reusing ideas

those different essays that keep popping up tips

the “why you wanna come here” essay

  • mention a department you really like, a professor you really like, a lab you really like, a program you really like
  • sometimes aspects of the school like an extensive research program, an internship program, an interesting major, a school philosophy will stand out (for instance, one school i applied to prided itself on balancing the humanities with STEM, which was a big focus in my essay)
  • talk about your experience when you visited or how you heard about the school and all the good things
  • any articles you read on it will help, basically just research a lot, talk about your interview (if applicable), talk about their programs and unique points
  • it wouldn’t be a bad idea to talk about your interests (briefly) and why that school is uniquely good for you

the “what do you want to study” essay

  • again, mention a field, or if undecided, then talk about diverse interests
  • if you have a specific field, talk about your experiences (like for engineering, i talked about robotics and my internship and how that shaped my career path)
  • overcoming challenges, discovering new interests, creating connections with others, and becoming a leader are all good things to mention here if possible
  • if you don’t know what to study, thats totally ok, but talk about your different interests, maybe how you plan to proceed with finding a specific course of study, or talk about a program you’re interested in at the school

the “challenge” essay

  • this essay is a challenge
  • you really gotta come up with something pretty good or at least try to; try to find something that involves being a leader and taking action/responsibility or maybe going out of your comfort zone.
  • tell it like a story!! talk about the problem then how you resolved it (ideally it should be a challenge you resolved?? it could also be one that went unresolved but you have to be v careful in that case)
  • tl;dr show off your good aspects like leadership, keeping calm, trustworthiness, etc etc etc

the “talk about something you haven’t talked about essay

  • i usually used this one for any topic i wanted to talk about but didnt get the chance to
    • basically waht i mean is i had three main topics i wanted to hit in every application: my internship, my sport, my music. If i didn’t get a chance to talk about one through an essay, I’d use my talk about whatever essay to talk about it.
    • why is this double spaced
    • don’t waste this!!! this is a pretty good spot to show how you’re unique and tell a very “you” story to distinguish yourself from all the other applicants. 
    • but also you can def use like another essay you wrote for another prompt for another school here if you find it appropriate -always make sure to reuse topics and ideas when possible~~

anyways if you guys have any questions about essays or in general, hmu–im p stressed about my own essay anyways :/


Moonrise Kingdom Colour Posters Series

… I love you too.

