reved up



HE said enjoy the show? What show?! Guy’s what if Anti is going to do something to Dark?! Or try to. It’s like he’s reving us up for something! Guys I’m freaking out!!!!!!

No seriously it’s cool that Jack can do little stuff like this to keep us guessing and entertained. It was really cool! It makes us wonder where he can take Anti!

The truth of Porn as a church...

Hello all!

So this is a little thought that came to me as I was gooning this morning over all the submissive little girls and boys out there; who are you paying when you go to a strip club? Who is it that is collecting the money? Is the money going to some Goddess of Porn? No. It’s going to the girl who just worked her ass off to get you reved up and wanting. She did her best to give you a thrill of desire and in return you’ve given her money for that thrill. She was honest, and so were you. Sometimes, for a little extra, that girl will fuck, suck, or wank you off so that she not only was the cause of you forgetting your life and reaching that thrill of desire, but also the cure for it letting you back to earth. Such a giving and wonderful thing… And yes… The lights need to be kept on too…

But who are you paying when you go to church? They entertain you these days, make you feel all goody inside, preach to you about how you are supposed to do as they say and not as they do. The churches are huge multi-million dollar campuses and the leaders all have gigantic houses with multi-car garages filled with cars. But who do they say you are paying for the privilege of feeling that thrill of spirituality? They say you are paying god… But gods do not need money! So who are you really paying? You are paying them.

When you are not looking, they have their hands deep into the collection plate you just filled. They pay themselves first, then if the church needs something, then maybe that gets done. But greed always comes first. And do they stop themselves from indulging in the things they tell you not to?

No. They hide it from you like thieves in the night, but they never stop doing the very things they tell you not to do. So why not worship porn instead?

Does She not inspire both your desire and your spirit? Does this not bring out more than just the animal in you? We know that even those that preach against such are just as willing to engage in this act as you are. Is this not a far more enlightened approach to the human condition than greed and denial?

Look at these girls and realize that they are just honest with themselves and the spirituality that surrounds us all.

Ron L. Hubbard said it best when he said that if he ever wanted to be rich, he could always start a religion… Hello; Scientology! So since I would love to be rich, shouldn’t I start a religion…

So not if, when I do, who will join me at the altar…

Repost if you want to have honest spirituality, desire, and humanity.