Play Guilty Gear.

Guilty Gear is stylish, deep, fun, and has a unique and diverse cast of characters, both on a character level and gameplay level. Its developer truly cares about the game and its quality ahead of any other priority. The community isn’t as huge as Street Fighter’s or even any other mainstream competitive game, but it’s the type of game that’s worth pouring time into anyway as you reap the type of engagement that I’ve yet to find elsewhere.

If you like anime. If you’ve ever wanted to play a fighting game. If you value aesthetics. Play Guilty Gear.

Rev2 is coming out in 2 weeks. Rev1 is like 13 bucks on amazon right now, which you’ll be able to upgrade for 20 bucks on Rev2 release. Otherwise Rev2 is 40 bucks standalone.

my-gamesins  asked:

If Baiken and Answer are being added for Digital Figures, will we have to unlock all the character poses, expressions, etc. once again through fishing? It'll feel like a hassle starting over in Revelator 2 if this were the case.

That should be expected, but if you’ve been fighting diligently all this while (online or off) you’ll have plenty of World Dollars to spend, as I do believe your Rev1 currency will transfer if you obtain the update (that is, unless you’re getting Rev2 standalone).

And even if you do not, all the new characters that didn’t get Arcade Episodes the first time around will need to be cleared.  That’s at least 8k per Arcade run if the difficulty is moderate to Maniac.

Good luck fishing!

I did love Rev2’s independent level for each character rather than the shared experience for Rev1 and the lobby let you run around and be goofy with different gestures is you wanted to and also do the same with the actual levels, and how the character audio had like four different levels depending on your situation (one whispering for stealth, a normal conversational one, a slightly louder agitated one and then a SCREAMING one)
But Rev 1’s handling of parts and gun customization and powered up melee with your partner and how each level progressively brought you through the ship like you were doing the campaign again and character dialogue? Iconic.

In order of enjoyment (this also overall means things for me like how often I come back to play it) for me personally
REMake>RE0>Rev1>RE6/5 (are about equal for me honestly)>Rev2>RE4 I guess>>>>>>RE2/3>>>>>>Code Veronica