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I like to headcanon that Tucker is a werewolf

from a family of werewolves

there is probably a more logical explanation for his ‘meat sense’ and his parents letting him eat only meat for 14 years straight but I don’t want it.

Most Ardently

Anonymous Request: Can you do a Sam x reader where reader is hit by a spell forcing her to talk in Shakespearean language and revealing her feelings for him? 

Pairing: Sam x reader

Word Count: 1.4k

Warnings: dean’s a butt, lots of cute silliness :-)

A/N: I added in translations in parentheses where I thought it’d be helpful! enjoy!

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“Y/N, behind you!” Sam yelled, startling you as you whirled around to face the witch.

She was less than two feet from you, and you took a step forward to stab her in the chest when she surprised you by blowing some sort of dust straight into your face.

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Weekly Fierce Reads Recap

We’ve been super busy this week with big book news, cover reveals, new releases, and more. To make sure you caught all of the goodness, here’s a quick recap to start your weekend off right.

(Yes, we like to kick off the weekend with a dance party. Then some chocolate followed by some reading and a nap.)

BIG Book News:

Cover Reveal:
The cover for The Traitor’s Kiss is FINALLY here and OH BOY IT’S BEAUTIFUL.

New Releases:
1. How to Break a Boy by Laurie Devore (ommmggg we ❤️ mean girl books)

1. We kicked off the blog tour for Romeo & What’s Her Name – SO FUN
2. A How to Break a Boy playlist, made by Laurie Devore – LOVE IT
3. And then there’s this gif we just really like a lot: 

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Many of you are familiar with 1 Peter 3:3-4: ‘Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hair and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. Rather it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.’

Many have used this verse to underscore the idea that the godly woman is a quiet woman, a woman who doesn’t take up space and doesn’t speak out of turn. But this use of gentle (or meek) does not mean being a pushover or hidden from sight. Sure, it means we should not speak in a way that needlessly stirs up friction or destructive commotion. But a closer look at this word in its original language reveals a new dimension.

The Greek word ‘praus’ is used in 1 Peter 3:4 to describe the characteristic of gentleness or meekness. HELPS Word-Studies define this word as ‘excercising God’s strength under His control – i.e. demonstrating power without undue harshness.’ The heart of meekness is simply harnessing the Lord’s power under His control.


Jess Connolly, Wild and Free

(this changed everything for me)

The only reason why I never reveal my language obsession hobby to people is their reaction. So it helps to avoid negative sounding questions like “what are you even going to use it for lmao” or “it is so useless why’d you even do it”. So it is socially accepted to say you have no hobby but when you say you’re trying to learn 5 languages you turn into a freak. Nice.


What invented languages reveal about real human communication.


‘Granny the Ripper’

Police now believe that 68 year-old Russian pensioner, Tamara Samsonova, could be one of the most prolific serial killers in Russian History. For 20 years, the friendly grandmother dubbed ‘Granny the Ripper’, kept a detailed journal in three different languages, revealing that she killed 10 people and hacked their bodies into pieces. As if her murderous documentations weren’t enough, she was caught on CCTV; Dressed like some kind of forensic detective in a disposable PPE suit, she can be seen disposing the body parts of her last victim in plastic bag. 

Body language reveals a lot, wouldn’t you agree. For example, Oscar’s illustrating with his hands, to emphasize his interpretation of Poe’s romantic feelings for Finn. Johnny, in response to Oscar, is nodding his head in agreement. It’s a submissive gesture that shows he’s attuned, supportive and responsive to Oscar; and just on a side (and less analytical) note, I’ve got to say, my babies are so sweet. Just look at them! They my boo!

John Boyega and Daisy Ridley’’s gesture, here, is one of affection. Note how he leans in and rubs Daisy side in the first gif. He’s physically reassuring her, and being supportive. Also, in the second gif, Daisy’s hand remains on John’s shoulder’s as he turns to walk towards the theater premiering SWTFA, to retain his attention and continue the physical contact between herself and John. Both gestures showed signs of affection, and that affection came across with their portrayal of Finn and Rey. This cast (actually, John, to be perfectly honest) is full sweet people, I must say.

And back to Oscar, the hand placed expressively over Oscar’s heart, tells me that he was being sincere. So when he stated that he was playing romance in regards to Finn’s interaction with Poe, based on his body language, I’d wager a Republic credit that he was being absolutely honest.

So, there you have it.

(Gifs were created by talented SWTFA giffers, may the force be with them)


Mr. Robot (1x02)
Written/directed by Sam Esmail. Cinematography by Tod Campbell.

Mr. Robot is a TV show that makes perfect use of the visual medium to tell its story. You don’t even need to know what this scene is about – the set, the camera angles, and the actors’ body language reveal everything that matters: There’s the round table for the secret inner circle, allowing those in power to sit comfortably while Elliot has to stand. There are the two white pillars that serve as a gate and as a reminder that Elliot is not yet allowed into that inner circle. And there’s the doorframe in which Elliot is figuratively trapped and kept in his place, whereas everybody else is free to move around. When Tyrell makes his unethical offer, he brazenly invades Elliot’s space – and when Elliot turns his offer down, Tyrell withdraws, and the visual distance between them grows.

If you want to learn how visual storytelling works, watch Mr. Robot. It’s a fine example.

Exactly. The narrative from *ot4 is stronger than ever* and *their concerts are more fun as a foursome* quickly changed to *1d is breaking up*.

As you say the end of 2014 up until the summer of 2015 the ua’s and the press was very larry-focused.

For God’s sake it trended worldwide on Twitter when Louis asked Harold, up for it.

These were massive-massive changes and we can only guess what happened.

Questions worth to consider:
Cowell’s perfect positioning (it was his show!!) and blaming of Modest after the Apple shirt incident

Did the boys want to re-sign with Syco at all? (Their body language reveals fear and tension and utter disgust with him)

Did Azoff want to work with Simon at all? What if Simon was about to get fucked over (aka boys not signing with him) and he then turned this vengeful rage war on?

We know babygate was in the works starting Nov 2014 (B’s social media got wiped that time). We also sort of suspect there wasn’t a resounding YES if bg should be launched or not (I can’t forget Annas’ tweets complaining that ‘ominous night’)

Why was Louis papped at the Sony offices in the summer? Why was he the Sony golden boy? Why was he in TXF (wearing the rainbow shirt?) What was Be In The Band? Where did it go eventually? What’s with the label of Louis we hardly ever hear about? Was this the way Simon courted him? Then when he realized the boys wouldn’t sign with him he made the public forget Louis ever made music or had aspirations to look for raw talent?

When did Simon know he 'lost’? Because in June at the Summertime Ball Liam denied the hiatus, even though Jones was next to him. And we know the fandom started panicking at the mere mention of hiatus (ergo that didn’t serve the boys’ interests)

The summer sorta passed but the next huge push and change was when the UK leg started and all along, the cancelled concert, RBB Sbb being more aggressive than ever, the RBB Sbb Twitter. Their phone Jesus.

So many questions.