reusing plastic

I feel like this whole “zero waste lifestyle” is just another example of rich, usually white people being praised for something poc have been doing forever. Like, it’s all buying clothes from thrift stores and reusing plastic grocery store bags and using every part of the food you buy. And all of that is great but just like riding bikes it’s only “green” when white people do it. When brown people do it, they aren’t making a conscious decision to save the planet, they just can’t afford to throw anything away.

And as I see more YouTube videos and blogs and books coming out about this “new green craze” I keep thinking about all the brown people who could really tell you how to use every part of everything, but would have a hard time making money from it cus it’s only marketable when white people do it.

Bath Potions

I just wanted to make a simpler post on how to make shower gel spells. They look really pretty and are fun to make and practical cause you can use them any time. Here is a few pictures of mine. (another)

I make these spells to either:

  • Evoke a feeling, put me in a mental state (state of calm, state of clarity, state of alertness to wake up)
  • Attract Something (friends, money, good energy)
  • Banish Something (sheilding, etc)

There’s a lot of other intentions you could do but those tend to be my top 3.

They also look like cute colorful potions and make the bathroom feel more magical.. Aside from the brass cauldron full of drying bath mixes and glitter and powder and strange shit everywhere.

You will need

  1. A bottle of your choice! Glass is the best because it doesn’t leak into the formula and you can reuse it. Squeezy plastic bottles are ok too but glass is preferred. You can get the cool potion-looking bottles at Michaels, AC Moore, Goodwill, wherever. They usually cost $1 each. (Usually $1.50 if they are large).
    If you do buy a glass bottle they have a lot of different shapes and sizes. I use square shapes for protection or stability, round for different mental states or energy, hearts for self love, compassion or attracting love or social interactions, I mean there are many shapes so keep in mind what type of bottle you would like for what spell. If you don’t want to get that complicated then just get the most plain glass bottle possible lol.

  2.  Scentless gel soap. You can get pure liquid castille soap at a few stores, many people love this. I just get a $4 whole foods scentless shower gel brand that works nicely. They used to have this amazing shower gel that was so soft and wonderful at whole foods and I can no longer find it, but it’s called Shikai and it makes your skin feel like angels rubbed themselves on it. I have no idea why I can’t find it anymore.

  3.  (Optional) Oils for the skin. Some oils has its own magical properties but adding argan oil, coconut oil, aloe (not oil, but good for the skin) or olive oil in small teaspoons can help to moisturize the skin or give it a nice glow. Coconut oil is fun cause it separates and leaves a cool milky layer on top and when you shake it the solution is thick and creamy.

  4. Essential oils, fragrance oils, your favorite perfume, flower water, for fragrance. Anything that will help to evoke the feeling or magic you would want. This is a very basic instruction post so its very open ended. Just ingredients for the fragrance. 

  5. Ingredients to help further evoke this magic:  dried herbs, petals, rain water, snow water, crushed ice, decorative glass pearls, seashells, citrus peels, seeds, your breath, eyelashes, black sand, colorful sand, charcoal (great for protection and extracting crap from the skin), home made flower or herb extracts and oils, (great seasonal activity to make fragrance oils from collected flowers and herbs outside), etc. You understand the point. Things that you collect in your craft that’s safe to go on skin and has magical properties. For things like crystals that don’t do well in these types of solutions, use them to charge your solution afterwards by placing them around or on top of the cork.

  6. Optional: Things to give it some presentation such as food coloring, mica powder, glitter (some I have stars or heart shaped glitter in it, its cute and the glitter is too heavy so it rinses off of me).

  7. Your Intent (of course!) When you have all your ingredients gathered in your bottle, they will naturally be separated since oils and shower gel have different weights and textures. When you shake it together fusing them for the first time, make sure your intent is strong, Maybe meditate or take time to focus your energy before doing this!

You can use these things when you need them daily in the shower (High five to those super busy or low energy witches who don’t have the time or energy to do magic everyday!) Usually this can last up to two weeks or if you have multiple, it can last for months so you can feel magical daily by just taking a quick shower with this, plus its way easier than making a bath and using bath salt mixtures (-also to add, I understand sometimes people with low energy have trouble even getting into a shower but when I was in a rush sometimes I would just wash my hands with a solution and feel great).
If you have more time you can pour the whole bottle into a bubble bath! So it works as something for the shower and for a bath! Adding baking soda makes a SUPER foamy fizzing bath. So if you ever need a magical bubble bath you got a cute potion bottle sitting ready to go. They are easy and once you get the hang of making them it becomes really fun too!

