Chica in the Woods

Seeing this cute doggo in the Darkiplier hoodie prompted me to draw her in the style of my current favorite game. These charity streams are usually inspiring and this was the latest piece to come from one of them. Cool to see all the positive and creative reactions from the community! Bravo to all those who make donations

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I can always count on Jaal to go from 0 to 100 in a heartbeat. Damn son

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It's why I ask about Miyu, for more Miyu details, Gunter is lucky though, he should TOTALLY Tap that until she's satisfied for life, OH! I BET MIYU Would look amazing in a wedding dress :D

Shrieks….. thank you anon omg…

As for the wedding dress… Well. I’m about to make your day lmao…

Anyone remember this old piece? It’s like from early 2015, and I’ve been meaning to re-do it, but never had the patience to start trying to work around that dRESS and all those FLOWERS sob… But yes, here’s (young) Miyu, young bride and a queen-to-be lmao… I doubt a mere soldier would be able to afford a dress quite like this… but other than that, here’s what fatesona-verse Miyu probably looked like around the time of her first wedding?


“Lets Dualize Visitor!”


[FANCAM] 170318 ‘아주 Nice’ @ SGC (SeungKwan focus)
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>>>plz link to my tumblr in case you want to reupload it somewhere<<

Sudden random Jumin V idea~ (my main OTP)

idk I just love the fact that V is Jumin’s childhood bestfriend and that V really understands Jumin inside out~!

Like how V helps Jumin to choose his new assistant after the previous one quit(Jaehee route) and how he is the only one who can nag Jumin when he make any mistake..

These two so precioussss aaaaa

Any JuminV shipper here ? Www we could be friends ! (I kinda sad this ship didnt sail much in the fandom)