Zodiac Sounds
  • Aries: The bang from fireworks, glass shattering, thunder, car engine revving, a gong, a war cry, the sound of marching, metallic sounds, a gasp.
  • Taurus: Someone stepping thru grass or thru the forest, faint singing, sound of a cow bell, dishware and silverware hitting each other, sound of sorting or messing with coins, humming, tying of rope.
  • Gemini: The sound of the wind blowing high in the trees, laughter, flap of a wing or tweet of a bird, electricity buzzing, computer or phone notification, wind whistling thru an object, creaky swings, a flute.
  • Cancer: Rain, ocean waves, cooking timer winding, crickets, howling at the moon, frogs chirping and croaking, baby laugh, whistling of a kettle, loons, water calmly hitting the side of a boat, seagulls cry, someone getting settled under the covers.
  • Leo: Roaring fire and/or crackling fire, cicadas in the summertime, shifting sands, clicking from high heels or dance shoes, sounds of a crowded place, cat purr, wine/champagne cork being popped open, heartbeat.
  • Virgo: The buzzing of bees, turning of a page, sip of tea, crunching of leaves, typing, clicking of a pen, brushing their teeth, dishwasher or laundry machine running, a writing utensil scratching on a piece of paper, woodpecker.
  • Libra: Love dove coos, pizzicato, sound of a kiss, a whisper, a music box tune, opening of a letter, pop of opening lipstick or chapstick, tiptoeing, fluffing of a pillow, rosining a bow.
  • Scorpio: Boiling water, clothes ripping, the sound of locking or unlocking something, heavy breathing, creaking of a door, splashing, roaring from a waterfall or rapids, coffee grinder or maker, “shh”, silence.
  • Sagittarius: A match lighting, chanting, bells ringing, galloping, fizzling of a sparkler, popping or crackling of a candle, bouncing of a ball, someone steadily running, flags flapping in the wind, a jet engine about to take off, sound of swooshing as something just misses your head, a train horn off in the distance.
  • Capricorn: Various sounds from cobblestone, treading through the snow, opening of a briefcase, paper shredder, rocks crumbling or falling, picking fruit or leaf off a plant, ATM dispensing money, tick of a clock, echoes.
  • Aquarius: The sound of breathing when underwater, Tibetan bowl, drums, white noise, someone taking in a deep breath, chimes, something being fast-forwarded or rewind, static, needle on vinyl.
  • Pisces: Running water like a creek, river, shower, waterfall, or fountain, light snoring or heavy sleep breathing, popping of popcorn, bubbling of a fish tank, zipping of a sleeping bag, fog horn, piano keys.

Did you know that South Carolina technically had two PRESIDENTS and existed as its own country before the United States even existed as a country?

The royal colony of South Carolina declared its independence from Great Britain on March 15, 1776, almost 4 months before the colonies as a whole would declare its independence. South Carolina became an independent republic, called the Republic of South Carolina, the first such republic in America. Then on March 26, the newly formed Republic of South Carolina drafted its first Constitution and elected its first president, John Rutledge, and it’s first vice president, Henry Laurens.

John Rutledge (1739-1800) was the elder brother of Edward Rutledge, who signed the Declaration of Independence as a representative from South Carolina months after South Carolina’s declaration.

Rawlins Lowndes (1721-1800) was South Carolina’s second president, but he was apart of the committee to change the name of the office from president to governor.

John Rutledge would later go on to serve the state of South Carolina again as its leader, but this time under the title of governor after Lowndes term.

Zodiac Sounds

Aries: The bang from fireworks, glass shattering, thunder, car engine revving, a gong, a war cry, the sound of marching, metallic sounds, a gasp.

Taurus: Someone stepping thru grass or thru the forest, faint singing, sound of a cow bell, dishware and silverware hitting each other, sound of sorting or messing with coins, humming, tying of rope.

Gemini: The sound of the wind blowing high in the trees, laughter, flap of a wing or tweet of a bird, electricity buzzing, computer or phone notification, wind whistling thru an object, creaky swings, a flute.

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Okay, but can we talk about the A+++ casting of GDubs, Le Petit Baguette, and the Angry Smol? Half the time they look just like they stepped out of a damn painting. Especially Le Petit Baguette, who consistently looks like 'Why am I 'ere, George? Why eez eet so cold? Why am I better zan everyone else 'ere?' And Angry Smol busts in for like, two lines, and somehow manages to flirt with someone else's wife just by smirking at her. Just, A+++ casting, AMC. Good job. Two thumbs up.


I legit have never in my entire 21 years on this godforsaken water orb seen a more perfectly fucking casted show. 






aLSo they’re acting is spot on as well. God bless this perfection.


So rev your engines, the war rigs are comin’ in hot

Tailor and Co. (Hercules Mulligan x Fem!Reader)

Tailor and Co.

Hercules Mulligan x Female!Reader

Words- 824 -ugh so little I know

A/N: Requested! I made Laurens live in this. I like how it turned out! Hope you enjoy! The reader is a disguised soldier in the rev. war!


