Upcycling Jars, Bottles, and Other Glass Containers.

I cook ALOT. I’m quite proud of my little collection of herbs, spices, teas, legumes, and other dried edibles. Not so much for the actual contents, but for the fact that 90% of the glass containers were upcycled. I saved my kimchi jars, pasta sauce jars, pickle jars, jam jars, booze jars - errrr, whatever I bum off the bartender, and etc. I especially love using the Canada Dry tonic water bottles for my spices; the wine corks I save fits the perfectly as a stopper! The rest of my containers are usually rescued from flea markets and thrift shops. 

I encourage everyone to find a place in their homes for glass packaging. Keep them out of the dumpster.


ADDENDUM: If you like a set of your own, I’ve listed a few of my homegrown herbs on Etsy. Each herb is packaged in the aesthetic I’ve developed for my shelf: https://www.etsy.com/shop/HQcreations?section_id=22611514 . Thank you for your support~


I found this beauty last Saturday while I was at Río Conejo, Aserrí. I love it so much 😍 not just for reusing a toilet but because I love succulents! ❤️🙌🏼

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I used an old frame box to make packaging accent cards. 
All you do is cut, cut , cut, decorate ( i used our handmade stamps) and then stick into a package for a little extra aesthetic handmade perk <3 
Nice thing is that you can use anything to decorate the pieces and customize the style to your own <3 

practice letting go

clean out your closet and get rid of clothes that no longer fit or havent been worn in a couple of years.

you can sell them in a yard sale/online, take them to a consignment shop, or donate them. 


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Being a witch involves more than just the use of herbs and pretty rocks and moon water, it also includes preserving and protecting the resources that are very important to our craft and our being. Nature is our only source and needs to be respected and all her gifts used wisely.

Recycling and conserving has become the norm nowadays considering the growing shortage of our natural resources and I am so here for it. Here is my list of ways us witches can do our part:

  1. When you boil your veggies, save the water to feed your little plant babies. Considering we are going through an intense drought for us Capetonians, this is a must. 
  2. Use eggshells and coffee grounds to add nutrients to your soil for your plant babies.
  3. Use old cereal, cookies or bread to feed the local feathered friends. This is especially helpful in winter when food is scarce.
  4. Refrain from planting foreign plants, it could have a negative effect on the native flora and fauna.
  5. Gather as much rain water as you can during the rainy seasons for watering plants. Even make moon water or enchanted water to bring prosperity and give your plant babies a little boost.
  6. Save all your seeds!
  7. Keep all pesticides away from your plants, especially if you plan on consuming them or using them in magic.
  8. If you stay close to the ocean, gather some seaweed, dry it and crush it to be used on plants. It has tons of nutrients to help your lil bebes grow big and strong.
  9. Instead of using plastic tags to mark your herbs, make your own out of twigs and just shave a spot off for writing. Get creative and make your garden look extra magical.
  10. Plant loads of succulents, they use very little water, are super low maintenance and are beautiful to look at.
  11. MULCHING is a water saving essential !!!
  12. Don’t toss the weeds, find out what their properties are and how you could use it. Even if it is just for fertilizing or making a tea for your plants.
  13. If you have any fur babies, find some plants that they like. Find out what plants they like, e.g catnip for kittens.
  14. The same way some witches make their own wands or magical tools, why not make your own magical gardening tools from recycled or recyclable materials?
  15. Share your reapings from Gaia with your community.

Any other suggestions?

ATM - Automatic Tampon Machine

I am part of a trio of girls (all engineering students) who are installing and running the automatic tampon machines at our university.
The machines are refurbished Gashapon (Gumball) machines. We always try to ensure that our prices are less than that of the pharmacies and shops.
We also have a 24 hour helpline and sell plus deliver pregnancy test on campus.
I am so excited about the future and hopefully we expand soon!!!!