Imagine Adrien finally recognizing that he has had a crush on Marinette for the longest fucking time, and when she asks him out the next day he says yes because, “omg!!! This amazing girl just asked me out and she’s so cute how could I say no?!” So on patrol the night of their date LB asks him about why he hasn’t flirted with her, like that’s really unusual wtf?? And he responds with a “Well actually this really cute girl asked me out and we’re going out tonight!” And ladybug is like “oh! Who’s the lucky girl?” “Her name’s Marinette!” And he just goes on a tangent about how great she is, and is interrupted mid-sentence, “A-Adrien?!” And he’s just all, “fuck how did she know? Shit this is bad.” And he asks her, and she waves him off, and says, “I’ll see you at eight!” Before jumping off. And then he’s like; “wait when did we- FUCK LB IS MARINETTE” and he’s just left blushing and confused.

Let’s just say the date went well after that.


This is part 16 of my Miraculous Ladybug comic. Marinette’s reaction to finding out that Chat Noir is Adrien. Sorry this was delayed, somehow I deleted one of the parts and had to redo it. Oops.  

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During a physical education lesson, their teacher divides them into team Chat Noir and team Ladybug.

Chloe starts her usual bollocks, only this time Mari resolutely stomps over to team Chat Noir and CREAMS the others, even though Adrien and Kim are there.

Proudly stating no-one was besmirching Chat’s name in front of her, she leaves the class with the strong impression that they never want to get into fisticuffs with her. And that she has a crush on Chat Noir.

Adrien is suddenly struck by how PRETTY she looks when she’s all flushed and breathless from beating the crap out of him.

That night, he goes to knock on her window, with every intention of letting her down slowly. She ends up beating the crap out of him instead - at video games.

He tries again a week later - because he wants to let her down gently, not because he wants a rematch - and instead she feeds him cookies from a piled plate she mysteriously​ has in her room. Like she was waiting for him.

Third time, he’s sure he’s going to do it because it’s gone on long enough and he can’t keep avoiding it, and instead he finds her crying over her physics homework because she missed the class and can’t understand it. He ends up tutoring her, and comes again five more times at least to help her with her work. She makes sure to have at least one quiche ready when she finds out it’s his favourite.

By the twentieth time he goes, he swears he’s going to tell her, he loves ladybug and only her, if nothing else because he can’t stand Plagg and his teasing anymore. Instead he finally notices the wall plastered with his face - both of his faces. Adrien and Chat smile down at him and he’s not sure how red he is, but it’s VERY hot in her room all of a sudden.

When she notices that he saw and starts blushing and stammering, Chat is a gonner, because this really sweet and talented girl looks both of him in the face every day in her room with admiration and affection and there’s only so much a teenage boy can take.

He talks it out with Ladybug. She appears all surprise at first, a bit embarrassed​ that she’s always taken his flirting as a joke, but totally ok with the fact that he’d sort of moved on to Mari without realising it. She falls off the roof when he insists that he WILL tell her his identity, because Mari has him on her wall with and without the mask and he wants at least one person in his life who likes all of him like that.

He’s sure she’s hit her head because even when she comes back up, she only speaks in squeaky, broken sentences. She insists on going home right after, and he lets her end patrol early.

He’s not sure what happens the next day when Mari jumps into his arms, calls him her kitty and plants a long, wet kiss on him on the school stairs, but he’s not complaining​. He could swear his driver is snapping photos. He sure hopes Gorilla plans to share.


I decided I wanted to draw my own reveal. Naturally after this point, Marinette acts totally awkward around Chat now that she knows his secret identity.

Bonus Reveal… This is kind of a joke reaction to the comic I’m doing. I honestly don’t ever think even Marinette would be THAT dense, but I thought it was funny. Kind of a Clark Kent thing (his disguise is even worse than theirs!)… like HOW could they not know each other’s identities but they recognize akumas like Stoneheart by their voice alone? 

Anyway, I just thought it was funny. Nothing serious X) Just me doodling.


This is Part Four of my Miraculous colored comic. 

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More pages are coming! I can only work so fast, but I have something sweet planned.

