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Some questions about Harry Potter

If truth potions exist, why was Sirus Black convicted of the murders he didn’t commit? Wouldn’t interrogation under the effects of a truth potion reveal his innocence?

If Voldemort could curse the Defense Against the Dark Arts professorship, why didn’t he just also curse the position of headmaster? Why not curse the position of Auror? Why not use that ability to try and stop everyone who opposed him? Furthermore, if Dumbledore knew that the position was cursed, why didn’t he try to do anything about it?

If Voldemort is the result of being conceived under the effect of a love potion, wouldn’t that mean there are a lot more Voldemorts running around in the world? Or is date rape and loveless marriages just not a thing for wizards?

If the power to travel through time exists, why do they only use this power to let a 13 year old girl take extra classes? Why not use it to stop Voldemort? Why not use it to solve crimes by revisiting the scene when it took place?

How did Dumbledore not know about the Marauder’s Map and its users in general? Why didn’t Dumbledore do anything about James bullying the shit out of Snape? Shouldn’t he have learned by that point that bullying wizards never ends well? Is Dumbledore some kind of secret asshole?

Why are young wizards-in-training not allowed to use magic outside of school, even if they’re in a household where their parents use magic all the time? Wouldn’t it make sense for them to practice their skills rather than risk them getting sloppy and lazy over the summer?

Why is the age of majority in the wizarding world 17? Do wizards biologically mature faster than ordinary people?

Does Hogwarts offer classes outside of magic-related stuff? Is there a single wizard who understands basic algebra? What about political science? Is that offered? Do they study muggle literature, or only wizarding literature?

How did literally no one know that Harry and Voldemort had sister wands? Why didn’t Ollivander think to try and tell anyone about this?

Why would anyone agree to participate in the Triwizard Tournament if they didn’t know what the competitions were? What if the contests involved a gangbang?

If Nicholas Flamel invented the Philosopher’s stone and discovered the elixer of life, why wouldn’t he share that elixer with anyone? Wouldn’t that have saved countless lives?

Why is capital punishment forbidden in the wizarding world, but the Dementor’s Kiss, which is objectively worse in every conceivable way, accepted without question?

What was that black goo?

Doubt (reader x Bucky Drabble)

Characters: reader x Bucky, Natasha

Summary: A competition about who loves the other more reveals a deeper, sadder truth. 

Warnings: some fluff, then the angst. Sorry. 

Word Count: 1082

A/N: I don’t know where this came from but my brain wanted some late-night angst, so here you go. Perhaps I shouldn’t dwell on past relationships and their pitfalls late at night. Hm…

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You paused for a moment, tangled in an impossible dress that Natasha insisted you try on. Where the hell were the sleeves in this thing?!? Defeated, you decided to pull the dress off over your head and reassess the sleeves/neck hole/straps situation. Only Nat would find interest in such a complicated article of clothing.


Freed from the cloth, you smoothed down your hair and took another look at the dress.


“If you don’t answer that damn phone, I’m gonna smash it,” the redhead bellowed from the changing room next door.

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I just have a lot of feels about the moment before the kiss when Betty says “I believe YOU, Jughead”. I assume this comes after Archie’s revealed the truth about his dad being a Serpent and Bughead visit him together in the trailer.  

Can we talk about what this must mean to Jughead? This boy who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks with a waster for a dad? Who got a juvie record for playing with matches??? Who got bullied just because he was different, didn’t play sports and had his nose in books? Who got sidelined by his best friend the moment something more interesting came along? Who was a loner and by his own admission used sarcasm as a defense mechanism for dealing with the world, which had been nothing but cruel to him? This 16-year old who had to be the grown-up because the grown-ups in his life had just left him to fend for himself? Can we blame him for not trusting too easily? For being wary of people and of relationships because everyone in his life just keeps letting him down? For not telling Betty or anyone about his homelessness or his alcoholic dad? 

