I’d be reluctant to say that humans can improve upon the natural world’s beauty, but this may just be one of those instances. These sculptural maple leaf bowls, by artist Kay Sekimachi, were created using maple leaves, Kozo paper, watercolor, and Krylon coating to highlight the leave’s veins and give the bowls an otherworldly feel.

So, upcycled? Recycled? Reused? What do you think?

— S.T.

(Found on 1001 Gardens)

Side Tables Made From Reused Bottles And Wood BY Tati Guimarães
Tati Guimarães is a Brazilian designer living in Barcelona from where she manages her design studio Ciclus. Founded in 2001, Ciclus expresses emotion through design and ideas are transformed with sensitivity into unique projects. Finding a creative use of bottles and pieces of wood she made …

Baseball stadium seats reused at bus stops

Seats from the old Bush Stadium, where the Indianapolis Indians played for decades until moving downtown to Victory Field, are being refurbished and used as bus stop seating. 

A representative of the Indianapolis public transit group IndyGo says: "Not only will these seats provide a comfortable resting place for transit riders, they will also become a form of repurposed public art.“

(via The Indianapolis Star |


The Eccentric House that Represent Sustainable Architecture

Embraced by the impressive savage hills of the West Virginia mountain, a little home saturated by dreams and desires hides between the lively forests. With a budget estimated to be no more than 500$, the inspiring photographer Nick Olson and his wife Lila Horwitz, built their little enchanting retreat snuggled between the lush wild nature of the Virginian mountains. A true celebration of sustainability and nature-oriented architecture, their innovative house design has become a one-of-a-kind project and inspiration for the future of Eco living.

The building is a two-story wooden structure with a stunning glass facade made from old windows with various vintage frames. The front side of the glass cabin has interlaced recycling and creativeness to create an unique home interior - a touch of raw beauty with an unfinished wooden floor.

The glass wall entangles this eccentric house with the surrounding nature by letting the warm sun rays light up the room with a dappled shade. Revealing a breath-taking view of the green hills of the Virginian mountains, the glass house embraces nature and creates a lively sensation of living one with Nature.

I think this is a clever repurposing idea: Use old rolling pins as wall-mounted storage.

This rack – spotted on Pinterest, via treasure again – was made by Jessica Farmer, a.k.a. bluebirdheaven on Etsy (mentioned previously on Unconsumption here in a post about one of her vintage printer drawers used as storage for jewelry and other small items).

I also really like the hook/rack Jessica made using only one rolling pin (here).

If you have a rolling pin that’s still usable, you could keep it intact, attach it horizontally to a wall or to the side of a kitchen counter, and hang towels from it. An earlier Unconsumption post here features a photo of one such rack, and links to a how-to / tutorial so you can see how to make one of your own. 

Now I’m on the lookout for other new uses for rolling pins!