rev. shuttlesworth


You’ll probably have to click each pic to see the full thing, but please do, and really think about them.

Chris and I were in Birmingham today and stumbled upon Kelly Ingram Park and the Freedom Walk.
Everyone knows about the bombing of the 16th St Baptist church, most people don’t know about the Civil Rights institute, the park, and the monuments that now surround it, I know we didnt.
We met a lovely local named Michael that taught us more in 20 mins than all of our years of US history. Like how much preachers had to do with the fight. They were the organizers, they were on the front lines. He told us so much about Rev Shuttlesworth who brought Dr King to B'ham, organized the children’s march, and used his network of preachers to do the whole thing.
The freedom walk itself was pretty intense. I almost cried before I even got out of the car. You walk through some of the most intense moments of the civil rights struggle. I shuddered walking through the dogs, they’re obviously a statue, but the fear still grips you.

I don’t really know how to end this post, but y'all, we can never let this shit happen again.

Shuttlesworth led the battle against segregation in Birmingham, Ala. – a battle that focused the national spotlight on the violent resistance to equal rights in the South and forced change. He died Wednesday at 89. Read/hear our obit: Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, Civil Rights Pioneer, Dies

Photo: Rev. Shuttlesworth (far right in hat) and others seated alongside white passengers in Birmingham, Ala. in 1956, Library of Congress