It’s no surprise that he expects the worst when Archie lets out his dad is a Serpent. How could he not? It took just one skeleton to tumble out of his closet and his best friend was accusing him of betrayal. He isn’t surprised – this is what keeps happening to him. It was possibly why despite being this rational thinking, intelligent, sharp-witted boy and recognizing that Keller hadn’t a hope in hell of making it stick, he was still scared of being the scapegoat. Because this is what his life has been. No one believes him or in him. They take one look at his past and the people surrounding him and brand him. The fact that he cares for people deeply has only hurt him. And continues to hurt him. He worries about losing his friends because he’s used to people assuming the worst about him. So that moment when Betty says– “I believe YOU, Jughead”, must be such a HUGE moment for this boy. She asks for no explanations. She believes HIM and that is enough for her. And he has never had that kind of unwavering faith, that kind of unconditional affirmation – from anyone ever in his young life! He’s so overwhelmed, he can only kiss her in gratitude. 

Rip my heart in shreds because the pain!!!!

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Hi for fic recs I'm good with anything I just am in a slump trying to find some good Granada style fics and so I thought I would seek the help of an expert xD Maybe some fluff or h/c preferably 1k+ words

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Oh good! let’s do this :D

Particular Pecularity by saavik13m, 43k, Mature: “How high is your regard for me, Watson?” He asked abruptly, his eyes still trained on the fire. “If I were to confess my darkest secret would you leave? Would you abandon me here to my melancholy?”A case forces Holmes to reveal the truth to Watson and risks both their reputations and their liberty. Just how understanding is John Watson?

Since First I Saw Your Face by Stavia_Scott_Grayson, 42k, Mature, Holmes POV, wip: During the Great Hiatus, Holmes, studying in Tibet, reflects on his first meeting with Dr John Watson. Full of historical references, with a hopelessly in love Holmes, beautiful writing, one of the best fics of the moment. I can’t recommend it enough, it’s so good D:

Le Beau Gent sans Merci by SweetSorcery, 2k, Teen: News of Captain Jack Croker and Lady Mary Brackenstall start Holmes and Watson talking about the perfect relationship.

All the Makings of a Great Romance by fleetwood_mouse, 12k, Explicit, Holmes POV: Sherlock Holmes lays down his account of the events of The Adventure Of The Empty House, the years leading up to it, and the night that followed.

Notes On A Love Story by A_Candle_For_Sherlock, 4k, gen: Watson finds a copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray in Holmes’ room. Or: what happens when a queer novel upends Baker Street.

Hidden Depths by Susannah_Shepherd, 7k, Explicit: Watson inadvertently lets slip that his war injuries are far more extensive and crippling than he has formerly admitted. Holmes encourages him to confront his fears and find new hope.

Lesson Learned by Shadowycat, 9k, Mature: In which, Holmes makes a discovery, Watson makes a decision, and Holmes learns a lesson (or two) he never thought he’d want to learn. (Alternating Holmes and Watson POVs.)

Rubicon by Janeturenne, on livejournal, 4k: “One minute we were both on the deck, and the next minute we were both in the river…“ after an explosion while working on a case, Holmes and Watson think they’ve lost each other.

and, if you haven’t read all of Katy Forsythe, you should ;)

So since I’m getting close to being done with my Generator Rex rewatch, here is my Official List of Evidence that Rex and Lance are the Same Character:

1. Both latino.

2. Both bisexual:

3. Both crushing on the Cool Chick who’s too old for them:

4: About the same age.

5: >:3

6: Dreamworks Face

7: Memelords.

Spread the word, don’t let the media hide the truth.

Saturday Morning Holmes/Watson Rec: sans_patronymic

I just spent a delightful morning working my way through sans_patronymic’s catalogue on AO3, reading all those fics I had missed since my last visit and I just had to take a moment to rec this author. They have all the skill and talent of mistyzeo or Katie Forsythe, and their Victorian voice is witty, lovely, and completely in character. Here are a few of my favorites:

The Domesticated Detective Series

Holmes’s inability to attend to basic domestic chores causes friction between him and Watson. Featuring musings, squabbling, and eventual makeup sex.

A Man of Great Character and Better Humor

When a bit of bad news threatens to crush Watson’s spirit, Holmes knows just the solution.

The Closet Offense

Watson makes an indecent proposition in an even less decent location.

Dawn of Man

The night before the conclusion of the Baskerville case, Watson believes he and Holmes are both in need of distraction.

Dream Lovers

An illness reveals to Watson the truth of his desires. Love is unconquerable, even when things are not always as they appear.

Undiscovered Country

Holmes has an unusual desire which he hesitates to share. Watson is more than accommodating.