RP One-Shot

So three pointy-eared adventurers walk into a bar…

  • First let’s meet our adventurers.
    • There’s Roisin, an enthusiastic moon elf wizard, who’s looking to become an adventurer.
    • Then there’s Badger, a gnome rogue and a professor in search of new interesting plants.
    • And finally Trinket, a drow cleric, who wears a big sun hat and wants to help people in the name of his goddess Lliira.
  • So, there’s rumors of trouble in a small town. Wyverns at least, and maybe something worse?
    • Our three heroes arrive to the local tavern, separately. Trinket comes in first, telling that he’s a traveling priest looking to help people. Badger comes in, says she’s heard of wyverns and she’s interested in the seeds they bring. And then Roisin arrives, declaring herself adventurer and wanting to help.
      • Roisin and Badger get to talking about wyvern hunting, and Trinket offers to help them in the role of a healer.
        • A local hears the talk and comes to talk to the three. Apparently two kids have gone missing in the past week, and the townspeople are losing hope.
  • Our heroes decide to take the case!
    • First they talk to the mothers of the lost children to find suspects. There is of course a possibility that the children have been taken by the wyverns but they also suspects an old lady, who may or may not be a witch living at the edge of town.
  • That’s where we head first, then! The witch’s house is surrounded by thick wall of thorny plants, but Roisin finds a spot that looks thinner than others and Badger, with some divine guidance from Trinket, gets through it.
    • On the other side of the plant wall, there’s a garden with shrubbery in the shape of children. Well. That’s creepy. Doesn’t appear to be magical, though.
    • Trinket avoids the bushes while the other two examine them and goes to knock on the door.
    • The door is opened by an old lady. She tells that the children came to her place to play often and she missed them. She was shocked to hear that some were gone missing and seemed totally sincere.
      • She gave us a bell that would help us get past the plantwall next time we came around.
  • We leaver her place and kinda realized that we forgot to ask anything about the kids… Like their names… Or how old they were and what they looked like. Sherlocks we are not.
    • So we do that and after getting that info (Sarah and Petey, 12 and 8) we start heading for the tower where the wyvern apparently lives.
  • We reach the tower the next day. Upon opening the door we get attacked by a bunch of kobolds!
    • Badger deals with them with her weaponry pretty effectively.
    • Roisin uses her magic to create a sphere of fire that burns the kobolds, but she also almost dies.
    • Trinket, rather than using magic, pokes them with his rapier. Oh yeah and heals Roisin. He also tries to intimidate the kobolds, but they’re too busy trying to steal his hat to really notice.
  • After the kobolds had been dealt with, we head to the top of the tower.
    • There’s a wyvern’s nest on top of the tower with some corpses that Badger identifies as kobolds. No sign of the children though.
      • We surmise that maybe the kobolds have taken the children and so decide to check the nearby forest for the kobolds’ camp.
  • We go to the forest, and hear some noises coming from a camp. Badger, being the sneakiest of us, goes to check it out. There’s kobolds, and some kind of a thing that looks like it might be the stuffed bunny one of the kids had, but Badger checks it out sneakily, and it is not.
  • There doesn’t seem to be any reason to think that the kobolds had the children, so we decide to return to town. Clearly we have missed something.
  • We camp the night out at the witch’s garden, cos we arrive so late, and in the morning talk to her again.
    • She says that she has sensed something odd, some kind of odd magic coming from the town.
  • We go back into town, combing it with Trinket’s Detect Magic. Mostly things seem normal, but then we spot a woman who we had seen with the mothers’ at the tavern, and she has illusion magic all over her.
    • We try to approach her, but she closes herself into her house.
    • So Badger sneakily picks the lock and we get inside.
    • She accuses us of burgarly and we tell her that the door was totally open, yo. So she tries to attack us.
    • We keep on the defensive at first, cos we don’t want to harm her, but she proves to be tougher than expected, so we attack her. Well… Roisin and Trinket do, cos Badger has sudden trouble getting her hits to land.
    • Suddenly she seems to have gotten enough, and turns invisible.
      • Roisin has an idea where she might be, so we try to corner her with a sphere of fire, Badger and a floating dagger.
      • Trinket stays to guard the door and feels the woman trying to get him to move, so clearly that didn’t work.
        • Badger, frustrated on not hitting anything, tackles the woman and we manage to rope her up.
          • The invisibility spell fades, and instead of a human woman, a green skinned humanoid lays before us.
            • Badger recognizes her as a bog hag, a creature that strives on other people’s misery.
              • So Trinket, being a priest of joy, blesses her and she loses consciousness.
  • The children are in a cage that was hidden by magic until the hag fainted. Badger tries to pick the lock of the cage, but isn’t very successful, so Roisin goes out to get the blacksmith.
  • The children are saved and the bog hag will be taken to the next town over to face justice. Time to party!!

And that was the day’s good deed done. :P

I’ve been on tumblr for more than five years and and I’ve seen a lot gif/edit ideas being reused by different people, people being inspired by other people’s edits etc. (it’s only natural in a creative environment), sometimes in a respectful way, sometimes not so much, but only now I’ve encountered someone who’s so blatantly copying (I’d even say stealing) other people ideas (down to every single detail - colors, font, placement, text) and it makes me FREAKING MAD.

Hello! Thanks for your message. Ok, where do I start? xD When you’re writing a book, if you take someone else’s novel, change all the names and use a different font it doesn’t mean the book is now yours. Even if you rewrite every single word by yourself. I guess it’s the same with visual arts.
I know we all use the same references, the same graphic programs and brushes, we follow the same tips, we are inspired by the same artists and works of art, we live on the same fucking planet. We reuse the same ideas on and on. But we also have the ability to combine all those different things adding something that’s distinctly ours. The number of combinations is endless and yes, everyone has something unique in themselves. This is how we can create original stuff. Sometimes the line between drawing inspiration and stealing might be blurry, but every intelligent person will notice when that line is being crossed.

It’s not ok that person didn’t mention they basically repeated all the lines someone else had drawn. But I think they are at the beginning of their artistic journey and they’re still learning by imitation. I doubt any artist wants to be second someone. If you’re an artist you want to stand out. And I know that there are always people who can spot it if your works aren’t actually yours. Idk why would anyone want to deal with such a situation.
It’s really a rip-off of my drawing, yes, I don’t feel the need to do anything about it though. I don’t feel hurt enough by that drawing to call them out or something. I’m mad when people edit my drawings and I can still see my lines underneath those edits, when they trace and claim it’s theirs, or when they just claim it’s theirs without changing anything… well, maybe just cropping the source. Or when they sell my works (I send hitmen then).
Anyway, (it’s getting kinda long) I think credit would be nice in this case, like yep, but I won’t cry about it if they won’t add it.

What do you guys think about the issue. I’d really like to know your opinions. It’s an interesting topic.