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Persona Concerts (2008 - Present)

  • PERSONA MUSIC LIVE -Velvetroom in AKASAKA BLITZ- (8/22/2008)
  • PERSONA MUSIC LIVE 2009 -Velvetroom in Wel City Tokyo-(9/19/2009)
  • PERSONA MUSIC LIVE 2012 -MAYONAKA TV in TOKYO International Forum- (4/8/2012)
  • PERSONA MUSIC FES 2013 in NIPPON BUDOKAN (8/13/2013)
  • PERSONA MUSIC BOX 2014 (10/19/2014)
  • PERSONA LIVEHOUSE TOUR 2015 (9/24/2015)
  • GAME SYMPHONY JAPAN 18th/19th/21st CONCERT ATLUS Special ~Persona 20th Anniversary~ (8/16/2016, 11/27/2016, 12/25/2016)
[TRANS] - BEFF Report: [BF Scene] ‘That Summer’ where you can see INFINITE’s seven unique colors through their solo stages② (Combined)

Moved by their dancing, singing, and rapping, an INFINITE gift set that even includes laughter

We’re lucky that INFINITE is made up of seven people. There’s nothing missing when they’re standing on stage together. And their solo stages are so unique, showcasing their diversity. It was like that last time, this time, and I’m sure it will be like that next time as well. Within their abilities that grow day by day are the members’ solo stages and other various performances, we can have fun guessing, ‘What song will it be this time?’

Before the concert started, Woollim Entertainment representatives told BEFF Report, “Look forward to their individual stages this time too. It’ll be the best.” That representative was not wrong. From L’s ‘Girl’ to Sungyeol’s ‘Pick Me’, their singing and dancing were a given, but the piano, rap and even laughter they gave, completely captivated the stage. In the middle of the concert, Woohyun said, “There are a lot of people who have become fans recently.” The fact that their capabilities are evenly distributed throughout all 7 members, and they continually show growth through their concerts, is what we want out of idol groups. And that’s why there’s nothing left for them but to keep gaining more fans.

L Solo – Lee Moonsae ‘Girl’
L did a cover of Lee Moonsae’s ‘Girl’. L, who was the very first to start the solo stages, entered from the side, and presented a different vibe of Lee Moonsae’s ‘Girl’ in his own unique tone.  While fans chanted his real name with fervor, he returned the favor on stage. He was standing alone on stage, yet was able to fill the whole concert venue with his rich vocals. In the past, I wrote a column called ‘L, The Center of INFINITE’s Growth’.  Following that, after watching the way L carries himself through life, I felt a sense of pride. L naturally controlled the dynamics of ‘Girl’, causing fans to hold their breaths, and ended with a bang. Pictures that L took filled the backdrop, creating an atmosphere that fit the mood of the song. And with L saying ‘Don’t leave me’, it was the epitome of honesty. L, who cracked a shy smile at the fans’ cheers, had just properly kicked off the solo stages.

Sungjong Solo – Justin Bieber ‘boyfriend’
Sungjong, the team’s youngest member with the label ‘Lee Sungjong oppa’, covered Justin Bieber’s ‘boyfriend’ and received roars from the fans. Lovable but never delicate, Sungjong received enormous applause for his take on ‘boyfriend’, done in a style only Sungjong can do. Sungjong, who lit up the stage with backup dancers, revealed in the following ment, “I’m not sure how you all saw it, but I practiced the choreography and worked hard on my singing while preparing for this.” It was such an excellent performance that you could sense ‘Oh, he practiced a lot’ without him having to even say it. Because of that, even after he finished performing and was on his way off stage, Blue Square was fully imbrued with these three syllables, ‘Lee Sungjong’. Just like the title of the song, the maknae was like a cool ‘boyfriend’.