Watson questions Holmes about a particular talent and the answer is more than he bargained for.

Revelatory Tea - Edible Spellcraft

Revelation comes from the Latin word revelare and means to lay bare. It is a drawing back of the curtain and opening the mind to truths about what it means to be human in the world. As humans, we often seek revelations about how we should be in the world. Whether we are seeking meaning and structure in our lives or just what we should do in the next few hours, we seek patterns that reveal truths. This revelatory tea, made from hibiscus and cinnamon, can elevate your thoughts and help you see your way more clearly.

You Will Need

  1. Hibiscus (dried)
  2. Cinnamon (a crushed nib off a cinnamon stick)
  3. Tea cup and saucer
  4. Pen and paper

If it is part of your practice, cast a circle. As you sit with your ingredients before you, centre yourself. Ground yourself in the present moment by focusing on your breath, the sensations of your body, and your connection to the earth.  

Begin by placing a pinch of hibiscus and a smidge of cinnamon in the bottom of a tea cup. Next, set a kettle to boil. When the water has reached a low boil pour the water over the hibiscus and cinnamon and allow it to steep for no less than ten minutes and no more than fifteen.

While waiting for the hibiscus tea to steep, write your question, concern, or dilemma down. You may wish to make notes underneath your question of any key facts, people, or dates that will impact your choices. Then consider the different angles and approaches you could take; what are the potential consequences and what could you gain? Contemplate your question and propose multiple solutions. You may find your mind wanders during this process and that is okay; when you notice your attention has shifted gently draw it back.

After the tea has steeped, hold the cup before you and recite the following three times with intent:

Consider my situation
Give to me a revelation

Drink the tea, allowing your thoughts to settle like the leaves in the cup. Leave a very small amount of liquid in the cup. Then take the cup by the handle in your left hand and give it three swift circles. Be sure to move it in a deocil (sunwise, clockwise) direction. You will see the leaves shift and cling to the cup. Next, invert the cup over the saucer and allow the remaining tea water to run out. Then set the cup before you and look at leaves, opening your mind and imagination to what you see. Look for patterns and images. Perhaps, you see a bell, a bird, a letter, or a number. Record on your paper the images you see and write down what they might represent and how it applies to your situation.

After you have considered these things, set the paper aside and allow the revelation to steep in you like the herb steeped in the water. When the time is right your mind will settle on a way forward and you will be able to proceed.


Potential Images

  • Bell: warning, anticipated news
  • Wand: creative action
  • Bird: forward movement (when flying) or luck (when roosting)
  • Heart: listen to your emotions and relationships
  • Moon: seek wisdom, draw on your strength
  • Serpent: deception, flattery
  • Triangle: change

Hibiscus: associated with Venus and the feminine; boosts clairvoyance and psychic energy
Cinnamon: associated with Sol, fire, and the masculine; adds sanctification and protection
Reading Tea Leaves: practised in many cultures throughout the world, the symbols can be subjective and should be interpreted through your intuition.

Carl’s on it.


mbti moodboards

➥ ENFP (the champion)

[ENFPs] are introspective, cooperative, informative, and expressive. Champions have a strong desire to make their thoughts known to the world. When Champions speak or write, they are often hoping to use their convictions to motivate others to participate in advocacy or they hope to reveal a hidden truth about the human experience. [They] are greatly concerned with ethics and justice and have a strong desire to speak about current issues and events. They are the most inspiring and animated of the role variants.

Champions are warm, energetic, spontaneous, positive, exuberant and dramatic. Other individuals usually find these personality qualities to be attractive and often want to be in their company. They usually have good people skills and get along well with their colleagues. (x)

Episode 145: 終わりなき反逆 – Owarinaki Hangyaku
(Unending Rebellion)

A Decisive Duel!
Kurosaki vs. Yuya!
Still can’t accept that he has lost his sister, Kurosaki turns his violent rage toward Yuya…! Yuya then challenges Kurosaki to a Duel. A sorrowful and intense battle between the two begin!

This week’s Leo: regretting his plan!
Leo regrets that his plan to revive Ray has ruined many people’s lives and relationships. Leo then reveals the truth about the connection between Ray and Ruri to Kurosaki and Yuya…

Credit: DMC3444