galacsin said: No matter how revarding it is, flipping pancakes is one of the most boring food making process anyone can endure. And it disappears faster than morning mist in the desert

It does take a long time, but I find that it can be kinda nice. I watch a show while making them and it’s ok.

Mallory + TJ | Spruce Mountain Ranch Wedding Photos

Spruce Mountain Ranch is such a dreamy venue and yes I am 100% biased because I got married there. However, you add Mallory and TJ to the mix and it just blows your mind. Not only is Mallory incredibly gorgeous, and TJ your classic handsome, the way they are together makes the other shine brighter than before. They are fun and sweet and care so intensely about each other and everyone around them.

As soon as Mallory arrived she was beaming and her girls were laughing following behind. You could tell they were a unit, supporting each other in every way. Mallory got really creative and bought each girl friend an athletic hoodie with the number of years that they have known each other. Her mom and soon to be mother-in-law also dawned sweatshirts with the double zero bringing their love into the group as well.

TJ and his boys on the other hand had both the classy and silly touches with their custom tie clips and “we like to party” underwear. They were also full of life. They were all brothers, both in the literal sense and through their fraternity. The Pike boys were the life of the party. To honor them, TJ had maroon ribbons for all their lapels, but you definitely didn’t need them to spot them out in a crowd. They were always laughing, cheering, and so ready to celebrate how awesome Mallory and TJ are together.

The best part of the night was when Mallory and TJ were announced into the reception. TJ dawned a “vote for pedro” t-shirt and went right into the dance from Napoleon Dynamite. They did it perfectly in sync with really represents their commitment to all things awesome and metephorically how insync thier lives, hearts and love is. I know they will last forever because you can tell that they honestly choose each other every day.

I was a perfect day, for so many reasons. But in the end what made it truly spectacular was that there is now a new Mr. & Mrs. Sheahan. Congratulations Mallory and TJ!


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