rev: season 2


Okay, so I’m a 90% sure that The Kiss is next week. The outfits seem right

Jughead’s blue shirt and green jacket.

Betty’s soft blue shirt.

So we can finally get SO FREAKING EXCITED.

Or worse case scenario, they cut this kiss and we burn down the cw.

But I find comfort in the fact that this promo had The Kiss, the kiss in ep 1 and the “Just…like…me” kiss. And 2 of them DID happen. So the other one should too.

~unpopular opinion~

I can’t help but feel there’s almost too much happening in this season so far? It’s only two episodes in; but I’m feeling overwhelmed?

Is it because season one really only focused on Jason’s murder? And this season, well, three murders, one attempted murder, the Blossom dramas (what happened to daddy?), the Lodges (my heart is breaking for Ronnie), FP (that panicked call from jail?), Archie slowly losing his mind (where did Dilton get a gun from?), Betty discovering her more confident yet dark side and Jughead (potentially losing Pop’s, his dad in jail for 20+ years, meeting with the snake charmer, and whatever Tall Boy is getting him to do, etc) oh and WHERE IS SMITHERS? Fuck, I need some jingle jangle.

I dunno. Maybe it is just me. But I’m overwhelmed and I’m actually kinda scared that it’ll be too much too quickly?



Omg I squealed and I cried and I screamed.

Just a few thoughts:

Why did they cut out two Bughead kisses!?

Juggie dealing with more serpents!!

The way juggie went off on mayor McCoy! 😍

Juggie just in general!

Archie my poor poor Archie! You need help baby. I’m pretty sure you have PTSD baby! Please please get help!

Ronnie being such a good girlfriend!

FP and Jughead was everything!
Jughead’s voice shaking when he told Archie about his dad, A+++ acting Cole!!!
And that hug at the court case 😍😭

Betty threatening Cheryl!!

Jughead smirking at Betty when he talks about the serpents enjoying milkshakes like him and then kisses her!

Cheryl showing her mother like what the heck!?

“You don’t get into bed with a snake charmer jug!” Who the heck is the woman? What is she going to do to Jughead? And how did FP call Jughead?

Hiram Hiram Hiram I hate you and your wife with all of my being!!

Also mama cooper, while I loved you for most of this episode. The last scene with Betty was uncalled for. Leave Betty alone she’s been through enough i.e. You as a mother. #protectbettycooperatallcosts

Also can we talk about midge and moose!? I am officially thrown off track as to what this gunman motive is. Because seriously midge and moose have nothing to do with Archie!?

Oh and Reggie I think you’re funny a lot of times but in this episode you were such a jerk! You don’t mess with someone’s mental health!!

Ps. Unpopular opinion: I miss the old Reggie