1000 followers??? I still don’t think I know how to thank you all for your support but here, take this shitpost.

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My girlfriend convinced me to play dnd with her and her friends and I made my character a tiefling/drow hybrid so I could be a grey demon person because I wanted my character to be as metal as possible. I let her name him, though, so his name is Joy Banjofuhk. Sorry if this seems out of the blue, I just felt like you'd appreciate this. Sorry if you don't, man.

Sounds very Bjorn Mvrderfvk

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okay i think i know why there is baby hazel games. Back in the early 2000's there was this game call barbie baby sitting baby krissy, its in the same layout as baby hazel games (baby krissy is the original baby game out there) and i guess do to how everyone loved it back then and how everyone missed it and ppl thought baby hazel games will do justice and maybe be a popular game like baby krissy. idk thats just in theory.

It’s weird that Krissy is just gone from the Barbie canon.

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My pals and I (ones the DM and the other is a player like me) are doing a DnD campaign. And while the other people in the group have kawaii anime girl characters, I'm a fucking centaur and my friend is a buffoonish circus strongman. The shenanigans are real.

DnD is a good game