revamped page too

Sorry for the long waits lately between updates, for some reason lately when I get around to inking stuff I’m coming down with a curious case of “can’t draw” and nothing looks right. I guess I took that power-outage destruction of that one revamped page a little TOO hard. It was some of my best work and it just destroyed my confidence when I couldn’t replicate it on a second try, I know this sound absolutely ridiculous! You deserve my best work though and it’s just taking way longer than usual lately. I hate it! (░ಥ﹏ಥ░) 

Keeping it classy this Thanksgiving...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! 

So, this is what i’m typesetting right now…LOL  👎🏻

(So for context of this page, if anyone read chapter 5, you’d remember that the last thing that happened was that they had sex without a condom…)


Hey guys, so this was actually all cleaned, but as I was typesetting/QCing, I realized that I hated the raws.  So I bought the ebook, and I’m re-doing it all.  It’ll totally be worth it though.  I should probably redo chapter 5 then too…but I’m lazy, so I probably won’t.  This’ll be my next release: chapter 6 of Ootsuki Miu’s Yoake e no Senkou.  I’ll probably release it tomorrow morning?  I should probably release chapter 6 and 6.5 at the same time, but then it’ll take a bit longer.  What do you guys think ? Haha, but I doubt anyone is on tumblr right now…but if you are, chapter 6.5 is the last chapter of this series, and it’s 12 pages.

PS - Check out my old version of Photoshop hahaha…I would’ve bought the newest version, if it wasn’t a shitty monthly subscription. 

PSS - I changed my tumblr’s theme, so it looks a lot less meh now (it’s the desktop version though).  It’s pretty simple still, but I like it. Go check it out!  I’ll also be revamping the projects page too soon (with pictures, summaries, and more obvious links to my releases).