revelation 16


Here’s the problem. Your brain is hash. Too many ghosts in your head, too many voices. So, how do you fix that ? You claw your way back into the stored data, you find unfinished memories and you crack them open. Finish what you started, until your ancestor has nothing left to show you. That is a synch nexus. And when you find it, the Animus can separate Desmond from Ezio and Altair and send you home. Back to your body. ‘

-- Subject 16/Clay Kaczmarek || aesthetic

I realized that Desmond knew he was going to die way at the end of revelations, and I have prove; during the last parts of assassin’s creed revelations subject 16 showed Desmond all the things he has done and learned, ok now one of the voice memos from Desmond found in black flag talks about how the first civilization had this things to predict possible futures, and what would be the best outcome from each decision or action that was going to be done. Through subject 16 Desmond saw what will happen and possibly what will happen after his “death” but it’s just a theory.

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3 Step Recipe for Avoiding Lukewarmness

When our biggest fear in this Christian Walk is being “lukewarm”, we are failing to truly understand how our God works. 

You don’t want to be lukewarm? Don’t be lukewarm.

If Jesus is the Living Water and God is the Kettle and Sustainer and Holy Spirit is the Fire of Conviction and Power, then you have all that you need for the “3 Step Recipe for Avoiding Lukewarmness”. 


  1. Seek His face (through reading His Word and talking to Him everyday).
  2. Trust His goodness (and know that you are being taken care of).
  3. Allow yourself to be convicted (and transformed). 

Serving Size: 1, and all that you share it with.

Fill yourself up with Water, turn on the Kettle, and let the Power do its work. That’s it- that’s all. 

Because Revelation 3:15-16 is not meant to scare you. Revelation 3:15-16 is like those seemingly obvious labels they have on kettles that say “WILL NOT WORK IF NOT TURNED ON”. 

Don’t be somebody who is in need of those dumb instruction labels for simple things. Because the only steps that can transform lukewarmness into being on fire for God is 

  1. Seeking His face (through reading His Word and talking to Him everyday).
  2. Trusting His goodness (and knowing that you are being taken care of).
  3. Allowing yourself to be convicted (and transformed).

Turn on the Kettle and enjoy. 

- 31Women (Akua)

Lets put this stupid word into Perspective
  • A lot of times I always find myself in arguments with people about equality (rights for trans,les,bi,gay,etc.) and they usually throw a verse from the bible at me.The verse reads:
  • Leviticus 18: 22: "You shall not lie with a male as with a woman;it is an abomination"
  • Then they walk away oblivious and feeling triumphant,even though the conversation is usually indeed never over.Every time I hear this verse,one word stays in my head.
  • ABOMINATION.What does it mean?
  • According to google,here is the definition:
  • A•Bom•i•na•tion (n.) A thing that causes disgust or hatred (I would like to point out that this you could call just about ANYTHING an abomination,because people use it opinionatedly.Now to carry on)
  • The word "abomination" occurs sixty seven times in the bible (revised standard version).It appears only twice in the New Testament (Luke 16: 15 & Revelation 21:27)
  • In the sixty five times "abomination" occurs in the Old Testament,here is what is what
  • -13 "abominations" are dietary restrictions,including clam chowder,shrimp,and the non existent four legged insect (which isn't considered an insect)
  • -5 "abominations" refer to something that is an "abomination" to people
  • -seventeen refer to improper sacrifice (I don't know about you,but even though I'm a Christian,I don't believe in slaughtering innocent animals over an altar.In fact,I THINK it's illegal)
  • -3 "abominations" include adultery and adultery by divorce (which happens quite frankly,yet we accept these people and not someone who is attracted to the same sex?)
  • -going back to Luke 16: 15 (yes I'm aware it's New Testament ok) the love of money is listed as an "abomination" (idk about you but I like a couple Abraham Lincolns now and then)
  • -12 refer to bahaviors from murder to women wearing "anything that pertains to a man" (it's basically saying we can't wear shorts or skinny jeans which is outright sexist) ((different conversation different day))
  • -including one from revelation,8 passages are vague about what they mean by "abomination"
  • -only TWO VERSES refer to homosexuality,although there was an understanding of none back then of homosexuality as we define it today.
  • Two things:
  • 1.many of these items can be linked to someone pretending to be something they aren't (yet its EXACTLY what literalists/Christians ask gay,les,trans to do.They INSIST that they stay in the closet)
  • 2.The people that insist that lgbtq are "abominations" are violating several verses themselves (probers 6: 16-19 "there are six things which the LORD hates,seven which are an ABOMINATION to him:haughty eyes,a lying tongue,and hands that she's innocent blood,a heart that devises wicked plans.feet that make haste to run to evil,a false witness who breathes out lies,and a man who sows discord among brothers)
  • I don't know about you,but I can name a lot more stuff that has caused more "discord" in society,households,families in that than the literal reading of ONE verse.
  • So just keep in mind,when you're going around,labeling these people as "abominations",consider how many times you could be called an "abomination" yourself.

When I realized that the Lost Archive would tell Subject 16 and Lucy’s story, I immediately bought it. Storytelling is my drug. As I was playing each memory, my heart gradually broke. Even then, I didn’t understand why Lucy switched sides at all, especially after knowing how his mind was unraveling faster the more he was in the Animus. That final part of the last memory was so peaceful that I had to stop playing for a few days because I knew what that meant.