reused items

reflection spell

a spell for when you are not looking to curse someone, but wish for them to see how poorly they have treated you.

you will need:

☠️crow bones/piece of mirror/piece of glass

🌶pepper (cayenne is good)

🔥red, orange, and yellow ribbons/candles


  1. cleanse your space.
  2. take the bones/mirror/glass and coat them in the pepper. remember all of the injustices as you do so.
  3. wrap the ribbons and tie them/drip the candles along the object. recite this incantation as you do:
    “with this reflection that you see
    you will taste how you’ve treated me
    while these colors hold you tight
    you will remember me in sleep tonight”
  4. to break the spell, cut the ribbons/scrape some wax off. dispose of properly or cleanse and reuse the items.

ember969  asked:

Do you ever make standard furniture or items and reuse them or are the rooms always made from scratch? Love your work!

Not really, I probably should though haha, but I’m usually to lazy to keep track of and save off things for later use. I have re-used buildings I made for the JonTron music video, to fill out city scenes. But smaller, less detailed things like furniture and random props, I usually just create on the fly. I model pretty fast, so it’s usually pretty easy, and also pretty fun, to just make new things rather than import and re-use old stuff :)

anonymous asked:

Hello, I had a question I hope you can answer. I really love the costumes on Anne of the Thousand Days, I think they are some of the most beautiful tudor costumes ever, but why are they barely reused? I have checked your blog and I see they are almost never reused, especially not in more modern films or series. They would have been beautiful on like the Tudors of Wolfhall, but why did they not appear?

I must admit that the costumes from Anne of the Thousand Days are amongst some of my favorite costumes ever. They were designed by Margaret Furse and won her an Academy Award for best costume design in 1969. The film is what initially piqued my interested in both costumes and history. It is not a stretch at all to say that this blog would not exist had I not found Anne of the Thousand Days on Turner Classic Movies late one Saturday night.

However, I would say that quite a few of the costumes from the film have been reused over the years, most notably in Elizabeth R and Mary, Queen of Scots. A few costumes even made it into The Tudors (Anne’s purple gown, one of her elaborate French Hoods, and a gown worn by Princess Mary). You can find some of the other reused items from the film here, here, here, here, here, here and here. There are also several others off the top of my head that I haven’t posted to the site yet.

Why haven’t we found more? Why weren’t they used more extensively in The Tudors or Wolf Hall?  Well, the answer is that they were created in 1969.  By the time The Tudors came on the scene, they would have been almost forty years old. Costume houses do their best to keep each piece in good condition, but there really is only so much that can be done.  Some costumes make it that long – some don’t. Also, in many instances, sleeves or a petticoat from the film may have been made over or placed onto a new gown, often making spotting these earlier pieces far more challenging than if they remained completely intact.

I did read somewhere that a dress from Anne of the Thousand Days was reused in Wolf Hall, but I am no longer able to find the article, as it was about Angels Costumier’s recent costume exhibit which had to close down unexpectedly. When that happened, many articles and information went with it. If I correctly recall, it was either Katharine of Aragon’s brown velvet gown or Anne’s yellow gown, though I have yet to find either myself in Wolf Hall.  If anyone does – please do send it in. They are there, they’re just on background characters.

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anonymous asked:

Could you please speak more about the outfit from 1x13 being "remade" for 2x15? :) Also, your alternative would kill me. Like if it really came to that, I would die happily. <3

basically, they took the jacket that he wore in 1x13 (and the S2 posters) and took out the shoulder detailing, then put in a new one to make a new jacket, which appeared in 2x14, 2x18, and 2x19:

and then moved the metal detailing to this jacket in 2x15:

It was their way of reusing some old items to save costs but still give magnus some new looks haha.


Sustainability nerd me is obsessing over these.

Kapital “happy denim.” Reusing B items with scratches/leftovers from patterns to make cheap, durable, and amazing looking jeans. This is the futuristic shit.

Study Saving Tips!!

