Reasons why there should be season 2 of Jessica Jones.

- We still have no idea who Reva was. Given that Kilgrave’s childhood videos played such an important role and her subsequent death because of that, we should have had a little more knowledge about Reva. How she knew Kilgrave, and how she came into the possession of the videos.

- Why did Reva’s death release Kilgrave’s hold over Jessica? We know now that Kilgrave’s “mind control” was him releasing virus in the air. So why did Reva’s death give Jessica immunity?  Hope Shlottman didn’t get that immunity since we see Kilgrave controlling her even after she killed her parents.

- In the ending scene of the finale, we see Trish looking over the files of the IGH corporation. The organization that covered Jessica’s medical bills when she was in the hospital because of the car accident. If this organization treated other patients and gave them superpowers, then this is a pretty big deal. Since this was brought up in the last few episodes and wasn’t resolved, this will play an important role in the coming season.

- The nurse in the finale mentioned having a friend who had superpowers, but the kind of which wasn’t mentioned. Why mention another person having superpowers at all? This friend of hers could be connected to the IGH corporation. 

EDIT: The nurse was referring to Daredevil in this scene since she played a role in that series. The friend might not play a role if JJ gets a season 2. I was not aware of this fact. But the rest of the post still stands :)

- I believe we will see Simpson again (*groan*). Simpson’s doctor Dr. Koslov who worked for the private research organization IGH. If Simpson mentions to him that Jessica has super strength, IGH could hunt Jessica down and bring her in for lab testing or for something more sinister.

- Which again brings this back to Reva. What if she worked for IGH and thus found Kilgrave’s videos? Maybe Kilgrave’s parents research was funded by them. Or IGH could have hired them after they accidentally gave their son superpowers.

- Also, minor point but where did Luke disappear off to at the end of the finale? I need to know more about his history too and how he met Reva. For playing such an important role, we know practically nothing about her.