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Arthur Darvill Appreciation Post

Somebody give Arthur Darvill a fucking BAFTA or any other recognized award. He’s great in every role he’s played, he has made them his own and is adept at conveying all the emotions under the rainbow. It’s obviously great to associate him more strongly to one character or another because you might relate more strongly to certain characters. At the same time I consider it an insult to his talent to say that he will always be a certain character he’s played previously or is currently playing. He’s talented enough to make all his characters stand on their own and there is no hint of Arthur but just the character he plays. And that’s the best gift an actor can have.


Broadchurch 2x02

On the Church Steps


“Mark what are you going to do? Come on let’s go back,” Georgina tried as she followed Mark out the back gate.

“Go home Georgie.”
Mark continued his trek across the field, not even slowing down when she tried to pull on his arm to stop him. He took the steps up the path to the church two by two as Georgina scrambled to keep up.

“Enjoy your moment of glory did you?,” he called, approaching Paul.

Paul, just coming back from the news crew had been heading into the church. HE spun around at the sound of Mark’s voice. Confusion passed over his face as he watched Mark continue to barrel towards him.

“What? No.”

Gi was just getting to the top of the steps when Mark pushed him against door frame.

“We don’t need your support,” he sneered.

“Mark!” she cried as she tried to pry him off. Gi stumbled back, Mark shaking her loose from his arm easily.



Breathing heavily, Mark took a step away to look at Paul’s face before starting to walk away.

“Mark…” Gi raised a hand to rest on his arm as he passed.

“Ge’off,” he muttered, shying away from her touch as he strode back down the path leaving her behind with the bewildered vicar and out of breath officer.

Hands combing through her hair, she turned from her brother-in-law’s retreating form to look at the vicar. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine,” he said, leaning back against the door frame.


Glancing towards Mark she felt trapped. She wanted to stay for a moment to apologize for his hotheadedness but if she didn’t follow him he’d probably come back for another go at the poor man.

“Sorry. I have to go,” she said quickly before lighting down the path after him.