revelation bowl


Preparing for the big game tomorrow!

Hollister POT Update

when you realize you gotta get your shit together & don’t take shit from no one. thanks @sugardaddyjournal​ – 

for the past few days Hollister has been hitting me up A LOT, and its been cool convo but it always leads to no solid arrangement. He was ready to see me at a hotel, but when i corrected him that it was a simple meet up to lay out our arrangement, suddenly he had “meetings” to tend to through the week.. he wants an escort-y vibe (and theres nothing wrong with that, but he should say so from jump), but with the way he’s so stressed out about where to meet (to avoid feeling paranoid and being caught), i realized he doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing no matter what help i gave him (i was basically giving this fool consultations on what these things are. way too much of my text-time).. even if it is my first real SD arrangement, i’m more aware of my wants than he is. if he smartens up then maybe we can see what lays ahead. but for now, he’s on the back burner.

Assassin Bowl II Highlights!


Revelation Bowl powder day