[FANCAM] 160214 Fast Pace @ Like Seventeen ‘Boys Wish’ Encore Concert (Wonwoo focus)
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[FANCAM] 161205 ‘Going Seventeen’ Comeback Showcase - Boom Boom (Vernon focus)
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2016 MNET Asian Music Awards in Hong Kong Taemin focus
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[FANCAM] 161130 Very Nice @ 2016 MBN Hero Concert (Jeonghan Focus)
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[TV CUT] FTISLAND Autunm Tour 2016 - We Just Do It // DO NOT REUPLOAD

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todays comic is a long one bc i had a lot of time to kill in the apple store l o l

the thrilling conclusion to this story is that my phone was actually cracked so bad they had to replace it (which thanks 2 applecare was STILL FREE) and halfway through restoring my apps back on my phone it realized! im in italy! and usually i am in the united states so it locked me out of my apple account. and now i dont have tumblr mobile or anything so i’ll be on mini hiatus till i can get my account back (or i can get into my old 5th grade email where they sent the recovery password. thanks apple)

anyways moral of the story is: if youre a dumbass like me get applecare if you can, cause itll probably pay off at some point and you will b eternally thankful


2016 MNET Asian Music Awards in Hong Kong Guess Who + Soldier + Goodbye
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speedpaint for this overwatch women piece!
てつよ on Twitter
“時の檻(2) ここまで。”

Cage of Time (2)

Continuation of Cage of Time (1) by Tetsuyo.

DISCLAIMER: I’ve got Tetsuyo’s permission to repost this from her twitter page and translate the dialogues into English. please DO NOT repost/reupload without her permission.

Click below for English translation.

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