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Claire, 20

“I am a conceptual artist and something that often inspires me is my various ongoing collections of objects and nicknacks I have. The idea of recycling and reusing materials has always fascinated me; whether it be collecting objects that were meant to be thrown out or buying clothes at a consignment store. Style that inspires me is when I see someone walking down the street or at a party that doesn’t play by the rules. I think the ‘laws’ of fashion should be challenged. I like to take my own fashion to a place where people can either hate it or love it.”

Apr 19, 2017 ∙ Westvillage

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Beka what cute nicknames do you give to Yura? Vise versa!

If you are actually curious though, he does call me doll and tiger~ Which can confuse many people~” 

“Shuddup !”

And I call him Bear~ Or mr.Bear~ Do you have any ideas how many bear plushies he has?



Beethoven - Piano Sonata no.8 in c minor, “Pathétique”, op.13

And now we come to the most popular and beloved of Beethoven’s early sonatas. I’d argue, this is the only piece in his early period that is often featured in pop culture. It was featured in the Seinfeld episode “The Pez Dispenser” [where Jerry made Elaine laugh during the piano recital to everyone’s annoyance] and also in the music video for Lady Gaga’s Marry the Night. What is it about this sonata that has made it rise in recognition beyond the other works around this time? I’d say because it is the most outwardly “Beethoven like” Beethoven sonata of the early period. It opens with loud and thick chords, a very dramatic gesture, with a lighter string quartet like passage after each chord. This had to be shocking to the aristocrat audience at the time. After a lengthy introduction that works off of the pattern [loud chords in the bass against a softer melody in the right hand], it plummets into an energetic rush of tremolos. With hand crossings, arpeggios, and extreme toccata like passages, the movement swirls around in its strum and drang, until the introduction returns, like a plea, a gasp, before the final slap ends it all. The emotional and musical weight of this movement is contrasted by a lovely middle movement. This is going to be really cheesy, but this Adagio makes me want to write a story where two lovers have parked their car somewhere with a great view of the stars, and one of them reads a poem to the other. Glittering stars over the lover’s touch. This movement also seems like a reference to Mozart, because a similar melody can be heard in the slow movement of the latter’s fourteenth sonata. The last movement is a conventional rondo, though the main theme seems to branch out of one of the main themes of the first movement [reusing material to thread connections is an idea Beethoven will explore more in depth very soon]. And the melody is a rising four note pattern, it’s a cell, a fabric of a melody. Again, Beethoven shows how he likes to deconstruct musical ideas to their most basic elements.


1. Grave - Allegro di motlto e con brio

2. Adagio cantabile

3. Rondo: Allegro

Make Me Feel Special

Mistress!Reader loves to make her baby boy!Tyler feel special.
Pairings: Tyler Joseph (sub!tyler) × Fem!Reader
Warnings: sex toys, mistress/baby boy, rimming, anal fingering, slight slight edging/over stim.
Word Count: 3k
A/N: reused some material from the other small sub!tyler things i wrote because i’m unashamedly a slut for sub!tyler. anyways, enjoy!!

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April 25, 2017 - Galapagos Hawk (Buteo galapagoensis) Juvenile

Requested by: @marigoldfaucet

Found only on the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador, these hawks have become extinct on five islands. They prey on invertebrates, small lizards, snakes, and tortoise and sea turtle hatchlings, and also eat carrion and food scraps from humans. Nesting at any time of year, females form groups with several males, breeding with all of them and raising the chicks together in a system known as “cooperative polyandry.” They build nests in low branches or on the ground from grass, bark, leaves, and other materials, reusing them for several years. Classified as Vulnerable by the IUCN, they are at risk due to persecution from humans, competition for food with introduced predators, and their small range.

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What do you end up doing with all your sculptures? Do they each have a permanent home?

Because I work on a large scale with materials that can’t survive outdoors, (I’m a dumbass) all of my  sculptures are eventually destroyed and their materials reused.

It’s agonizing, but the bittersweet and cyclical nature of it is pretty fitting of the awful and implausibly pathetic beings I create. Eventually, though,  I’d like to reach a level of notoriety that allows me to find resting places for them.