  • I have made rejuvenation/calming potions with mint leaves and rain water (colored it a soft green, added light green pearl dust powder)
  • potions to evoke a clear mind with eucalyptus, rain water and sandalwood
  • potions for confidence with honeysuckle, gold glitter, and amber (colored it a deep blue for the throat energy to communicate well). 
  • potions for social attractiveness and attracting good vibes with cherry blossom home made oil and pink heart glitter and sugar fragrance

And then its fun to give them names and write down the recipes in your grimoire (which I have been neglecting to do), usually when I don’t have a name I just call them by what they do like Rejuvination I, Confidence, Clarity, and when I do have a name usually based on how they look and smell I named one Sunburst and the cherry Blossom one Sugar Blossom cause it smells like spring flowers and baked sweets.

I’ve gotten some compliments from this too. Like I have used shower gels to attract friendships or social interactions and people would notice there is an alluring smell and ask about it then I would be like: OH DID YOU MEAN ME?!?! Cause you know, I love it when I smell good ;)  (Also I am a Libra attention seeking ho in social situations)

Anyway I hope this helps. Shoot me questions if you need them to be answered!

Sadly, more often than not, our fun and photography dives turn into clean up dives.

This could’ve been easily recycled. We can all do our part, and we can all educate others to do theirs too!

How to Grocery Shop Zero Waste

If there’s one thing I’ve learned since going zero waste, it’s this: be prepared. That’s why I never go to the grocery store empty handed. 

I’ve always got several tote bags, jars, bulk bags, and produce bags to bring with me (fortunately, most of them are secondhand!) In these bags I put loose apples, pears, carrots, mushrooms, and tomatoes, while others are used to get rice, beans, and other things from the bulk section. For liquids or peanut butter, I always have a jar or tupperware which makes it very easy to store. Here’s a look at my grocery store haul for the week (for two people):

I picked up lots of fresh fruit, veggies, potatoes, as well as some bulk items like agave and chia seeds. One thing you don’t see here are grains or legumes; it’s because we’ve already got rice, beans, lentils and pasta stocked up for the week!

Although I try my best to produce no waste every day, some things I can’t really avoid. Here, you’ll see produce stickers and the plastic wrapping around the jar of coconut oil. I have yet to find coconut oil in bulk, and the cold Boston weather means that the farmer’s markets are few and far between. However, there are plenty of things I got that are sticker free: bok choy, broccoli, potatoes, carrots, onions and mushrooms. I even got all of these bananas with only one sticker on them. 

The goal with zero waste is intention, not perfection. And I intend to make conscious choices every day to be a better friend to the planet, to people, and to animals.



Today I saw some really cool bag-planters made of plastic carrier bags outside the South Shields museum!!
I asked the person inside about them and they said when it starts flaking you can plant it into the ground and the whole thing will decompose in about 10 years!

And Man created the plastic bag

And Man created the plastic bag and the tin and aluminum can and the cellophane wrapper and the paper plate, and this was good because Man could then take his automobile and buy all his food in one place and He could save that which was good …
-Art Buchwald

Ed and Winry’s daughter brought up the concept of alchemically reusing material like paper, plastic, and metal, and discovered how to generate power from sunlight through a combination of mechanics and alchemy. It was her second discovery that made her known as the Sunlight Alchemist. It was only found out several decades later what a positive impact her discoveries had on the environment.

People should stop drinking bottled water and start drinking tap water instead. Buy a filtered water bottle or a filter for your sink too. But don’t buy bottled water.

Think back to a time before bottled water in the U.S. (other developed countries). Did something happen to the water? Why did the bottled water business begin? Because soda companies began losing money when people began drinking more water. So these same companies (ex. Dasani is owned by Pepsi) started bottling water to keep up their profits. Most of which IS bottled tap water that’s self-regulated instead of regulated by the EPA. Also the plastic is awful for our environment. It costs less for these companies to create MORE plastic rather than reuse recycled plastic so they do just that. So now, with the small percentage of bottled water that is actually recycled, an even smaller percentage is actually used. And people think that bottled water is actually cleaner than the water from their tap. In the United States we have more access to clean drinking water than most countries on the planet. Your tap water is fine. In fact, it’s probably been tested more recently than the bottled water companies who don’t have to report their results to anyone. I could go on all day about how awful this industry is anywhere from how it’s killing sea life, wasting fossil fuels by creating and transporting bottles, posing health risks from the materials in the plastic and/or water… But I think I’ve made my point. And while people who are educated on this subject may think “this isn’t an unpopular opinion”, if that were true, the industry would go bankrupt.