Pastor who will preach to Trump before inauguration called gays “filthy,” Mormonism and Islam heresies

  • Trump will start Inauguration Day being preached to by Rev. Robert Jeffres, who has derided numerous groups of people including Catholics, Muslims, Mormons and LGBT citizens.
  • Jeffress will preach at a private church service Friday morning at St. John’s Episcopal Church, directly across the street from the White House — an Inauguration Day ritual.
  • Jeffress’ past statements include calling Islam an “evil religion” that “promotes pedophilia.” He called Mormonism a heresy “from the pit of hell,” said the Catholic Church represents “the genius of Satan” and that gay people are “filthy” and “prone to disease.” Read more

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I almost didn’t post this today cause I figured a lot of you wouldn’t be here to watch but then I was like. “Shit let’s be Santa”