Use less plastic! Take a tote/cloth bag with you when you go to the supermarket so you don’t have to buy another plastic bag to put your groceries in. When shopping, buy fewer items packaged in plastic! If an item you want comes in a glass jar or plastic container, choose glass. Instead of buying the plastic wrapped fruit or veggies, pack your veggies loose and plastic free in your own reusable bag.

Re-use plastic bags and don’t forget to recycle as much as possible! :)

For Inktober Day 20
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so in the end did jill stein just bought 9 millions dollars worth of crystals?

don’t forget chacos and reusable vegan leather tote bags for the farmer market
We could end up with 'as much plastic in our oceans as fish'

The head of Ocean Conservancy says a burgeoning middle class and low recycling rates could lead to not-even-remotely-acceptable levels of trash washed out to sea.

Yikes! How scary is that? Everybody can make little changes in their daily lives to reduce the amount of plastic they use. Here are a few tips that I’ve covered on the blog:

- What YOU can do to reduce the use of plastic, and that includes recycling, bringing reusable totes and produce bags to the store, drinking from a reusable water bottle, and participate in beach clean-ups!

- Avoid purchasing products that contain microplastics. Microplastic particles and microbeads are most often made of Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP), Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) and Nylon. PE and PP are the most common found in cosmetics and bath products.

- Avoid releasing plastic balloons and lanterns

- Feature on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and what is being done about it

500~word~quickie: Paper or Plastic

Stiles hummed to himself, almost sighing as he came to a stop on the fruit juice aisle. The brunette furrowed his brow as he checked the items on his list, scribbling them out messily as he compared the notepad and the overflowing grocery cart. Cranberry for Lydia, apple for Scott and Jackson, orange for Boyd and Derek. He was about halfway done with his list, and was still within budget, which was easier said than done when trying to feed a pack of bottomless pits that were the supernatural teenagers and their alpha.  

“You know, they don’t ask for paper or plastic anymore, you just get plastic or have to bring your own. It’s probably better for the environment. We need to invest in more reusable totes.”

“Stiles, quit stopping in front of the cart unless you want me to run you over with it.” A deep voice behind him growled.  Stiles turned around, putting his hands on his hips as he shot off the most smug expression he could at his alpha. It was time to play the trump card even Derek couldn’t beat.

“Derek, my most handsome, kind, and generous sourwolf, why would you want to do that?” Stiles smirked, inspecting his nails in a over-the-top manner. Hook, line, and sinker, he thought to himself, “I guess you don’t want those peanut butter-fudge cookies I was gonna make tonight, just for you.”  Derek blushed, and looked away quickly in defeat.

“Just be careful, Stiles.” He was pouting, and Stiles almost felt guilty for playing the cookie card. He smiled, casually walking up to the sulking werewolf and kissed him on the cheek lightly. Derek turned to him, and slowly wrapped his arms around the younger man, nuzzling his nose into his neck and breathing in his scent. He smiled soflty before pulling away and returning to straining cart, pushing it with ease due to his unfair werewolf strength. Stiles smiled back, and tossed a couple more bottles of juice into the cart for good measure because, hey, juice is good for you.

“Don’t sulk, Sourwolf, we’re almost done here. I know you’re just tired and hungry; shopping day does it to me, too.” Just as the words left his mouth, Isaac came bounding down the aisle, Scott following behind with the second cart.  

“Look, look, look! Ten boxes of pasta for seven-fifty, that’s amazing right!?” The blonde said, tackling his  honorary pack mom into a tight, bone-crushing hug. Stiles laughed and ruffled Isaac’s curls, watching as Scott and Derek shared a fond-but-exhausted look with eachother. They didn’t share the same knack for coupons and budgets as Stiles and Isaac, but not everyone could be awesome as they were. “I even got the butcher to give me a better deal than what was advertised. I can’t wait to see total, i’m pretty excited.”

“Good job, Isaac. I can’t believe you got so much done with Erica and Jackson following you…wait, where are they?” Stiles narrowed his eyes and looked at Scott, who shrugged in confusion and made his ‘I honestly tried’ face.

“I don’t know man, she said something about doritos being called do-rights and ran off. I tried to stop her, but there’s only so much I could do.” Scott shook his head and glanced back, making sure she wasn’t standing behind him glaring at him, as werewolf hearing was superb.

At that same facet in time, a loud crashing noise from across the store was heard, indicating broken glass and a faint smell of vinegar and dill. Derek frowned and sighed, stalking off towards the commotion.

“I’ll go find her and pay for whatever just got broken. And Stiles,” He locked eyes with his boyfriend, smirking. “…Don’t forget my cookies.” 

Stiles blushed, and rolled his eyes. 

“It’s almost like you all only keep me around for my cooking,“ he raised his eyebrow and thought to himself. “Well, that and my nice ass and sharp wit. Actually, I’m pretty awesome, I’d keep me around, too.”

Bonus: “No Scott, you put those damn Oreos back, two packs are enough!” Stiles was strong, and he wouldn’t back down. Just because the wolves had super healing and crazy metabolisms didn’t mean they could live off of junk food. He stood his ground and crossed his arms, trying to channel his inner Derek. Scott, a mighty warrior in his own right, retaliated with his own patented “kicked puppy” face, and the battle was over. They left with the extra Oreos. And Pringles. And Sour Patch Kids. When Derek returned and saw the added junk food, he was thoroughly unimpressed.


