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I streamed sausage party because its already online and i hate myself now. It was so bad. SO BAD.

Any given still shot of the movie makes me uncomfortable in ways I can’t totally explain. Like its a really high quality picture of a piece of poop. Like someone took a HDR camera and aimed it at a truck stop toilet.


Vader Vs. Will Ospreay
RevPro Uprising
[August 12th, 2016]

I finally found an upload of the full match, and I’ll be honest, it’s a little disappointing. Part of me had hoped that this match would be either Vader brutally beating the shit out of Will Ospreay, or Ospreay surprising Vader and stomping his head in. The ending of the match was exciting, however, as Ricochet interferes. For anyone who doesn’t know the back story, this match was born due to Vader’s negative criticism of Ospreay and Ricochet’s 5-star match at New Japan’s Battle Of The Super Juniors.

The times I am most grateful to have posted fanfiction are times when I’m stressed and uncertain and running low on self-confidence in the day to day. Because those are the times I can scroll down to the end of my old fics, and get to read all over again how much someone appreciated a plot, or a turn of phrase, or that I wrote something that brightened their world (it’s reciprocal, that last one, just so you know).

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I know shit about Tarot, but if it wouldn't violate the spirit of the card/your vision/your tolerance for actually drawing it, can you make the Lovers Card something along the lines of a man trying to pull his beloved up from the jaws of Hell? Just a suggestion.

I’m having some trouble with the Lovers since the set is going to be mostly skeletons and zombies so this might be a way of doing it. I remember seeing an image of two corpses that archeologists found that were embracing and I might go with something like that. I do like this suggestion though. In the end I want to be as far away from something that could be considered “guru” or however you spell that.