rev up change

Do i look lonely– I see the shadows on my face.
People have told me i don’t look the same. Maybe i lost weight, i’m playing hooky with the best of the best , pull my heart out of my chest so that you can see it too~

tinkering-lady said: Does your Bill have any scars or tattoos?

tattoos: a triangle & eye at his neck (the rest were for that context only), and triangles at his wrists

scars: just the ones around his bad eye. they’re supposed to resemble bill’s brick pattern, just rotated ccw 90 degrees. i think of it as a shifting, shimmery thing; the glow runs fluidly along those lines, so i don’t worry too much about keeping it the same each time i draw it. as a note, the scar only shows in situations where triangle!bill’s eye would change; otherwise, it’s barely visible

since i’ve drawn it for bill, i did a sketch for rev!bill too:

the only differences are the eye at his collarbone is closed, the scar at his eye is cw instead of ccw, & the triangles that were empty/filled for bill are filled/empty for rev!bill

i might end up changing things later, but this is what he’s got for now ^^