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I found this beauty last Saturday while I was at Río Conejo, Aserrí. I love it so much 😍 not just for reusing a toilet but because I love succulents! ❤️🙌🏼

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those different essays that keep popping up tips

the “why you wanna come here” essay

  • mention a department you really like, a professor you really like, a lab you really like, a program you really like
  • sometimes aspects of the school like an extensive research program, an internship program, an interesting major, a school philosophy will stand out (for instance, one school i applied to prided itself on balancing the humanities with STEM, which was a big focus in my essay)
  • talk about your experience when you visited or how you heard about the school and all the good things
  • any articles you read on it will help, basically just research a lot, talk about your interview (if applicable), talk about their programs and unique points
  • it wouldn’t be a bad idea to talk about your interests (briefly) and why that school is uniquely good for you

the “what do you want to study” essay

  • again, mention a field, or if undecided, then talk about diverse interests
  • if you have a specific field, talk about your experiences (like for engineering, i talked about robotics and my internship and how that shaped my career path)
  • overcoming challenges, discovering new interests, creating connections with others, and becoming a leader are all good things to mention here if possible
  • if you don’t know what to study, thats totally ok, but talk about your different interests, maybe how you plan to proceed with finding a specific course of study, or talk about a program you’re interested in at the school

the “challenge” essay

  • this essay is a challenge
  • you really gotta come up with something pretty good or at least try to; try to find something that involves being a leader and taking action/responsibility or maybe going out of your comfort zone.
  • tell it like a story!! talk about the problem then how you resolved it (ideally it should be a challenge you resolved?? it could also be one that went unresolved but you have to be v careful in that case)
  • tl;dr show off your good aspects like leadership, keeping calm, trustworthiness, etc etc etc

the “talk about something you haven’t talked about essay

  • i usually used this one for any topic i wanted to talk about but didnt get the chance to
    • basically waht i mean is i had three main topics i wanted to hit in every application: my internship, my sport, my music. If i didn’t get a chance to talk about one through an essay, I’d use my talk about whatever essay to talk about it.
    • why is this double spaced
    • don’t waste this!!! this is a pretty good spot to show how you’re unique and tell a very “you” story to distinguish yourself from all the other applicants. 
    • but also you can def use like another essay you wrote for another prompt for another school here if you find it appropriate -always make sure to reuse topics and ideas when possible~~

anyways if you guys have any questions about essays or in general, hmu–im p stressed about my own essay anyways :/

Okay so let’s just skip to Day 5! Candy Corn is my favorite Halloween treat!! (I’m basically just reusing my idea from last year) but this year I gave him stats!! He’s so cute! But now I wanna see what he looks like when he evolves so stay tuned for that! This was kinda rushed cause I’ve been busy, but tomorrow will be better!! 😅🙌🏾

the queerplatonic / quasiplatonic flag done in roses! 

[Image description: five stripes containing a photographed rose each, with every rose in a color of the QP flag. Top to bottom: a yellow rose, a pink rose, a white rose, a grey rose, and a black rose.] 

random spideychelle headcanons

-Michelle is big spoon, her long arms wrapping around Peter’s waist while they watch nature documentaries
-peter getting hurt badly one day and calling michelle to come help him before aunt may can find out
-michelle bandages him up so carefully and gently and she goes into like this haze and leans down to press her lips to the wrapped wound
-peter being so surprised and relaxed by her sweetness that he can only stare at her with the hint of a smile blooming on his face
-peter webbing her hip to pull her back when they’ve been fighting about his dangerous secret identity
-michelle making the first move to kiss him, ducking down and pulling at the elbows of his sweatshirt with clenched fingers, and it’s so sudden and forceful and caring that peter can only reach out to steady her and start kissing her softer, trying to relax her
-michelle biting peter’s lip accidentally on purpose and laughing at him when he whimpers and pulls away
-peter thinking about michelle’s beautiful hair for like a solid twenty minutes while they nap together and he doesn’t know if he should compliment her on it or not so when he thinks she’s asleep he just presses his nose into it subtly and michelle laughs at him again
-peter not knowing where to put his hands when they kiss, michelle laughing at him and moving his palms to her cheeks
-peter cannot stop smiling at her because dang!! this girl he’s so lucky to know actually wants him to kiss her!!
-michelle reading books out loud to peter but he’s so exhausted from fighting crime that he falls asleep and she whacks him with the book to make sure they can finish the chapter
-upside down spiderman kiss attempts and failures and giggling
-ned is simultaneously disturbed and proud of his nerd friends
-when they get more comfy with each other, they’re kissing on the couch one day when peter slips his hand up a little farther than usual and michelle pulls back and says very seriously that she’s waiting for marriage
-and peter is a little stunned bc he didn’t think it would go that far but did he want it to? yeah a little, but michelle’s made an important decision and he starts telling her how sorry he is for assuming and how much he respects her wishes and michelle keeps a straight face for like two seconds before cracking up and telling him that she was joking and virginity is a social construct and all that
-study session turning to play fighting turning to cuddling on the floor and aunt may gets used to feeding a third body some takeout for dinner
-technically michelle’s first ‘I love you’ happened before they were dating, when she was being sarcastic and teasing him about a wrong academic decathlon answer, but her first ‘I love you’ that she really meant happened after peter almost died fighting in the infinity wars
-peter gets really flustered that he wasn’t the first to say it and he kinda faints before he can say it back because he kinda lost some blood and michelle reads some poetry to him while he sleeps
-everybody in the avengers hq has no idea who michelle is, but whenever anyone visits the med bay to check on peter, she’s sitting there sketching him or reading and nobody really talks to her about it, they just assume she’s allowed to be in there with ned and may
-michelle sleeps next to him when may has to make a clothes run and when he wakes up to feel her arms around his torso, he doesn’t question it
-he webs up the courtyard early that morning so that it’ll read 'I love you’ when michelle and him go on their morning walk but he ends up not being able to wait and tells her at breakfast instead
-ned is actually there at the table with them and he spits out his cereal
(-sam wilson sees the webbing in the courtyard and teases peter about it for months)
(-scott lang totally accidentally walked through it before peter could show michelle for real, and peter /knows/ it was scott because that’s what scott’s screams sound like)
-it’s okay though because peter reuses the idea to propose to michelle after college
-but again, she asks him first at dinner on the night that he was gonna do it and he’s actually mad for a sec, because really?? twice???
-but of course he accepts and he shows her the webbing later and she starts teasing him about it because half of new york is gonna think that spiderman proposed to them
-and peter employs his most successful defense mechanism: kissing the heck out of her
-and ned is both the best man and the maid of honor at their wedding


Moonrise Kingdom Colour Posters Series

… I love you too.


TFC-NET’S 2017 Spooky Creation Event: .

↳  “Question for you, Neil. Do I look dead to you?” - Andrew Minyard, The Raven King