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LLSHP Ch6 - Calling

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A/N: I have no excuses. I’m sorry this chapter is so delayed (눈_눈) anyone still remember this AU? lolool Maa, I would consider this a rest chapter? At least, the plot is moving =A=;;; Anyway, any feedback is very needed greatly appreciated!
Words: 5,594

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anonymous asked:

I've just read your cool One Piece/Voltron posts, and I was wondering how do you think the rest of the paladins would get along the crew when they came to save Shiro or whatever? (Pidge would would LOVE Franky and Chopper.)

I’m only gonna go into one or two interactions for each paladin, because otherwise I could write a whole essay on character interactions. Even prior to the timeskip there were a LOT of Strawhats, it’d be difficult to write their interactions with each paladin :P Shiro’s been covered here and here, so he won’t be covered extensively in this list.

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The Roles are Reversed - Aka_Mel - Miraculous Ladybug [Archive of Our Own]
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SO! It’s taking us a while but me and @buginette are in the works on buginette’s Reverse AU fanfiction!

To get things started though, here’s the link to a preview: Reverse Umbrella Scene AU! Written by me, akas-ladybug based around buginette’s edit here! But worry not! Buginette is on the writing works too (Her MariChat scene RUINS ME!!!)

Summary: Life in Paris is a bit different than what one would expect…
In this world, Marinette Dupain-Cheng’s parents own a huge bakery company (think like Betty Crocker) and she’s their poster child for the bakery’s advertisements. The picture perfect model daughter for the Dupain-Cheng empire.
While for Adrien Agreste, his mother sells clothing and items in an antique store the Agreste’s own. But Adrien wants to do his own thing and become a fashion designer instead of selling other company logos.
Despite these circumstances, their love breaches through into this AU and Chat Noir / Adrien falls further in love with his Ladybug / Marinette under a cloudy, rainy day under the shelter of an umbrella.

title and summary are still in the works