Reasons and Emotions tattoos set

  • For sims 3
  • Unisex
  • Found under accessories with custom thumbnail
  • Found under socks


If you wanna edit the tattos for personal use don’t upload it, and give the credits. Please do not reupload my CCs. ♥



I really love love love the scenery pics that @sims-creations takes in her legacy so I got permission to do up some paintings :)

All credit for the images goes to @sims-creations.

There are 18 swatches in total. Sorry about the crappy gif. :)

* Please don’t claim as your own
* Please don’t put any ad fly links to this anywhere
* Please don’t reupload



Reposters, you know the deal.

Got hit up with a lot of notices of various reposting accounts across various platforms.

@marinette18 here on tumblr is a Spanish speaking reposting account, lots of work I don’t recognise. Likely found elsewhere on the net.

Things I did recognise:


It’s one of those Russian channels that reuploaded all of Preasro’s old content. 
and more
Some credit, others not, looks like they have good intentions so you could probably just ask to have your content credited or removed.

uncredited include:

This user has collected our comics and uploaded to wattpad.

and more

Further news. 

Amino is a bloody pain and I hope it fails. To report copyright violations you have to mail them with all your personal details, and wait for a case worker to look into it. They’ll basically be getting bad review from me on the app store.

Also I was alerted to content posted on a few random video sharing sites. Use caution, or better yet don’t visit them at all. One looks to be a YouTube mirror and was showing me all of @valory-pierce videos, however there’s no terms of service, no about page, no way to report. If that wasn’t suss enough, we checked into it. The owner of the site is unidentified, we don’t know what the site is for. It’s likely that it’s being set up as a scam website.

So I what I’m saying is, don’t sweat random video/image sharing sites, they don’t last long because they are just meant to attract people for scams/trojans/viruses and then disappear. Better off ignoring those. A user base that is willing to go to those sites will be punished enough.


Reuploaded our music video to vimeo because youtube took us down for explicit content, 
how ironic when its a song about empowering women to be happy and comfortable in their bodies and to do what they want. soz emilia gets one of her body parts out m8……

lets try this again shall we!
spread the word ppl, love yourself and fuck the man!!!
(not men, okay men? the man, the higher guy, dnt let us bruise ur sensitive male ego with our cheeky song about womens public hair k, we still think sum of u are ur alrite…..)

love the menstrual cramps xx


(fancam) 160622 ex'act fansign - ment (d.o focus)
doh heart | do not reupload, do not modify.


© hogam | do not gif/screencap/reupload


[ENG] 160706 Monsta X Press Con @ Seoul Prime Concert in Bangkok

KOR-ENG Translator: SHOWNOPE — THAI-ENG: Translator: LIVELY_STAR — Timer/Typesetter/Encoder: 1LOVELY5

Translated and Subbed by Monsta X Subs