TL;DR : They are all dead!! lmao

Fuckin SU AU?

Blue Diamond is a vain and selfish gem, often demanding more art of herself, she decorates herself with the gems of others, often having the gems being cut into “more beautiful shapes” the other diamonds dislike working with her in the conferences due to her lack of contributing. Gems that fail creating beautiful art, will be shattered, and all of the works will be burned in public. Using ground up gems, Blue Diamond uses it as her own paint, often in the form of makeup. She has 100 pearls, the roles of pearls is a risky job due to Blue Diamonds mannerisms. As other gems describe it as a “well oiled revolving door” due to the fact that only 1/100th of pearls keep their life and still work for the diamond. Her court is filled with beautiful buildings, various statues and paintings are found in the court. She has 20 sapphires. Gem Location: Chest. Various paintings depict her holding a Mirror. She is second to Yellow Diamond in the amounts of gems she shatters. She has the most planets under her court. She constantly orders yellow diamonds bismuths to renovate her palace. She herself constantly changes her form to whatever is deemed the most beautiful and luxurious homeworld fashions. Aesthetic: All Style No Substance. Thus Blue Diamonds Court has to have the most renovations due to the Blue Diamonds need for beauty over safety of other gems. She shatters gems that are either too ugly or too pretty. Vanity

Yellow Diamond, is a strict and harsh gem. She runs the yellow court. She demands the best Quality in buildings and furniture. She has 5 pearls and one personal Bismuth. The most amount of gems are shattered in her court. She is a harsh critic yet she made a law to those who have criticisms against the way she (as well as the other diamonds) rule their courts. She has the quickest tempers compared to the other diamonds. Yellow Diamonds court is very geometric, having sharp angles in all of the courts buildings. She has 2 sapphires. She looks down at Blue Diamond in scorn. Despite the amounts of gems being shattered, the gems live quite a long time. If a building has the slightest Chance of it not being good enough, the building is torn down, and the bismuth that constructed it is poofed and tortured by an Agate. Or transferred to White Diamond’s Court to be the energy for a gem powered mechanism. Only keeps sapphires for the future of their buildings. The second most planets in The Diamond Empire belong to her. Gem Location, back of neck. Aesthetic: Geometrical

White Diamond is a cold gem. Having the most robotic appearance compares to the other gems. Her court has the highest amounts of Peridots. The court also is the main hub for kindergartens. White diamonds court has the second least amount of shatterings as well as the second least amount of planets in her rule. Yet gems that fail their purpose are “remade” an alternate process of reverting the gem to its base components to reuse the materials in kindergartens. Or poofing the gem to power technology Agates have a harsh view on kindergarten gems, often transferring unwanted gems to other courts. Primarily Blue Diamonds court. The point of interest if you visit is the Grand Library, which has records dating since the beginning of the empire as well as the novels from Pink Diamonds court. The diamond herself is a calm calculated and cold woman. A very condescending woman. Often speaks down to other Diamonds. Having 5 pearls and 1 sapphire. She only looks into the future for possible conflicts to resolve before anything bad happens. Aesthetic: Neon/Tron Gem Location: Forehead.

Pink diamond is the youngest leader, yet shes snobby and cruel to the bottom class, that being rubies. She focuses on conquering new planets to expand the empire as well as her court. To the other diamonds she provides land for kindergartens as well as the art of writing. To the one percent of her courts population she is the bubbly charismatic leader that is protrayed in propaganda. Yet to many rubies, as well as her massive military, she is the cold hearted and strict ruler. Despite the low amounts of gems being shattered, those who do step out of line are donated to the White Diamond court for scientific purposes, to never be heard from again. She flaunts her power as the strongest military force by holding parade after parade. The essence of duality that is the Pink Court’s diamond has crushed rubies who blinked in the wrong way at a superior to retain her people in check. Her gem is located at the heart. Her aesthetic would be rococo. Much like the French rulers, the diamond herself met a bloody end.

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I know it's too early to tell, but the trailer made me think that Rogers is gonna be the brooding, anti-social loner type. So, what's the point of giving Killian a new cursed identity if the only changes are that he's not married anymore and a cop now? -_-

*shrug* I didn’t watch it nor will I so I don’t really know what you’re talking about?

