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A much needed revamp of 100% milk! The font is bigger than the original and there are a lot more options.


  • 400px posts
  • milk carton shaped container
  • heart shaped audio posts (chrome only)
  • 3 tabs (posts, faq/ask, about)
  • 24 custom colors
  • 4 custom links
  • optional hover tags

Please like/reblog if you’re interested, and let me know if you run into any problems with the theme!

hello, people! summer break just started for me and i’m so excited for what’s to come! i figured that making a masterpost would make it official and also would give everyone some ideas how to spend it fruitfully!! let’s begin fellas :’)

- the day school ends -

  • aka the day when you realize that you have days and days ahead of you and don’t know where to start
  • deep clean your room – this will give you he feeling that summer has actually begun and plus you now have a clean room haha
  • make a new playlist (a big one, okay?) – these are super fun to make and also summer does deserve some new funky and sporty songs in its bag
  • relax – go pamper yourself; get that double scoop ice-cream, go to spa, maybe get your nails and hair done. you have survived till summer break and you deserve this!
  • try to sort out your tasks and assignments into your planner – I know this can be tough, especially at the start when holidays have just begun; but try to at least plan out for the next week or two. maybe you want to work on that essay or write out those notes – planning will def help you to feel organized and get back your life in place.

- the following weeks -

  • gET THAT SHIT DONE NOW!!! SERIOUSLY DO IT!! DON’T PUT IT OFF TILL THE LAST WEEK!!! DO IT FAM, DO IT!!! (im low-key saving your butts with this tip, please listen to me) – write out those essays till they are perfect, solve that problem set till its ingrained in your brain, do your readings and write those notes. do it!!
  • combine that shit with fun stuff (see below) don’t burn yourself out please. and most importantly do not stress!!!11!!!!!
  • connect with people. call that friend you forgot about and that aunt who has been asking you over for dinner for ages. summer gives you the time to rekindle your relationships and seriously though, connecting with people will make your life much happier.
  • get a new hobby!! do you draw? paint? write? whatever you do – start doing it. use that time which you spend on the internet in exploring your passions and finding your interests.
  • seriously though, do that work first.

- some (fun) stuff to do in summer -

  • clean your closet (do it mate)
  • compliment people more
  • smile at strangers often
  • vlog your days. maybe start a YouTube channel for this?
  • revamp your blog
  • learn coding and revamp that shitty theme of yours (this applies for me, chill)
  • keep a gratitude journal
  • go a week without any social media (this will be hard, but try it!!)
  • go hiking or cycling with a friend
  • read 7-8 books or as many books as you please
  • have a do nothing day - treat yourself love!
  • learn a new kind of dance - this is really fun, i promise
  • go a whole day with any technology
  • do a 30 day challenge!!
  • seek out an interesting article to read everyday
  • go camping in the hills
  • have a bonfire!! roast marshmallows (or burn old notes lmao)
  • learn to knit/sew
  • save up!! (…they blow it all in a single day? lmao don’t though)
  • star gazing on a clear night!!
  • talk till dawn about random shit with a random person
  • a no makeup day – let your skin breathe
  • go on a family trip!
  • visit a sanctuary or a zoo with a younger sibling or smol kids
  • there are endless possibilities!! these are just some to get you started!!

- the last few days -

  • yo remember you still have winter break to come this year!! don’t be sad, fam!!
  • have a dance party in your room with your favourite music on (bc you only live once)
  • check and recheck if you got all that work done (if you didn’t, rip you haha)
  • check your school’s site for new updates and stuff (I bet you don’t do this though)
  • annnnd then enjoy your last day!! trust me - you’re going to have an amazing term ahead of this!!

Hope this helps! + you can always send me requests for masterposts since my ask box is always open! (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

Love, Taylor xo


august 22, 2017

studyblr is a lot harder than i thought but at the same time, i like how it’s challenging me to create better, efficient notes, which i can’t even do right now because i don’t have a desk??? cries. also, the pilot g-2 pen is honestly the best and i cried when i thought i lost it yesterday. 

+++ revamped my theme, icon, and header, finally 


Hey there! I fixed a lot of things in the code of my theme “Poké!” and since now it’s looking all fresh and new (at least to me!) I’m sort of re-releasing it! 

Theme “Poké!” revamped!!! 

Please let me know if there are any issues with the code and please like/reblog if you decide to use it (if possible!!) 

 For its code and info on its features, visit its live previewI hope you like it!! 

Thank you!!!


Hello family!

Finally the prompt list is here!

To participate, you only have to tag your work as #sasuhina month or #sasuhina month 2017 and I’ll reblog it here. You can also use our submissions page.

Remember: It starts on August 1st and finishes on August 31st.

