Current WIP of my Revantusk forest troll “Luan’ur” (Moon-child).
With the consideration of the Hinterlands and the proximity of her location to the dwarves in the area I decided to give her something of a small bit of gaelic background with her name and her patron loa among some other details that I think will be fun once I get around to doing it. :) 

Ok so this is the thing I did

It’s meant to be a forest troll druid based on Hazzali the lynx loa. There was already a Druid model using the lynx skin so I just did a little editing in GIMP. I’m not an artist so this is just a rough thing I did for fun. Given that there is a portal to the Emerald Dream in the Hinterlands, and the Revantusk are allied with the Darkspear through the Horde, I could see them becoming druids easily.

If you wanna do arts based on this its fine, just show me cause I wanna see!