These drawings make me feel like I’m a better artist.

OK, new question. If the commando squads don’t speak fluent Mando'a and Kal’s lessons on romance or more less “don’t do it ” and Kal favors ad'ika as an affectionate…

From who or where did Darman learn the word cyar'ika?

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hey rev, my plans that ive been looking forward to for a while got cancelled last minute and im feeling pretty bummed. can i have an internet hug?

Yeah man any time. Ill stream in a bit once the laundry is done if that helps any. Sorry dude.


I almost didn’t post this today cause I figured a lot of you wouldn’t be here to watch but then I was like. “Shit let’s be Santa”


“I’m trying to figure out the whole damn thing myself. I’m just confused. I have anxiety about the whole thing. You wake up every morning and think, what now? What stupid thing’s going to be said? What new email hack are you going to read about? What racist comment? A lot of my songs come from…not really anger, but anxiety. And feeling lost in the whole game.” -Billie Joe Armstrong

“When your village has been plundered and your livestock eaten, when your soldiers are missing and the children have hidden, out comes Little Red Riding Hood, baring her teeth and hungry for more… Tell me, who will protect you from the big bad wolf?”

I’ve been thinking that Nina and Velouria have a nice matching folktale aesthetic going on, in that one’s basically Robin (Robbin’, hehe get it?) Hood and the other is Red Riding Hood and The Wolf at the same time.