Coffee Shop Conspiracies

Local is always the way to go. I was on that local tip WAY before Whole Foods had those 80% recycled 100% reusable enviro friendly totes emblazoned with LOCAL and a rad carrot illustration. 

El Rey is the definition of a local spot. I watched them build that spot every night as I walked home and cruised by on the reg asking when they were opening. 

Recently, they launched a food menu with the kind of things you actually want to eat every day, at “in the struggle” friendly prices. The kale bowl makes me question what garbagio bowls I’ve been given throughout my life; and this, literally just sliced avocado made me start to think. How can you improve/serve a HALF AVO SERVED ON A PLATE HOMIE. El Rey does; they just kill it and drop it right down in front of you, with that ‘like what’ rap battle attitude. People have noticed and are coming from all over to sip some of that El Rey swaggy swaggu.

When a local spot goes from hometown kid to national hero you’re left wondering if it was natural progression to perfection or set up from the start. Some homeless guy ran up to me and whispered “its coming” which very could be unrelated.

I’m watching Homeland which is purely the reason for this left field conspiracy like suspicion. I’m only on Season 1, but can someone PLEASE TELL ME if Brody is a terrorist? 

Shit guys, some days I’m so caught up in my theories, I don’t remember how to turn my computer on.

El Rey Coffee Bar & Luncheonette

Tip: Go early for pastries. They sell out and are made in house.

Tip: The avocado “del sur” aka sliced avocado from above, is incredible. It just has some chimichurri and hickory smoked sea salt, but will have you rethinking avocados in general.

Tip: The kale isn’t your average. Don’t pass on it because you od’d on kale salad the last 3 years. 

Tip: Incredible beers on tap - this isn’t your average coffee bar.

Tip: Go for tea at night. It’s SO HARD to find a good chill spot to have tea after 7pm.

Pricing: Avocado “del sur” $4, grains and crudite salad $10, sweet potato bread $3.50, cappuccino $3.75.

When to come here: Morning coffee, breakfast, lunch, a neighborhood beer. It’s gotten considerably more crowded since opening, and is a small space. Plan ahead fam.

Where: 100 Stanton St


Monday - Friday 7am - 11pm

Saturday - Sunday 8am - 11pm

Phone: (212) 260 - 3950

Lovely Leila headed to her first day of school with her Wearearth Steamboat Reusable Tote. 

Kids love to carry their own school tote when it is as colorful as these tote! Soft handles fit children’s hand size. Washable & durable recyclable plastic makes for easy carrying and cleaning. TOTE your child’s favorite water bottle, sunglasses, sunscreen, snack, school supplies, or toy.


Want to help? We’d love to see your bag! Here’s what you have to do:

Get a reusable tote bag. You can get them at grocery stores, craft stores, department stores, or you might have one in your own house. 

Decorate it however you want. Show us your art and creativity and have fun with it. Make it #The100 themed if you want to. Take a selfie with it, with the hashtag #MyBag and send it to us!

If you want to enter it in the contest, also include the hashtag #The100BagContest

We will pick three winners based on design and two at random like a raffle and those 5 people will win a prize from us TBA. 

Even if you don’t want to be in the contest or don’t want to decorate a bag, you can still take a selfie with a reusable bag as part of SurfRider’s #MyBag campaign. 


  • You MUST include the hashtag #MyBag and #The100BagContest to be entered in the raffle. 
  • You MUST mention @SurfRider since this is about helping us spread awareness about what they do. You do not need to mention The100Charity but you can. 
  • Bag must be reusable and non-plastic. 

The most important part of this contest and selfie game is to help spread the word! Encourage others to check out surfrider and what they’re doing. Challenge your friends and family to Ban Plastic and take a #MyBag selfie of their own. Let’s see what you got, The 100 fandom!

So two women came into my work today and we sell those reusable tarp tote bags for like $2 each and there were 2 in the 70% off section. And the lady interrupts me lifting a very heavy box like mid lift and says she needs help and I’m like “Yeah sure with what” cause at this point it’s fine with me I figure she needs actual help. And she’s like “do you have more of these bags, these are damaged.” and I’m like no sorry anything on clearance is all we have left. And she’s like “Oh. Well can you discount these?” and I’m like “No sorry policy states we can’t discount things further.” and she purses her lips and says “I want to speak to your manager.” and I say “Okay but just to let you know, he’s going to tell you the same thing, we cannot discount items.” But she’s like “Call him.” So I do and GUESS WHAT HE FUCKING TELLS HER? THE SAME FUCKING THING I JUST DID. And she keeps pointing to the damage like it’s gonna change his mind and she’s saying “Are you the manger? Why can’t you do it if you’re the manager?” like she thinks I brought out a fake manager and I say “Mr. so and so that’s why it was on clearance to begin with it’s already discounted.” and she’s complaining still and I’m trying to keep it together when I say “Miss, that bag is literally 60 cents. It’s 60 cents. We cannot discount it any further.” and I guess this statement made her come to her senses and she bought it but oh my God??? Imagine making a minimum wage worker call out a busy manager so you could get a discount on a 60 cent plastic bag??? Imagine being this entitled??? Also Cracker Barrel of all places to try to nickel and dime people??? A single shirt costs more than my car???