Cristiano Ronaldo:
-Dresses up to surprise a fan on the street, plays football with him disguised as a homeless man, then gives the kid a free signed ball after revealing himself
-pays for a life saving surgery, then gives that kid a signed shirt, boots, and spends the day with him
-refuses to drink after the death of his father
-doesn’t have tattoos so he can donate blood twice a year
-protects pitch invaders from security
-gives random people in the Man United crowd his shirt
-gives a completely different kid a signed shirt and spends the day with him after a wayward free kick hurts his arm
-spends half his vacation signing autographs
-finds a girls phone then takes her out to dinner to return it

everyone: cr7 is arrogant what a pansy

I don’t understand anti-science Christians.

I mean, what are you afraid of?

God designed everything. Every star, every flower, every heart that beats. It’s all a testament to His great love and great power. If you truly believe that God is powerful, why fear learning about the wonder of His works? If it is discovered, if it can be known, He intends for it to be known. He reveals Himself in the wonderful glory of His world.

Are you afraid that somehow, somewhere, there is something in nature or medicine or psychology that will be God’s great undoing? That somewhere there is something to disprove Him?

Do you really serve such a small God?


Ravage isn’t revealing himself and mingling with others at Swerve’s because he wants to mingle with the crew. The thing is that there are just too many people at Swerve’s with not that many hiding spots, so either his attention deflectors will overheat, or he pretends to be courteous and mingles with the crew while spying on them at Swerve’s. Because bars and local watering holes are the best to get all the best intel.

“Consumed by You” - Chris/Will

First time/early relationship smut.

Warnings for: infidelity and a brief daddy!kink reference.

Will notices it the first time their regular waiter at Sunday brunch—a fabulous server-by-day, drag queen-by-night named Louise—calls in sick and her shift is covered by someone else.

This waiter is as butch as Louise is femme, his bulging muscles barely restrained by tiny, flimsy clothing. He has blond hair and blue eyes and a tan.  The minute he walks into the room Chris transforms from his usual awkward self into an alert, singularly focused creature Will barely recognizes.  

They’ve been running in this social circle together since the beginning of the summer when Ashley introduced them, and after the weirdness of celebrity company passed (more on his friends’ part than his; Will is used to and unimpressed by fame at a very basic level) and everyone relaxed, Chris revealed himself to be a down-to-earth, socially hit-or-miss nerd.  A hot, gay nerd, granted—but socially awkward nonetheless.  Will has to admit his attention was caught from the start and has only become further ensnared since then, which is problematic.  The reason why it’s problematic is named Sam, and he’s sitting next to Will at the table this morning, one arm around the back of Will’s chair and an oblivious smile on his face.  The first—and more or less only—thing Sam said about Chris to Will was, “Oh my god, don’t tell him about our Glee viewing parties.  Especially not about the costumes.”

Chris’ smile has grown twitchy and interested.  His eyes are darker.  His cheeks are splattered with a blotchy flush that reminds Will of the one he gets when he’s drunk.  But it’s the change in his body language that’s truly fascinating.  He’s simultaneously erect in posture but also somehow smaller, his arms crossed in front of him on the table, his shoulders drawn in closer to his center, and his hands folded as if they are trying to contain something between them.  His eyelashes flutter.  His head tilts coyly.  When he gets up to go to the bathroom, he moves more gracefully than he usually does, smoothing his pants over his ass and swaying his hips from side to side while maintaining intentional, lingering eye contact with the waiter.

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This guy deserves some recognition

Ignoring all the shit that happened, now that it’s finally over, I thought of one character we should talk about instead. A character that actually, actually got his character arc completed in 700+10 with dignity intact. 

I’m talking about Kabuto.

Think about it. He’s been there since the start of the chuunin exams, has never been irrelevant, and got what his heart desired in the end. I think it’s lovely.

He starts out as this weak-ass eternal genin who seems like the nice senpai, supporting team 7. Then he does a 180 (in my opinion one of the best wtf moments I had while reading, bc it fit snugly with the plot and no one saw it coming) and reveals himself as Orochimaru’s spy, killing another Konoha ninja with no remorse whatsoever. 

Then we see him standing just one step behind Orochimaru throughout the entire manga, helping him in the Tsunade+Jiraiya+Naruto vs Orochimaru fight and being a good opponent for Naruto to show off his new skills and determination. 

