admire through his ‘looks’ and ‘winnings’. That sort of recognition is tiring and heavy, though, especially when there is nobody by your side to truly share it with. And that is the root of Victor’s strife: loneliness.

However, when Minako cuts herself with “…but let me think…,” followed with the camera POV switching back to Yuuri skating, she is then referring to Yuuri as being one of the few people that do and can understand Victor to his very core, his emotions, and his love for the routine to ’Stay Close to Me’. Minako knows that Yuuri has loved and admired Victor since he was a young, up and coming skater. And so, by Yuuri skating to that same song with the same emotional value, it shows that Yuuri can feel Victor’s pain as well, that he has endured it, too – the loneliness, the sense of abandonment, the lack of love. Victor has been burdened with this title of “The hero of Russia” since the start of his skating career, and Yuuri has since been suffering with anxiety followed by his undoing at the Grand Prix Final. One is lonely, and the other has never gained the confidence that love has to offer. It’s almost as if Yuuri’s and Victor’s predicaments compliment each other to a perfect T.

The line, “I wish I could cut with a blade / those throats singing about love,” is analogous, once again to the unconditional love the two skaters have been neglected. Then the following line, “I wish I could seal in the ice the hands / that express those verses of burning passion,” refers to the the dwindling passion for skating Yuuri and Victor are beginning to feel.

That’s why when the commentator asks Victor about his plans after the Grand Prix, he is hesitant to answer: because he does not know if his embers for skating still blaze as bright as they were. I could only imagine that he had thoughts of retiring after that. Similarly, Yuuri felt so defeated that his love for skating, too, was compromised through a process of self-sabotaging destruction, magnified through his anxiety, by (almost) quitting professional figure skating for good. It doesn’t help either, that Yurio inflicted further damage to Yuuri’s already damaged heart, by saying that an “incompetent” like Yuuri should just retire. And since “A skater’s heart is as fragile as glass,” as Victor mentioned back in episode 7, Yurio’s words were like rocks to Yuuri’s composure. He almost broke there.

Originally posted by brendachanblr

And so, we have two skaters, experiencing pain in the same wavelength, the same degree. What then? In ‘Stay Close to Me’ there’s a line that captures the empty state of Yuuri and Victor: “This story that makes no sense / will vanish tonight along with stars.” This very line is Victor’s final cry, almost as if he were screaming through his emotional performance: “After I win this, what then? What will I have? These gold medals are nothing but reminders of this loneliness I’ve endured.” In parallel, Yuuri takes these lyrics in more literal terms: he believes that after this Grand Prix, he will vanish in the face of professional figure skating, that he will just be eclipsed by more qualified skaters, like Yurio for example, and thus, he should just 'fade away’, as his crippling anxiety tells him.

They’re both in the brink of falling apart, falling into darkness. But in all good love (yes, love) stories, there at the end of tunnel shines a light so bright it might just blind them. 

After this descend, the lyrics do take a dramatic U-turn, and a revelation is unfolded: “If I only could meet you, from hope / eternity would be born.” This is where the story, in context, delivers the glorious moment of hope between the two skaters, a much needed awakening. The song is saying that Victor and Yuuri were almost as if fated to find each other, heal each other, and thus save each other through the lights of hope – of love.

We can thank the triplets for posting that video online.

What I’m going to say next might be a bit reaching, but hear me out: 

In episode 10, when Victor implies that he wishes Yuuri would never retire so he could always be with him forever, is in direct correlation to that very line from ’Stay Close to Me’: “From hope, eternity would be born.“ Victor and Yuuri found hope in each other, and that is what this damn song and show is about! How we’ve been so blinded by Kubo’s twisted yet ingenious pre-climactic tension since episode 11, is beyond me. But I digress, and we shall continue.

