rev. green

I never pay much, if any, attention to my phone while at shows because I would rather live in the moment. Regardless of that, I still want to capture memories of concerts I attend without looking at my phone screen. My method is to hit record, keep my phone close and hope I catch something special. This photo being that aforementioned special moment. As the spotlight shined down on Billie Joe in front of 18,000 people during King For A Day we shared a smile, a laugh and some playful gestures. If I felt any more joy in my heart it would have exploded. Personal moments like these are why I plant myself on gross sidewalks for an ungodly amount of time and endure near hypothermia for Green Day concerts. This right here is my everything. 💚

A year ago today this lovely little tweet was made. Also a year ago around this time, my sister and I were talking about how it was a dream of ours to see Green Day at some point in our lives. Little did we know they’d be announcing a club tour just a couple weeks later, and little did we know it would literally change our lives.


“I’m trying to figure out the whole damn thing myself. I’m just confused. I have anxiety about the whole thing. You wake up every morning and think, what now? What stupid thing’s going to be said? What new email hack are you going to read about? What racist comment? A lot of my songs come from…not really anger, but anxiety. And feeling lost in the whole game.” -Billie Joe Armstrong