Finally actually got some screens of my meek and often frightened little herald. This is Kasr the Lost, Charr revenant. He found himself trapped in the Mists when he tried to escape Lion’s Arch through one of the Asura gates during Scarlet’s attack on the city. While there he encountered Glint , who taught him the basics of channeling the power of the Mists. (Yea, it bucks lore a bit, but fuck it, I liked the idea XT)

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This child was unfamiliar to Garnet, honestly. At the same time, though, she did look at least a little like someone she had encountered previously. The fusion blinked and looked her over before deciding to say something.

“You’re lost, aren’t you,” Garnet said. Lost children weren’t exactly uncommon. After all, Beach City was big enough for that to be a possibility. Might as well help this girl out if she had the chance. Garnet knelt down to Harley’s height and smiled a little.

“It’s okay. I’m gonna help you out, okay?”