Woohyun Solo – Nam Woohyun ‘Stand by me’
It was as if I was at Woohyun’s solo showcase. He was sitting on a chair, whispering and crying out into a lone mic. One of Woohyun’s unique characteristics, his emotions, exploded out of the small venue, maximizing that synergy. The audience froze while he sang, ‘Help me breathe’ and the rain falling in the background added to the desolation. You’re forced to hold your breath and focus on his voice as he exploded with emotion during his adlib. After listening to the song, how could you not stay by Woohyun’s side? He wasn’t in his best condition while singing, but Woohyun’s singing is the best, and this concert proved that.

Hoya Solo – Park Jaebum ‘The Truth Is’
Isn’t the combination of Hoya with a standing mic just ‘Game Over’? Hoya, who can sing, rap and is capable of everything, performed ‘The Truth Is’ and as expected, received a great response. Hoya, boasting a mournful voice, touched fans once by singing with a standing mic, and once again while dancing with six backup dancers. Hoya revealed the reason he chose that song, saying, “Because it’s a song that I listen to regularly, I wanted to perform it for you all with my voice.” After hearing that ment alone, he received applause from fans, which is consistent with what ‘REAL HOYA’ is about. It’s because he shares his personal taste and his growth within that with fans. Sweeping the stage in the third spot, it was a time to reveal Hoya’s sexiness in full.

Sunggyu Solo – Kim Sunggyu ‘Alive’
‘Alive’, a track on Sunggyu’s second mini album ‘27’ started, accompanied with a piano. He barely practiced for a day, but Sunggyu’s excellent skills and his even more amazing singing ability captured the stage, pleasing the ears of the fans. Just as he entered the VCR as the ‘Vocal Boyfriend’, Sunggyu lit up the stage as a main vocal should. He jokingly revealed, “I had no thoughts of playing the piano, but as soon as I saw Hoya’s dance, I knew I had to do something, so I practiced.” But his abilities and stage mannerisms were 100% sincere. As much as there were first-time revelations at the concert, the fans’ cheers were equally as loud.

Dongwoo Solo – Self-Composed Song ‘Burying It In My Heart’ (Feat. Kwon Eunbi)
This was the performance that stuck with me the most. It’s not only because Dongwoo composed it himself, but it also seems like a lot of thought was put into the title of the song, ‘Burying It In My Heart’. Dongwoo explained the song title saying, “It’s a song that I worked on with a hyung. It’s a song that has dual meanings and can express both parting from love and saying goodbye to a father who passed away.” As one can tell from the title, the song was sad and Dongwoo’s heavy rap completely carried the mood of the song. A company trainee, Kwon Eunbi, came out to feature, completing the fantastic performance. Lyrics such as, ‘I missed the day with you’, floated on the screen, allowing you to really focus on the song. The company told BEFF Report, “We haven’t fully decided if Dongwoo’s song will be added to the next album yet.” And added, “But we will definitely release it eventually.” It is not an exaggeration to say that the quality of this song makes you want to listen to it every day.

Sungyeol Solo – Produce101 ‘PICK ME’
The genre that Sungyeol chose for his solo stage was very ‘Lee Sungyeol’-like. There isn’t a performance that launches fans’ spirits like Sungyeol’s performances. Sungyeol always cheerfully lights up his solo stages. This time, he chose ‘PICK ME’ and, as expected, turned Blue Square into a sea of laughter. Like a ‘girl’, Sungyeol came out with his hair in pigtails, wore a pink tennis skirt and a gray uniform, and danced the choreography perfectly, prompting everyone to sing along and come together as one. Including the backup dancers, who came out wearing masks, and the background video with many Sungyeol’s were bonuses. The ‘I’m a Sungyeol that dreams’ part gets especially stuck in your head.

And like this, the fans enjoyed the solo stages, which put 100% of the INFINITE members’ strong points to good use. I wonder what the members will do at the next concert, as they always show a different performance at every concert. One of the reasons one must go to an INFINITE concert is of course, the ‘solo stages’.

Translated by: togetherinspirit7