reuseable bag


You know, at some point, I will stop having a bag for everything, but for now bags are just convenient. Here is my list of convenient hangbags:

1. THE TUTORING BAG. I tutor a 3rd grader after school, twice a week, so I have extra pencils, a sharpener, reading material, colored markers and even bandaids and hand sanitizer. Some of the students I tutor come from homes where such applies are limited, so I carry what I can to provide it.

2. MY 9th GRADE ENGLISH BAG. I hate taking home work, but when I do, I need a tote of that. A backpack is too big, a purse is too small, so I use a toteback I recieved when I attended an After School program conference.

3. MY ACTUAL HANDBAG. I hate being one of those customers who waits in line and then holds up the line because I have to say, “My wallet in my other bag.” And it really was. It also contains my make-up bag (which seems almost unnecessary because I only wear lipstick).

4. GYM BAG. Sometimes, after work, I head to the gym. Sometimes I need to change into my gym clothes at school because a Parent-Teacher conference took longer than expected and other times I am stuck in traffic that the best thing I can do is pull over and head to the closest gym. This bag needs to be replenished often.

5. OVERNIGHT BAG. I am not in that comfort zone with my boyfriend to leave my belongings at his house, so I have an overnight bah for those random occasions.

6. MY LUNCH BAG. Every Sunday it is pack and make my lunch day. Every day of the week I pack that bag and carry it with me to my classroom. I do not have a fridge in my class, at least not yet.

7. MY LAPTOP BAG. Because my mind is always on the go, and so is my Chromebook.

8. THE TRASH BAG. Whether it’s shopping for food or supplies, I find random plastic bags in my car, classroom, or hidden in the corners of one of the other bags. Which brings me too…

9. THE COLLECTIOM OF REUSEABLE BAGS. In my efforts to reduce clutter, I collected and invested in reusable bags which, ironically, make a clutter of its own.

10. THE UNIVERSITY BAGS. And, on top of that, I also am a student who needs to take classes at an University that is 30 minutes away. I do not want to confuse it for any of the above bags, so I have one for its own.

I am sure there is some sort of Lifehack to minimize the travel of totebags, but until I figure THAT out, this is what my bags are for. Whew. A bag per responsibility.