He acts just as creepy but in some ways, he’s even worse than Orochimaru bc we thought he was the good guy, and now he’s doing god knows what to Sasuke as well as helping Orochimaru find eternal life. 

When Sasuke kills Orochimaru, what does he do? Well he gives himself a power-up and joins the war on his own terms, proving his skill and resourcefulness. To put it shortly, he goes from wuss to creepy side-kick to badass. 

And then the highlight of his character arc: the fight against Itachi and Sasuke. Basically, if Kabuto isn’t taken down, Naruto and Co. are gonna suffer badly. Most likely they’ll all die. Which means Kabuto is pretty damn interesting as a competitor for the title of “most important villain”. 

We get his back story. How he was an orphan (ofc duh) who was taken in by the Mother of Fire country’s one and only orphanage. And what does he do? Well besides being a cute as fuck kid he decides to join Orochimaru because he thinks it’s the best thing to do. It probably isn’t but oh well, he joins Orochimaru in search of who he really is. He wants to find himself but along the way he becomes more and more like Orochimaru, which Itachi calmly points out.

Funnily enough, Itachi has screwed up most things in his life but Kabuto’s redemption is something he can take 100% credit for. No talk no jutsu here, but instead a chance for Kabuto to realize things on his own and “find himself”. And when he does find himself… why he joins the good side and saves Sasuke’s life, of course. Aka still relevant.

I was wondering what happened to him after ch 700, but then 700+10 neatly completed his character arc, still in character, and doing what he wanted secretly within his heart.

He became a Father. 

I think it’s beautiful. Best dad award goes to Kabuto bc all the other boys suck at being fathers (well maybe not Chouji, Sai, and Lee… damn that kinda means it’s just Naruto and Sasuke who suck, how weird). I will use a Swedish idiom that perfectly describes my feelings: Narudad and Sasupapa - throw yourselves into a wall, Kabuto owns you. And that is all I will say on the matter.

The Pantheon is slowly revealing himself back … Last days to check the @insideoutproject installation ! #Paris

It is very likely that every person in the Church knows someone–a family member or a friend–who is gay, lesbian, or bisexual. I also think it is very likely that many people do not know that they know a homosexual or bisexual person because that person is afraid to reveal that part of himself or herself for fear of being rejected, punished, or excluded.

Nothing has suspended the commandment of Jesus to love one another and to bear one another’s burdens.
—  Chieko Okazaki, Disciples, pg. 121
The Devil

The Devil will never leave us and we will never leave him.
The Devil is the spark in the darkness of the night’s forest.
He is the desire for truth, justice, and power.
The Devil is the fire that first ignited man’s imagination.
He always was and always will be, even if by different names.
Forever changing, but always the same, only revealing Himself when He is needed.
The Witch will never be separated from The Old One, and She does not need to be.
As witches, only we can see the truth that others are so afraid of.
He gave us the fire from the mountain’s peak and handed us that precious fruit.
We embrace these gifts and thank Him for his generosity.
Don’t turn your back on him.
The Devil will never leave us and we will never leave Him.


Back at Fortemps Manor, Artoirel reiterates the success of the mission. He goes on to say how he assumed that the stories about you were nothing but rumor, and that he didn’t expect you to be half as strong or as selfless as you were made out to be.

He then goes on to reveal the tension between himself and Haurchefant. Though he does not directly come out and say it, he doubted the truth of your legacy because he heard it first from Haurchefant - who, he reveals, happens to be Count Edmont’s illegitimate son. Just as Edmont’s wife despised Haurchefant and refused to ever acknowledge him, Artoirel always bore a grudge against his half-brother and was prepared to let you fend for yourself against the heretics as a result of that animosity. But Artoirel sees now that he was wrong about you, Haurchefant’s dear friend… and after seeing you in action, he is willing to give you the respect you deserve.

This puts so much about Haurchefant into perspective. Although Count Edmont himself is shown to be a welcoming individual, Haurchefant’s status as a bastard might explain why he’s so accepting of outsiders. And then there’s the fact that he’s been stationed at Camp Dragonhead for possibly years; while that is a very important task, it’s also well out of the capital and pointedly away from Ishgardian high society. In spite of that, though, Haurchefant is greatly respected by nearly everyone in Coerthas, including Lords Drillemont and Francel. If his birth status makes him an outcast, as we are made to believe from Artoirel’s account of his half-brother’s life, it hasn’t stopped Haurchefant from surrounding himself with people who admire and support him. And from what we know of him, he’s certainly not one to mope about his position, either.