I’m not sure why anyone expected different though.

They literally copied dialogue from a previous season and changed pronouns and names for that Mad Hatter scene.

This is just Season 1 with slightly different locations basically.

The entire show was just a bad Fables ripoff and they just reused the same material over and over for years. Let’s not assume there will be any original content in the eleventh hour.

I can appreciate Colin’s beauty in gifs just as much. I might watch some You Tube videos one day but I’m really rather beyond the show at this point and it’s been lovely really.

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Remember the description for the TV show? It describes the gang protecting their "home city" from bad guys. It's implied via the movie trailer that where they live in is a typical American urban area, so...we have a brand new setting for a brand new show, but at the expense of the globetrotting seen in the games.



Not gonna lie, that’s weird, and I’m a little dubious now. 

It feels like this concept - if it is what they’re sticking with, it might be very preliminary - sorta misses two key aspects. The first, as you say, is globetrotting. And that’s so important for this series. I’d argue it’s one of the cornerstones, seeing these stylized takes on various world locations. It’s a huge part of the creativity. Maybe they cut it for cost purposes; setting it in one place probably allows for more reuse of materials. Either way, I’m concerned.

More than that… “protecting it from bad guys”? That’s what the police are for. I’ve needled Sly before for only making the world a better place as a side effect, but honestly, that’s part of his charm. Part of what makes the whole concept interesting is that he’s not a typical hero, he’s a thief. Thieving around. Stealing. Ag goideadh. Beating up crooks and leaving them for Carmelita. Sounds a little like they’re scrubbing him up morally to make it more marketable, which is deeply concerning.

But, as I’ve said, it’s far too early to judge. This is me shooting from the hip, giving my gut reactions to what little we have so far. By all means, the show may still be great, but it sounds as though it’ll certainly be different.


I’ve got a few ideas that have been going around in my head on how to incorporate solarpunk into your life right now (1) using recycled and reused materials that you can get for free or very cheap and (2) being as anti-capitalist/corporation as possible, living in a capitalist world.

Let’s start with energy storage; one of my favorite ideas on energy storage is capacitor packs. The easiest way I have found to get large capacitors is this with old CRT TVs. Open up the back and there will be a large black cylinder soldered to a circuit board near the power cord; that’s the capacitor. Now you want to discharge it before you remove it, because it will shock the shit of of you. To do that, you have to touch the two prongs on the capacitor to a grounded, conductive surface. Then, once you have enough, you just solder the capacitors together in a brick shape using wire. This is DC current, so positive to positive, negative to negative. You can make the brick as large or small as you like, based on what your needs are. The brick will charge basically instantly, but you will need a power regulator or the brick will discharge all at once. WARNING: ONCE YOU PUT ALL THE CAPACITORS TOGETHER AND CHARGE THE BRICK, IF YOU GET SHOCKED YOU WILL MOST LIKELY DIE. SAME GOES FOR BATTERIES. That being said, just be careful and wear thick rubber gloves, and you will be just fine.

You can do the same thing with batteries. I recommend laptop battery packs. Although the wiring is a bit more complicated, you can store power longer, and you won’t need a power regulator, like with capacitors. Some of the cons of batteries are they are toxic, harder to get, less eco-friendly, and recharge more slowly.

A DC to AC convertor is necessary for pretty much all power storage to be useful. Sadly, it is very complicated to make one and the components are pretty rare in other electronics, so you basically have to buy one.

Next topic: Power generation.
You can’t really get solar panels without buying or stealing them, and they are simple and straight forward to use, so let’s move on to motion based generation: water and wind. Before we talk designs of blades, you need a DC generator. The easiest way is to just pull an alternator out of a car. However, most people don’t have a spare car. What you can do is find anything with a brushless DC motor and remove it; that’s your new generator. It will most likely be small, so you will need multiples. You can make a pulley system to connect a bunch to one big turbine, or you could also make a lot of small, individual wind/watermills.