Since episode 4, on that beach scene, Victor has been telling Yuuri that he is not the the weak figure he thinks himself to be, despite Yuuri’s anxiety and the 'shortcomings’ he’s displayed. Shortly after, Yuuri expresses that Victor should just be "Who he really is,” and not be identified as 'coach’, 'winning skater’, 'friend’, etc. Yuuri ultimately wants Victor to be free of any confinements that have shackled him through the course of his career. He wants nothing but complete happiness for Victor. And in a sense, putting all of this together suggests that they are each other’s salvation. They are the ones responsible for saving each other through the rise and fall of everything. This line from the song suddenly means so much more: “Stay close to me / don’t go / I’m afraid of losing you.” And as the song ascends to a climax, it becomes a beacon of hope. “The heartbeats are fusing together,” is perhaps the most Shakespearean way to express the bond that only love can express. The very lyrics cut through to depict how Victor and Yuuri are are not ‘star crossed lovers’ bound to fall apart, but instead to come together for eternity to come: “I wish you’d never retire” (Episode 10, Victor to Yuuri).

Let’s take a look at this screenshot from episode 1, Yuuri’s and Victor’s, cut-scene-combined skate. Just look at the passion in Victor’s face, that emotion that comes from the center of his chest radiating out. And now let’s look at Yuuri’s:

His expression is a mirror-copy of Victor’s, as with his emotions. They are identical throughout the course of the skate. The two of them begin with forlorn expressions as depicted by the very first screenshot posted, but looking at the faces of hope on both of them now, is truly a remarkable portrayal of shared character development that has grown throughout the series. We, as the viewers have analyzed the growth of both Yuuri and Victor since day one, and to think that we only have one episode left to conclude their story (for now) brings me bitter-sweet sensations. I do, however, want to believe that this final episode will not end with disappointment. Why would the writers spend so much time developing the blossoming relationship between Yuuri and Victor, putting them against the edge, just to push them off the cliff?

I highly doubt that this is the scenario we’ll be experiencing next week. I’m looking forward to a more hopeful denouement that doesn’t result in complete and utter devastation for thousands of fans. Simply listen to the song that started it all, foretelling the tale that is Yuuri and Victor: they’re here until the very end!

The final lyrics of ’Stay Close to Me’ goes as followed: ”Let’s set off together / Now I’m ready!“ This is the very climax of the song, in the same way that episode 12 will be the climax of the show. How does this tie in together to the "After the final, let’s end this” scene that’s been picking at everyone?

Yuuri might be implying, I hypothesize, that despite the outcome of the Grand Prix, win or lose, 'let’s end this’ will bring a means to and end, with “this” referring to the burdens they have experienced alone in the past; the pain, the loneliness, all of it. They have each other now, and they can sense it, so really to them, they have nothing left to lose – though they’ve failed to completely notice that.

This lack of understanding is actually what causes them to reach a low on episode 11. Yuuri, with his short program, feels that he is only burdening Victor with more of his shortcomings. Victor, after seeing Yurio’s perfect skate, might feel that he has not accomplished what he could have done as a 'perfect’ coach for Yuuri. But disregarding all of that, what has ’Stay Close to Me’ always predicted since the start of Yuri on Ice? Yuuri and Victor understand each other through emotional values that are so overwhelming, that the two of them will understand this once and only once their ’heartbeats are [truly] connected’. In episode 12, they might just have some kind of epiphany, when both realize how much they love each other.

You’ll see them talking in the preview, a similar situation to their first heart-to-heart by the shore, where they cleared the misunderstandings between them. Maybe in this episode, they’ll understand the importance of mutual emotional interaction (”talking it out,” if you must) for any healthy relationship to work between them.

In this scene, you can see how Victor is observing Yuuri, who obviously has something deep grieving his mind. He is thinking profoundly, based on that concentration displayed on his face, and my guess is that Victor has dropped a bomb on Yuuri to keep him so taciturn. Perhaps Victor will finally express his love for Yuuri without boundaries, and Yuuri will then have to dig deep and understand the gravity of Victor’s statement to also understand his own feelings. No one actually knows (Or do we???).

This picture, though, has a lot to say about our wonderings.

And this is well.

In an all honesty, Victor is still a little hesitant to say ‘I love you’, being the un-emotional character he is, you know? He says “I love Katsudon” or “I’ll marry you once you win gold,” but does not directly say it, and Yuuri might be taking that ambiguity as a sign of Victor getting tired of him. This then causes a domino effect that will push Yuuri’s anxiety forward, as channeled via his short program: Yuuri was too focused on beating JJ, and not focused enough on love, that it compromised the execution of his skating. Naturally, too, their actions are affecting each other, because remember now that their ‘heartbeats are fusing together’, meaning that if one of them is hurt, so is the other. Victor’s purpose has changed from skating, to loving Yuuri, and Yuuri has yet to see that. But really, there’s nothing stopping both of them from realizing that but themselves.