Protect Haurchefant at all costs.

INFINITE’s Sunggyu Names Himself as One of the Top 5 Idol Singers

INFINITE’s Sunggyu Names Himself as One of the Top 5 Idol Singers

INFINITE member Sunggyu recently revealed that he considers himself one of the top five singers amongst all idol stars.

On the July 1 broadcast of tvN’s variety program “The Demand of Luxurious Food,” Sunggyu and Lee Sang Min made an appearance as special guests.

During the episode, Lee Sang Min asked the INFINITE member how he ranks himself in terms of singing ability out of all idol singers. In…

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Seremela sat on top of a building, located somewhere near the sea. Magnolia was the name of the town she was currently watching. Watching the humans wonder around about their lives without knowing anything about her or the rest of her kind or what they did filled her heart with joy. Even though she wasn't smiling, she was smiling on the inside. She grabbed out her notebook and wrote down some notes about the town before she felt the presence of someone on the same rooftop. "Whose there?"

He revealed himself as soon she asked. Laxus just stood there in front of her arms crossed over his chest and stared at the girl with signature poker face. “Not your enemy that’s for sure. Who are you anyways? Never seen you around here.” He was aware she was no ordinary human. Her smell was different so he was being careful not to do anything to anger her.

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For those of you wondering about Nochang - - he dated a model, Jinkyung for a while(not confirmed tho). He's also bipolar and says he went to the hospital bcs of schizophrenia(not sure if he has it or just went to get checked up?) But he's really a sweetheart he cried bcs he had to give up a beat he liked very much so Black nut could use it (higher than e-sens track) and he yelled at him lmao

i’m not sure whether he has schizophrenia, but he has a bipolar/maniac-depressive disorder.
here’s the interview where he talks about it, if anyone is interested:

Part 1 | Part 2 

trans cr: swagiri 

it’s a really good interview and if you’re a nochang fan i highly recommend reading it. it reveals a lot about himself, but it will also break your heart.

The Seastorm (1/2)

Summary: Ryan left the Vagabond behind. He abandoned the mask, the identity, his old employers. But it’s only a matter of time before all the lies unravel, and here he is now; a dead body in the trunk and his past catching up to him hard and, worst of all, Gavin’s trust in him broken. The only way to get out of this is to work together, but that’s going to be damn near impossible when Ryan’s revealed himself to be the one thing Gavin fears most.

a/n: For my dear friend youre-my-bois~ happy birthday!! <3


t/w: violence, non-detailed descriptions of panic attacks

Here they are now. Ryan is shaking, shaking, can’t stop. He’s cold, he tells himself, that is why. With every sharp turn he takes around the winding cliffside road, the body in the boot of the car gives a sickening thump as it slides and hits the sides of the trunk. Each time Gavin’s breath hitches as he jumps and Ryan has to fight the urge to look over at him, in the passenger seat, with concern. Part of him wants to make sure he’s okay. The rest afraid of what the look on his face might be.

In the end, though, it’s Gavin who breaks the silence.

“Is Ryan even your real name?”

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[NEWS] 150702 INFINITE’s Sunggyu Names Himself as One of the Top 5 Idol Singers

INFINITE member Sunggyu recently revealed that he considers himself one of the top five singers amongst all idol stars.

On the July 1 broadcast of tvN’s variety program “The Demand of Luxurious Food,” Sunggyu and Lee Sang Min made an appearance as special guests.

During the episode, Lee Sang Min asked the INFINITE member how he ranks himself in terms of singing ability out of all idol singers. In response, Sunggyu honestly stated, “I consider myself to be in the top five idol singers. I think it’s SHINee’s Jonghyun, BEAST’s Yoseob, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, and then me.”

MC Shin Dong Yup warned, “You can’t say the last remaining one. If someone gets upset [that you didn’t say their name], just say it’s that person,” lending his witty advice. Sunggyu replied, “It’s okay for anyone to think it’s them.” However, he quickly apologized and said, “I was just throwing names out,” making everyone laugh as he tried to do some damage control for his earlier statement.

Credits: Soompi
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is there a fic where Danny reveals himself to his parents because he has to save them with his ghost powers. like it’s certain death and he has no time to hide and change so he has to protect them really quickly and reveal himself. because I really want a fic like that