I have 198 followers!!!

Thank you guys so much!

Honestly I never thought I would have over 50, so being so close to 200 is totally cool. Reedus fans are truly wonderful. :) <3

And if you follow me and you’re NOT a Reedus/Flanery fan…that makes you just 10 times as amazing! I would like to thank you guys for putting up with posts that you probably could care less about.

anonymous asked:

whats your favorite photo of Norman ?

Oh lord. I don’t know if I can choose ONE.

Lemme think….Okay, I’ve narrowed it down to four.

I dunno. These stood out to me out of the one’s that I have saved…

And of course I love all of the new pictures of him from the recent Terry Richardson photoshoot. :)

Thanks for the mean question anon. ;)

Holy Cow!

Welcome multitude of new followers!

I would thank you all individually…but let’s be honest that might take a REALLY long time annnnnd my finals are this week. :) But just know that I do appreciate it. Don’t be afraid to submit confessions if you have any, or you could always just shoot me a message to say hi.

I like hellos.

I’m normal guys. Promise. Not really.