So open your eyes, boys.

I feel though, that Victor is ultimately going to have to let himself be vulnerable and actually express his love for Yuuri in the most unconditional way this time. Perhaps that is what he meant by “I know what I have to do as your coach now” at the end of episode 10 (hint, hint). Similarly, Yuuri will disregard everything that has plagued him in the past (anxiety, failures, defeats) and let himself understand the intentions of his heart, and why he skated to ’Stay Close to Me’ in the first place. HE LOVES VICTOR. AND VICTOR LOVES HIM. That’s why Victor had that determined face upon watching Yuuri’s skating of ’Stay Close to Me’ on Youtube. It’s as if he were saying through his face: “I’m going to pursue this man and make him fall for me in the same way that I have fallen for him.”


(thanks to @ponchizs for listening to this rant first) <3

the more chapters i read and revelations unfold on Arima, the more i respect the legend. he left behind a legacy not just to be altered, it’s how pieces eventually came into light that would lead his inducted “puppetteers” conclude up what he planned. the whole One-Eyed King reign of supreme had even begin to be initiated during the Owl Suppression Operation, as seen in TG:RE chapter 96 when Irimi and Koma emerges to assist Tsukiyama after their supposed demise during the Owl operation 4 years ago. Supposedly they escaped the manslaughter fest in V14. Arima might’ve successfully concealing the actual casualties of Black Dobers & Devil Ape, and orchestrated the epic rooftop battle (supposedly!) with Eto if recent events doesn’t unfold.

This reflects Arima’s proficiency in concealing existing traces of ghoul-human relations by relaying a statement that “CCG will assume its duties to annihilate any threats to humans done by ghouls at any given cost” (evident of possible traces of human-ghoul coop as seen by Amon during his brief investigations on the Yasuhisa family and Dr Kanou’s defection from CCG).  Backflips of recent chapters is really a fiasco! (ball-crushing, identity revealing, revelations unveil)

Even after his death, his legacy lives on.

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So some guy on TSDF FB had this to say about Carol's character and I want to find him and kiss him all over the face. He GETS it!: "Huge as it now is, Carol's character didn't come out of nowhere, she was a promise from the start. I still remember her in the early days, shyly admitting that she missed her vibrator. She then moved to butchering her husband's body with a brilliant mixture of sorrow and pain, hatred and vengeance. Since then this promise has quietly delivered again and again" :)

Anon, I kind of don’t even know what to do with my heart right now (and I suspect you knew that would happen when you sent me this).

“She was a promise from the start.” That’s such a flawless description of her character, and I 100% admit to being wildly envious that I did not craft that sentence. Bravo, TSDF guy!

As I have said again and again – although I am unfailingly delighted to see more and more people tuning in and falling in love with this perfect character – I will always, forever, unceasingly, unswervingly, until-the-end-of-the-universe-and-beyond reject every person and/or article who says anything that lives on the same planet as, “Holy shit. Who could have seen this awesomeness coming in season one?”

I could. I did. TSDF guy could. He did. carol-on could. She did, and chose to devote herself to cosplaying Carol before most people even recognized her at cons. (Seriously, there is nothing so funny to me now as hearing Amelia tell stories about early cons where people would ask her who she was cosplaying. ALL of Walker Stalker 2014 was legit people screaming “CAROL!!!” as we walked down the sidewalk, asking if they could take pictures with her. And we won’t even talk about how terrified I am of trying to hang out with her this year;)

The phenomenal things Melissa has done with the character of Carol Peletier are a constantly unfolding revelation, a gift to fans with each new episode. Every single day I just feel so damn lucky to be a fan of both the actor and the character. Because there is no way I could possibly have picked a better fav.

Like this is pretty much my face whenever I think about Carol:

eta: I waded through TSDF on Facebook to find the comment you were talking about, anon. And the name of the lovely human sticking up for Carol is Henrique C Antunes.