1.    Trampoline

2.    Stress

3.    Roads

4.    Lawyers

5.    Kleptomaniac

6.    Library

7.    In-Laws

8.    Drawing - Discussion: Favorite Fanart

9.    Tea

10.  Pen-pals

11.  Kimono

12.  Fantasy

13.  Lucid Dream

14.  Sunrise

15.  Pasta - Discussion: Favorite Fanfic

16.  Unimpressed

17.  Cookie

18.  Snapchat

19.  Teammates 

20.  Milestone

21.  Opposites

22.  Reincarnation - Discussion: Sasuhina song

23.  Hesitancy

24.  Prank

25.  Lust

26.  Rebuild

27.  Post-apocalyptic

28.  Pregnancy

29.  Weird - Discussion :  Your  unusual headcanon

30.  Saudade (click on the link!)

31.  Extra - Prompts revamp: Motorcycle/Sleepover/Hair

Thank you all that suggested prompts!

 So… What’s new? 

Discussions every Tuesday! So, we have special days to talk about our OTP! On these days you can post both on the prompt, and the discussion!

Also, we have a revamp on three old themes suggested again this year!


Please remember that these are suggestions, and if you don’t find any of these appealing, you can (and should) create your own prompts. You don’t have to follow the posting schedule. Remember, the important here is to have fun and celebrate Sasuke and Hinata relationship!



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             “ If I told you that you’ll succeed, everything would be fine, right? 

                            And if I said you’re destined to fail
                                                               — would you really accept that? 

                                                       Would you give up? ” 

Art cred.


Hey guys, commissions are open again!!

I offer commissions in 5 different styles; Clean (my own style), painted, Wind Waker, Pokémon and pixel art! I also do emotes and icon commissions.

You can find the full pricing list here. If you’re interested, feel free to shoot me a DM! If you commission me something above €25 before November 18th, you’ll get a €5 discount as well!

If you can’t afford something yourself, a reblog would help me immensely.  Thank you in advance!!


The Red :// Code + Preview

A simple contained theme with a topbar. Actually a revamp of a theme i released in 2015 but quickly took down as the previous version had many errors and bugs.


  • Contained theme
  • 350px posts only
  • 150 x 150px sidebar-image
  • Up to 7 custom links

Please note:

  • Optimized for google chrome on 1366 x 768px resolution ; it should work fine on other sizes and browsers too
  • Please like/reblog if using/considering
    Do not imitate or steal parts of it
    Do not redistribute or claim as yours
    Do not remove my credits

Any questions or troubles?

Put them here!

Jaller, Captain of the Deep Seas

Made for the 2017 Bio-cup.

The theme was revamping a set so it was a good excuse to make another Mahri revamp to go with my Hahli.

You might notice that the upper leg design is very similar to Hahli’s which was intentional right from the start, I tried to keep a lot of design aspects from my Hahli moc to make it look like they could be part of a Toa team.

I’m not sure why I though making Jaller a pirate captain-esque figure but the more I though about it the more it made sense; underwater theme, head of the toa team, looking for a mystical gold treasure. Makes sense I guess.


Theme #7 Tinfoil [revamped] by Riverbell themes

A fresh and crisp makeover of my seventh theme, Tinfoil. The inspiration was minimalism and the cold colour of gold, as seen in the preview. This theme is packed with options and cool features which I hope you will enjoy. Don’t forget to like or reblog this post if you are thinking of using this theme ♥

version 1.0.0
» preview + code


  • 400/350/330/300/250 px post width
  • One column, left or right aligned
  • Two sidebars
  • Blog background selections: colour, gradient, full image, pattern image, one image in top right corner, one image in bottom right corner
  • Sidebar background selections: colour or gradient
  • Circular tumblr icon
  • Up to 10 custom links + page link support
  • Optional infinite scroll
  • Optional greyscale posts
  • Optional show tags on hover
  • Custom Google fonts (see notes)
  • Custom reblog and like buttons
  • Disqus support (see notes)


Do not steal, redistribute, remove credit or claim as your own. Alterations for personal use are ok! 


Instructions for Google fonts and Disqus are all available in the live preview. Be sure to read these before asking questions!


Theme #11 Maia [revamp] by Riverbell themes

Super versitile one column theme. With everything fully customizable you can personalize this theme in every detail possible. Please like or reblog if you are using this this/plan to use ♥

ver 1.0.0
» preview + code


  • 500/400/350/330/300/250px posts in one column
  • 6 background styles: one colour, vertical gradient, horizontal gradient, diagonal gradient, full screen image or pattern image
  • Infinite scrolling/pagination
  • 10 custom links + page links
  • Pop up links, optional pop up description
  • Optional sidebar image with panning effect
  • Optional greyscale posts
  • Optional white tumblr controls
  • Custom photoset overlay color
  • Custom Google fonts (see notes)
  • 11 optional social icons (see notes)


Do not steal, redistribute, remove credit or claim as your own. Alterations for personal use are ok! 


Instructions for Google fonts and social icons are available in the live preview/theme documentation. Be sure to read those before asking questions!


                                    temple    |    offerings    |    holy book    |    divine decree
                                                    penned by ella.

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