This idea involves metalwork, so if you aren’t comfortable with that, this one is probs not for you. Vertical turbines are great; I love vertical turbines. They work when the wind blows in every direction, without the wiring hazard of a pivoting blade attachment point. Older car paneling, metal shelving, and if you’re in a rural area, old sheds and barn roofing are good sources of flat metal. You’ll want a circle to attach the blades to. I’d suggest at least 8 blades to a turbine. You want the blades evenly spaced around the circle, attached perpendicular to the base. The blades should create the the most surface area possible. You could put them on top of your roof or smaller ones on your balcony/window if you live in an apartment.

Basically, I have been wanting more suggestions on how to make eco-friendly power sources for yourself and where to get the materials to make them with. So I’m doing it myself. I would love to hear any comments, ideas, or suggestions. Feel welcome to DM me on this subject. In conclusion, I have many more ideas and thoughts pertaining to this group of topics and will post more later.

Ed and Winry’s daughter brought up the concept of alchemically reusing material like paper, plastic, and metal, and discovered how to generate power from sunlight through a combination of mechanics and alchemy. It was her second discovery that made her known as the Sunlight Alchemist. It was only found out several decades later what a positive impact her discoveries had on the environment.

Things to do before school starts.

1- CLEAN: your computer, your desk, your room, your house, etc.

2- ORGANIZE: your computer, your desk, your room, your house, etc.

3- REUSE: any materials/supplies from last year, don’t buy new pens if you already have hundreds that are perfectly fine.

5- GET THE THINGS YOU WILL NEED: if you are sure you need a textbook buy it before the school year starts, if you want to make yourself a lunch everyday buy the ingredients, etc… With this you will avoid the last minute stress.

4- PREPARE YOURSELF: mentally and physically for the year (for the stress, the work, the success, the failure).

5- GOALS: make a list of realistic goals and keep it somewhere visible. (Example: i wanna understand, work and feel good about my math abilities.). I made a tag to help you with this:

6- ARRANGE YOUR SLEEP SCHEDULE: i have a post about this on my blog (

7- BREATH AND BE CALM: i know this can be extremely hard. i am an expert on being anxious the first day of school (one day i even vomited, it was the worst). but this won’t happen to you, and the best way to prevent it is planing everything: maybe talk to a friend so you can arrive at the same time, plan the day and prepare your backpack and clothes, know where your classes are, check your schedule if you can, arrive on time, etc. 

Good luck everyone, remember that if you ever need help, i am here and i would love to give you advice or just chat a little.

- Juliana.


Urban Outfitters HQ Renovated from Abandoned Navy Yards

With three big brands all the same company – Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and Free People; it would only make sense to have a office space that matches the “trendy” vibes that each posses. While the renovations cost $100 million, the four buildings cost $1 to buy each (yes that’s two 50 cent coins you read correctly!) much of the materials were reused and reclaimed into the 330,000 sq ft space.

Designed by Meyer Scherer & Rockcastle, this large space allows the brands to grow side by side, while allowing the public spaces to be their ‘mingling’ grounds between brands and buildings. The cafeteria, coffee shop, library, fitness center, and courtyard are all shared areas.

Photography by Lara Swimmer

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ooooh im curious now... are you willing to drop some infp bombs on me?? (i liked the way the other anon said it so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

sure thing, nonnie ^_^

  • like to be inspired by things emotionally
  • don’t care too much for physical or material things
  • likes reusing old ideas to make new concepts
  • has trouble making solid decisions
  • feels comfortable with many possibilities rather than narrowing down to make less possibilities
  • prefers to keep their outer world simple and natural, sometimes tends to not care so much about fashion or trends
  • becomes emotional (angry) when witnessing or thinking about injustices and will often fight against it
  • can become too rigid and follow rules and guidelines strictly if unhealthy
  • builds their values based off of how they feel when they think about it
  • want to understand their place in the world
  • likes the arts and other creative activities and hobbies
  • listens to other people’s problems, tries to help them. the emotions may feel like a burden sometimes and they will forget to take care of themselves
  • humanitarians: often seen doing volunteer work, becoming doctors, working with animals, helping disabled people
  • can be purposefully broody if they feel like ‘happy’ emotions are inauthentic 
  • very restless, moving from one interest to the next, trying to find some meaning that they connect to