I’m going to repeat my thank you from before. I really, really appreciate all of the support. Again, thank you guys again for all the enthusiasm, you may think that your comments and likes don’t reach me, but in reality it makes my day. As an artist, this is all I could possibly ask for, so thank you <3


This is Part 5 of my Miraculous colored comic. Btw, this comic needs a name. Anyone want to name my comic for me? I’m horrible at coming up with names.

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Another big thank you shout out. I wouldn’t have gotten past part 1 without so much awesome response. I’m having a lot of fun painting these :) 
It should be noted that the painting is a recreation of one I found online, I think it’s called Paris through new eyes, but I had a hard time finding much on it. I just liked it and did a rough color replica. I feel it deserves proper recognition.

Alright, so how about those names?


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I got lots of Yeses to continue! I can only go so fast though! This is part 2 of my colored Miraculous Ladybug comic. More frames to come :) 
Though, if I hit 100 yeses to continue, I’m not sure how to do that many frames. Maybe instead an emotional video with the song In The Rain?


This is Part 3 of my colored Miraculous Ladybug comic.
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I said I’d do a frame per Yes (to continue) I got, but I wasn’t expecting them in the hundreds! I promise I will keep going though and won’t stop for awhile!! Thank you guys so much for the overwhelming encouragement and support! I will try to get at least one part done per day (though understand I’m a very busy person), so more coming soon!!!
Little update:
I have 18 pages divided in 4 parts scripted and planned out. I just have to draw them and then script out the next part (I have a general idea, I just need it all written out).

Thank you guys again for all the enthusiasm, you may think that your comments and likes don’t reach me, but in reality it makes my day. As an artist, this is all I could possibly ask for, so thank you <3 

Miraculous Ladybug - Reveal Circumstances

I’m pretty sure there are people out there who have already talked about this topic relating to the love square reveal. But I would like to point some things out.

We all know everyone is blind in who are Ladybug and Chat Noir, including Marinette and Adrien. But there is a difference: she’s not interested in knowing his identity, while he wants to know hers but still doesn’t go against her wishes (as seen in Lady Wi-Fi). With this on mind, it kind of gives the idea that the reveal scenario would be either because they reach a conclusion to reveal themselves to each other or it happens because of an accident. We will let Thomas Astruc surprise us on the matter, none of us know what’s coming in that moment.

Anyway, another thing I want to reach is their reactions. As for now from what we’ve seen in S1, it’s obvious that Marinette will be shocked if she were to know now that Chat Noir is in fact her crush Adrien, almost sure she will be in denial because both of them are very different (again, Lady Wi-fi).  On the other hand, Adrien would also be impacted to know that Ladybug is his designer friend Marinette, who is usually shy around him and doesn’t know why; but the impression would be minimal, because he is the one who wants to know who’s behind the mask. After that, he would be happy to realize that Ladybug is someone who he knows from his daily life, but comes to the conclusion that though he sees Marinette as his friend and knows what she’s capable of (creative designer, class president, expert game player, etc.), he doesn’t hang out a lot with her and still doesn’t know why in many occasions she’s so awkward around him. He would want to spend more time with her, obviously; but still having present in him the epiphany that she’s Ladybug, the girl he loves. It would be a mix of getting used to know that these girls are the same person, acting normal as always, between sometimes being reserved and shy as Adrien and other moments being more assertive and bolder as Chat. This is all taking in account what’s happened in S1.

From the little spoilers known for S2, we know there will be more evolution in the different love square interactions: Adrien will hang out more with Marinette (with the possibility of developing a tiny crush on her while still loving Ladybug), it’s perceived that Marinette will begin to see more of Chat as a person and a close friend rather than just her flirting fighting-crime partner (with the same possibility of stop looking at him in a platonic way and maybe have some feelings for him.), among other things. Taking this into account, perhaps all of this will help them in the reveal moment, it will be easier to accept who the other is and happier to know who’s behind the mask. It’s a matter of evolution in them as characters and their different relationships.

We’ll see how everything here is answered this summer!!

It isn’t Christmas anymore but @ladycinnamonroll, you still get a present because I’m your backup Secret Santa!!  I hope you like it!! <3 

It’s dawn and Marinette and Chat Noir’s cat nap ran longer than they expected, so these dorks will get quite the surprise when they wake up!  ^_~  @mlsecretsanta


Reveal: The New Honda Civic Type R

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