Have the raw colors and backgroundless version because I don’t know how to atmosphere colors right

That’s why I don’t try to background, my colors always suffer.

Edit: I know it’s late and stuff but that’s okay, I just edited some things I realized horribly wrong after a few day, don’t worry about it.

I was at lunch with one of my cousins today and I have recently gotren glasses, and today was the first time she saw me wear them
  • Her: Why are you wearing glasses
  • Me: (???) Because I damaged my eyesight. I read sometimes
  • Her: and by sometimes you mean every single fucking hour. See this is what happens when you keep reading long ass fanfics about two fictional people at an ungodly hour in the morning, you ruin your eyes.
  • Me: but...
  • Her: butts are for anal

Another commission finished! c:

This was a Torso-Detailed Sketch commission done for garrettsimpson1 of @dreamkeeperscomic‘s character, Vi(riathus)!

They asked for an unexpected, cute reaction from a tomboyish girl!

If you guys would love to commission from me something like this, please give this here post a good lookin’ and email me!! c: NOTE that the discount and coupon mentioned in post is no longer in effect. >>

Thank you for commissioning me, Garrett!! I tried to experiment with some new brushes to give it a better effect. c:

EDIT - I reupdate the commission!! Gave it a background!! >>

Reupdate V2

This time made a dynamic Pose . Men Kick Pose .Have 8 Pose !

這次做出了個動態的Pose, Men Kick Pose 。有8個Pose !

Plz do not re-uplode my pose,as your work !! Thx.


This pose pack need Pose Player.

這個動作盒子,需要Pose Player.

If you use my POSE can tag me @matchagreenmidori

如果你使用了我的POSE,可以tag我  @matchagreenmidori

First , Put the preview.


01-05 is the attacking side .


06-08 is passive (being hit)


Do not ask me the difference 07 & 08 in which side (´・ω・`) … hehe …

不要問我07跟08的差別在哪邊 (´・ω・`)… 嘿嘿…


Thanks your Download ^__^

感謝下載~  ^__^

If you use my POSE can tag me @matchagreengirl

CC list :

@kijiko-sims / @nyloa / @porcelain-warehouse / @sclub-privee / @tllab / @lumialoversims / @nessasims / newsea