I know that buying school supplies every year can be crazy expensive, so I thought I would try to compile my tips for not spending too much every year. 

Saving Money 

  • Use coupons and price match! Sometimes you can find a really good deal at a store thats too far away from your house… but stores like Staples and Walmart will match their price if you can bring in a flyer. 
  • Avoid overbuying. Wait until the class has started to ask your teachers what supplies you will need. If you don’t want to be pressed for time on the first day of classes, ask someone who has already taken the class. 
  • Look beyond just office supply stores. If you know that you need a lot of something, check warehouse stores like Costco! I also advise to always be on the look out… I once paid 25 cents for 30 duotangs at a garage sale!
  • Check websites like Kijiji and Craigslist. Most supplies can’t be sold secondhand (pencils, paper, etc.) but if you need something like a graphing calculator or a specific computer program, this is a great way to find a deal. 
  • Use Google Docs if you can’t afford Word programs. 
  • Look for websites that will give you free memberships if you have an .edu email. I’m pretty sure that Amazon Prime and other websites will let you join for free if you’re in college. 
  • Figure out what is worth buying name brand and what isn’t. To me, a ruler is just a ruler… if you can get one for 99 cents, why bother paying more? Things like binders and pencils are different. If the cheap version is going to break right away, it might be worth it to splurge. 
  • Check if the expensive items you buy have a warranty. I know that things like the “Staples Better Binder” and some more expensive pen brands have warranties. Make sure that if you see there is a warranty that you talk to the cashier about how to make sure you can use it… You will probably have to keep the receipt and possibly even register the item online. 

Reusing Supplies

  • Look for a binder exchange program. I know that at my school, we have a bin that people can leave old binders that they are done with in a bin and you can just take them! 
  • Use a razor to cut out used pages from notebooks. I always buy huge notebooks for classes and then never use more than the first 15 pages… you can get rid of the first few pages and use the notebook next year. 
  • Use paper inserts for binder covers, instead of something permanent. 
  • Label dividers with cut up index cards when you run out of inserts. Don’t just throw out dividers because you don’t have the labels that they came with! Make your own. 
  • Use hairspray to clean Sharpie off of old supplies. I love to write my name and class directly onto notebooks and folders at the start of the year. If they are made of a hard plastic, you can use hairspray to take off the sharpie and relabel them for the next year! 

Feel free to reblog and add your own!! 


KnB Stageplay- Midorima’s lucky items (as revealed by the DVD)

Midorima had many lucky items for the performances and would switch them out. Here’s what was shown on the DVD! He also did reuse some items as well. 

DVD performance=penguin (as well as the finale )

Other Performances
-Midorima Hiyoko pillow (as shown Takao also has one)
-Kise Hiyoko flat pillow

*For the show I went to, his lucky item was the Takao Hiyoko pillow. XD 
At least for one other performance his lucky item was some sort of headband from what I’ve heard from someone.

Plastic Bag Bike Seat Cover

The other day I walked past another bike seat covered with a plastic bag, and I thought, “there has got to be a better way!"  In some ways, the plastic bag is a great solution to a sopping wet bike seat - it’s free, and it reuses an item that would otherwise be in a landfill. There are downsides, though - they tear easily, and the dangling plastic is constantly getting caught on things. I tried to maintain the spirit and advantages of the plastic bag bike seat cover by using…plastic bags. This project is still free, and still recycles. It adds strength and a clean look, and will keep your bike seat dry for a long time.

The World Health Organisation has recently mandated a new, single use syringe design.

The unique construction of the syringe plunger prevents reuse of each item. After one complete injection, it cannot be drawn back again and will break if tampered with. It is hoped that this cheaply fabricated syringe will lower rates of accidental or misinformed reuse of contaminated needles and thereby transmission of the associated blood-borne diseases. 

WHO estimates that 1.3 million deaths occur annually as a result of contaminated needles. Hepatitis, AIDS and viral hemorrhagic fever are all diseases which are targeted by this innovation.