Warnings- War, drunk Laurens, talking about killing ppl idk


“I AM A WOMAN!” You shouted into the sky, grinning, as other people were celebrating that the war was over. Your four friends paused, watching as you let your hair fall out of the bun. You turned to find them stopped. You grinned and Hercules stepped closer to you before crashing his lips against yours. It was wonderful. And here is how you ended up there.

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Today, June 28th, we South Carolinians celebrate Carolina Day, which is to commemorate the victory of the Patriots at the Battle of Sullivan’s Island on this day in 1776. One of the first major victories of the Revolutionary War. Those brave men in that small palmetto tree made fort, and the men on the beaches, fought off the British and won. I am so proud to say my 6th great grandfather, Peter Hubbard, was among the men who fought on the island that day. The fort was later renamed Fort Moultrie after Colonel William Moultrie, who commanded the troops at the fort. Huzzah!!

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I think england being terribly heartbroken is more fanon actually. In one strip he gave him a huge bell for the 4th and seemed very pleased and happy to show off his gift. He's also given america presents for his birthday on other days too, albeit kind of sarcastic ones. Physically he seems to have issues but emotionally he seems fine more or less in present day esp in more recent strips.

to an extent i think you’re right, but i also feel like this fandom interpretation has a lot of roots in the original source material rather than emerging out of nowhere? that himaruya even depicted the rev war as this teary scene complete with england breaking down and being unable to shoot america. and it’s built up as such a sad scene and written in a way where you’re supposed to sympathise with arthur. 

so i think the whole thing about england randomly being ill on july 4th naturally gets joined up by fans as Severe Heartbreak, as opposed to maybe a more tongue-in-cheek take about how america’s destiny would be to compete with, and eventually preside over the decline of the british empire. that’s the reason i wish he never even wrote it that way, because it leads to this whole Feel Sorry for the British Empire Narrative, which i, for personal reasons of family history find really Dubious :’ ) and of course, lol, this….bizarrely frozen r/ship that acts like More Major Shit where America helped him (cough WW1 & WW2, the Marshall Plan) never happened. 

i think you’ve brought up a good point about the recent strips. there’s some ambiguity about which parts of canon evolved too; it’s very clear to all of us that most of the strips today have improved characterisation compared to the very earliest ones. so stuff like england giving him the liberty bell and or more sarcastic presents fits in better with history imo, but at the same time we also have these bits of earlier canon still established and were never really explicitly disclaimed, so one would assume they’re still Part of Canon. 

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matthew did not join alfred's invitation in the american revolutionary war because he 's loyal to arthur, and this angered alfred as he believed matthew liked arthur too much. matthew fought against him (although he was a little conflicted considering he is his brother) by arthur's side in the war of 1812. it's noted that after arthur lost to alfred, he felt gravely ill, and matthew was the one to take care of him. how do you feel about this?

So did he fall ill after the Rev War or the 1812 war? because I’m pretty sure England won the 1812 war. We wanted Canada and we did not get it lol. I’m not that well verse in the War of 1812 but I like to think of it more as Arthur and Alfred fighting over Mattie and him on the sidelines ( I know Candian’s fought but once again he’s still a colony so I headcanon that England fights his battles, not Canada also he’s still really young)  

I mean with himaruya’s  timeline it’s a cute storyline I like the idea that Canada taking care of England I love dem family feels but I don’t personally see it that way.

i hate when people try to justify the fantasy racism in rvvby by being all “but the faunus are UNNATURAL” and its like? No they’re not?

To US a person with animal ears looks weird but in remnant they’ve literally always existed. “They’ve existed as long as humanity has, if not longer” meaning there was never any point in time in Remnant history where someone with a tail would look less odd than someone with a different skin tone or someone who lights on fire whenever she gets even the slightest bit mad. 

oh boo hoo little jimmy saw someone with fangs rev up them race wars meanwhile the chick down the street has the super power to grow six arms and thats just fine


18th century “housewife” (sewing kit) made of cotton remnant, cotton linen, and wool “cabbage”, twill tape, linen thread, silk (?) buttonhole thread.

“Cabbage” was the term for the oddly shaped scraps of material leftover from cutting out clothing, which would collect on the floor of a tailor shop or work room. If the pieces were large enough, they could be made into small objects like a housewife. Some extant examples have needlework covers and elaborate embroidery, and feature fancy silks. Mine is much more homely fabric-wise– an item like this would be used until it fell apart and then discarded, where a finer one might be kept carefully and thus survive to the present day. The outer blue and tan cotton is a remnant piece, but the rest is traditional cabbage. The red and white striped material is from a pair of pockets, the grey linen is from a set of stays, and the twill tape is from my Zuko cosplay. The dark orange thread was inherited along with a dead relative’s sewing stash.

I was sad, so I added some embroidery. Initials would have been very common, a sunburst/compass rose somewhat less so (it’s got personal meaning for me, and matches a pendant I wear regularly). In labelling each of the pockets in Hebrew, I’m hoping to spark conversation about Jewish American history during the late 1700s, and the concept of freedom of religion.