reused items

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Treasure chest opened! You acquired delivery girl's charm! Use this in battle and a random item will be placed in your inventory until this charm is reused, the item is consumed, or the battle ends! The more you use it, the better items you'll get! It really helps to be buddies with your local postwoman, huh?

Bartz smiled as he looked at the charm, his brown eyes shining as the little charm glimmered in the sun’s rays as he focused his magic to summon.


KnB Stageplay- Midorima’s lucky items (as revealed by the DVD)

Midorima had many lucky items for the performances and would switch them out. Here’s what was shown on the DVD! He also did reuse some items as well. 

DVD performance=penguin (as well as the finale )

Other Performances
-Midorima Hiyoko pillow (as shown Takao also has one)
-Kise Hiyoko flat pillow

*For the show I went to, his lucky item was the Takao Hiyoko pillow. XD 
At least for one other performance his lucky item was some sort of headband from what I’ve heard from someone.